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    vhahn84 posted:
    hi all in an effort to help myself better understand what the heck is going on with my body im reaching out to all you wonderful people ive been diagnosed with fibro for about 7 months now but im still at that point daily where i want to literally crawl.out out of my body! im a young mom to an 11,8,&3 yr old and really feel like im being an awful mom cuz i cant get past my pain most days to do the fun things i used to be able to do with them tips and pointer would be great help at this point as a feel like im loosing my mind trying to all together
    missist responded:
    Hi Vhahn84,
    Welcome to the group here. So sorry you had to join us. (sort of an odd welcome eh?)

    I am trying to think of tips for when you are raising kids, I've had this about 30 years --so I did raise my kids with it. Started when I was pregnant with the 2nd one and I had 4 kids by the time I knew what it was I had.

    The nice thing is there are better drugs an there's support now from others--and I do think my first tip is to keep on posting and get to know folks here, I'm newish here myself and I think it helps to be contact with others who are dealing with it too--you feel a lot less crazy.

    Other tips--

    1. Prepare for the day-- I used to get up pretty early when I was raising kids--so I could sit and 'gel' with my coffee and I also would study my bible back then and pray. .Still do it- I guess I think--because of my faith--that helped me deal with the day ahead. But I'm sure others have other tips.

    2. Get naps! -- whenever it is possible in the day at least put your feet up a while--not too long though.

    3. Get enough pain care from your doctor that it actually does relieve pain. also something to make sure you sleep at night.

    I didn't back then--and it took a toll on me in all kinds of ways. If your dr isn't a good help for that--get a different one. Be up front and let them know you need to function and want to get what it takes to do that. You may have to find info online and bring it to your doctor about treatments etc. Some of them are very ignorant about fibro.
    Actually--I'd say most of them.

    You're going to learn how to live a little at a time--its just a question of figuring out what will work for your family and you. If your hubby is supportive--awesome-- not all are. Mine was 'semi' but wasn't home enough to really help out.

    You'll have to get the kids to help a lot with housework & even a little with cooking.

    You'll need to plan things out in advance a little.

    As for doing things with the kids-- you still can-- you just need to change how you do things-- and maybe which things you choose to do. Be honest with the older ones--that this is just how its gonna be--and you know--they are actually old enough for you to tell them how you feel about it. The 3 y/o not so much.

    You can get them on your team to figure out how Mom can still spend time with them even if she's very tired and has some pain.

    I don't know--I guess that's all I can think of. I'm sure others will chime in--hope to see you again!
    andeelynne responded:

    I'm new to this too - this is my first post actually. I could relate immediately to your plight though. My kids are 3,5, & 7. I'm a single Mom - my parents try to help out but there's only so much they can do and I'm so grateful for what they do do that I hate to ask them for any more.

    But, I am so tired of planning something with my kids only to wake up that day and realize that there is no way I can possibly do it! The pain I can usually work through but the fatigue is often so overwhelming I can hardly function.

    My kids seem to understand that Mommy has some limitations and, bless their hearts, they try really hard not to be disappointed if I have to cancel or change our plans due to how I feel. I try to include them in helping Mommy feel better by helping me shop, eating healthy, and exercising. They are great little coaches! I feel like this way they can participate and feel like they are helping - gives them some sort of control over the uncontrollable.

    I've started changing the kinds of activities I do with my kids too. Instead of a lot of physical type stuff - we do lots of art projects. Usually, I tell them what kind of activity level I am up for and they come up with an activity that fits. I love this! Makes me not feel like such a bad Mom for not running around the backyard with them. We can interact this way and they are proud of themselves for choosing the activity.

    I got diagnosed about 2 years ago. It is still very frustrating but keep your eyes on your 3 little blessings on those down days. I try to remember that it is not what we do together but the fact that we are spending time together.

    Hope some of my rant helped!
    fibroinsd responded:
    Hi and welcome to you glad you posted..and hope you will join into any post, anytime..especially Mimi's daily really does help to have people that understand..and that we is a struggle no matter your age or situation...

    Do check out the helpful tips section to the right..there is a post..and I can never remember if it is in the resources or tips section...It says member toolbox..and the first post was from Nancy B...she suggested we all put what has worked for us into one post...what a blessing that has been to so for has always been about the heating pad !! I couldn't go without mine ! I also used Cymbalta for was great for me..I know some that have had problems with it..but you never know until you try...

    Oh yes..and vitamins are a MUST ! I take a multi...A B-100 COMPLETE..(it is more expensive, but I think it is worth it)..An omega, and I have taken vit. that my multi has 100 units of D..I let the individual go..but I was taking 2000 units for awhile..and I know many take magnesium..those are a good place to start.. Do have your level of Vit . D checked..

    hope to hear from you soon.
    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    vhahn84 responded:
    Thanx ladies I will try and stick with this as it does seem that there are lots of helpful ladies out there! I having started any vitamins yet but had read about them so I will discuss this with m y doc at our next apt.

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