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    Hump Day ***5/8/2013 ***
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC and we have sunshine....and no rain....I will take is a bit cool but that's ok as well. I was able to sleep through the night which was a good thing as well too. I was really very tired. Had too much going on yesterday but was glad that I got it done....sometimes, we, FMers, must do what we have to do regardless.

    P5P-OK....going to share something with everyone here. Not sure that I will get it all straight. My daughter called me yesterday and she was explaining something to me that she had heard one of the doctors telling on a tv show. This is a woman doctor who shares thing with viewers about health issues. So here goes. According to this doctor there are people who can not break down Vitamin 6...and there is now something which might be connected to this issue. For several years now I have my toes next to the big toe which is out of line/out of place. Whatever happened to cause this, I have no idea. But it is in a *higher* place than the rest of my toes. It started on the left foot and it is now also on the right foot. When it first started I made an appointment with a foot specialist who told me that it would continue until I would be forced to have surgery. I opted to not have it taken care of and it continues to slowly rise, right by itself.

    Anyway, my daughter was listening to this doctor and she was indicating that this is a sign that the body might not be producing Vitamin B 6....but there is a way around this issue. A person can take P5P which is already broken down for people. And the other symptoms of this all go along with things that I too have....chronic fatigue being one of them. So I am going to check on this and speak to someone at the vitamin store about it. Carpal tunnel is also an issue which people can have from this.

    I have had major issues with carpal tunnel....actually had 7 hand surgeries, but only 5 for the carpal tunnel problems. I can honestly say that only when I fell outside and broke each wrist did I finally see and feel a real difference in my hands. I think it was due to the surgeon having to put plates and pins in both wrists. Now I do not know exactly what this did to help my hand other than to fix the bones which were broken...but after recovery I could tell there was something quite different about my hands.
    It was first my right hand and then several years later it was the left hand. I continued to have issues with both hand until this took place.

    I am so very thankful that I hardly ever have any problems now with them but I would not wish falling for anyone and breaking any both times were extremely painful, to say the very least.

    OK...enough on this...just wanted to share.

    Here is hoping everyone had a good night's rest...and I hope today will be a great day for us all.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better. Learn all you can about the wrath of the dragon, aka FM...and what others have found that has made a difference for them. It does take time and I know of NO QUICK FIXES.

    Vitamin sure and ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level...which seems to be a issue for a lot of people these days...and not only those of us who have FM.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


    angelswife responded:
    Good Morning, Mimi!
    Haven't been here in a while---things have been crazy as usual. I finally have time to sit down this morning because I have no jobs to go to and no van to get to them. It feels nice for once to not have to run out the door to work---as much as I'm happy to be back, I'm having a hard time adjusting. But I'll get there.

    My van has been in and out of the's been there since Tuesday. There is so much wrong with it, plus it's currently unregistered. If I didn't need the wheels I would say forget about it and just let it go; but I can't climb into, much less drive, Husband's monster van. It's like driving a house around.

    So we are fixing my van just enough so it passes emissions and I can re-register it. The rest of the problems (alternator, shocks, struts and axle) won't be touched, because they would cost way more to fix than the van is currently worth. I will just drive the van until one of those things goes; then I'll kiss it goodbye. The engine is still in great shape despite having 252K on it; it's everything else that's falling apart.

    After 17 days of beautiful weather, the rain has finally rolled in. Now it will rain for the next five days. I'm delighted to see the rain because we need it so badly--we're four inches below normal for the year so far. When I pull weeds the dust is incredible, and my nose and lungs are full of it. I'll be glad to see that change.

    On the home front, things have been a challenge, as usual. I've been working more than I should, trying to keep the hole from getting any deeper; but the money is going out faster than I can bring it in. Husband's pay cuts have really hit hard, and we are starting to talk seriously about leaving CT before the year is over. We simply can't survive here, much less save our money to get a better place. There isn't anything to save once we get the basic bills paid, and groceries have become a luxury item. My work pays for a little food, but that too runs out faster than I can get it in. It's like trying to fill a hole while someone else is digging it out.

    But I try to stay positive. It's not always easy, but one of us has to be, and Husband has simply given up. He doesn't even care what I feed him now as long as I'm cooking. He just goes to work, comes home, settles in front of the TV, and eats whatever I put in front of him. On the plus side, he's losing weight because I'm feeding him healthy food. So it's not all bad. But I wouldn't mind something better for both of us.

    I finished the flowerbed in front of our deck. I'd started the project last year before I got hurt. Now it's done and the flowers are in, and the place looks halfway decent. I moved all our houseplants onto the deck too, so it looks like we live in a tropical paradise. The past couple of days I've been sitting out there almost nonstop, soaking up the sunshine and warmer temperatures and breathing the fresh air. I'm beyond-words delighted that spring is finally here.

    Today I'm crocheting---our church is having a roast beef dinner Saturday night and I'm making a blanket for the raffle. The blanket is only half done; so I'm glad for the rain. I'll be able to finish it now because i won't be running off to jobs.

    So that's my world as of late---hope everyone here is doing well!
    dollbug replied to angelswife's response:
    Hello Sharon....I am so glad to see your post....was wondering how things were going for you. I think we all have all sorts of issues to deal with, besides the wrath of the dragon. I know that I seem to have more than I even care to *think about* much less deal with. Just keeping up with what I MUST do is too much. I can only hope and pray that things get better for all of us.

    So much going on in this many weird and very strange things as well. I am now understanding more just how things like this happen, since I have had personal experiences with so much in the past few years. I have to wonder exactly why all of this has taken place and what exactly is the *lesson to be learned here*....OMG...I do think there is something to learn from so many things which have taken place.

    It is sad when people, who have done nothing, are having to learn just how *fugitives* exist....OR NOT. Not a good thing at all....but I have also learned that having *attorneys* does not necessarily mean anything either....they do NOT HAVE ALL OF THE ANSWERS...and some of them have no answers to anything....they are there to get their money....if people are dumb enough to think that lawyers can work miracles IF they are paid enough money for doing so....the people will probably be quite disappointed. And then there is the 50/50 chance of really getting a *good attorney*....which is actually anybody's guess. It is a *toss-up* matter what someone tells you about how good or how bad someone never know until you have *been there, done that*.

    OK....enough on my soapbox for today.

    Staying positive and having hope is our only matter what the situation is. I have learned that people must take care of NO ONE is going to do this for you.

    So I hope things will soon turn around for you Sharon and that your luck will change somehow. I know just how hard things can be....especially when we have exhausted all means of doing what we have to do with.

    Good luck and I hope the rain does not last long for you. I know that NC has gotten their share of it recently....actually, I think we have gotten more than our share.

    Take care.


    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Wednesday MiMi, Sharon and to all that follow. I hope your last night's sleep was restful, that your today is starting off nicely and that your rest of the day will be a good one.

    MiMi, thank you so much for the info on Vit B6 and P5P-OK. I didn't know about proccesing B6, but I do know a little bit about what not having enough B6 can do. My father's family has a gene that turns hair white at a young age and if they don't take B6 or get enough of it during their 50's and 60's it will strip them of their memory.. give them signs of demencha. My doctor cousin discovered this when she took my uncle, her father, for a complete check up, blood work, etc because of his memory loss at 68. By then it was to late to get what he'd lost back with B6 shots, but they have stopped more memory loss by keeping him on the right dose of it now. So B6 us important. I hope those here on the board who think they might have this medical issue with B6 talk to their doctor and get blood work done.

    It's so pretty here today, going up into the high 70's they say, but rain due back in by Sat. Now this wouldn't bother me at all except that I have tickets,for my first game this season,seats on 5th row, 3RD base line, for a baseball game. 1ST game I get seats for and it is gonna rain. Am so not happy about that. We don't have major league teams here, we have a minor league team, The Nashville Sounds. They are the Pittsburgb Phillies's minor league team. And their good too! And Saturday night they are playing the Oakland A's minor league team, so for me, a touch of California home. I sure don't want to sit there and get wet all night. UGH.

    Dear SHARON, I truly do understand what it is your going thru and I wish so much that things with you there in CT were better. I really had hoped that you'd have gotten a disability check and still can't understand how they didn't give you one. Not getting one was such a hardship on you and now when you can do some lite work and need to work, other things have been tossed at you. I do hope that your DH can find another job there in CT where your family is rather than move out of state. New beginings are always hard in of themselves, and harder stil when theres not a lot of start up money for rentals and such. I keep you in my prayers each night, I really do, and I ask God to make the road you are on now better.

    As for my day, nothing planned, a few errands to run then back here to do light housework. I have the suit cases out now and will start to put " Floridia/ DisneyWorld" things in them. I always have to pack double of things. I take things to use in the park, clothes to wear outside of the park ( church, etc. ) Day clothes, night clothes, shorts and long pants, 2 or three types of shoes, etc. as weather there changes everything. You can wear shorts and sandles in the p.m. but need long pants and covered shoes for the morning. Ugh, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I do so love DisneyWrold.

    I guess I should get up and get to those errands and since it's such a lovely day out there it will be nice to be out there in the sunshine. With so much rain the past few days everything here is green and colorful as can be. But I am wondering this: since we've really had a late spring could we end up getting an early Fall? Oh please don't let that happen! A long winter, short warm season and then an early Fall, I just don't think I could deal with that unless I'm using anti depressants.

    Ok, I'll close this here by sending ' well wishes' out to all. Have a great stress and fibro issue free day.
    Gentle hugs, Linda R.
    fibroinsd responded:
    Mimi...thanks for the info on the B-6...interesting...

    I was pleased to see Nancy B. post this week..I know she is very busy these days..but good to see her..

    Sharon..I don't know how you have done it all for so long...I sure hope something works out soon...or that you find a good place to go...Do you have any relatives or someone you can crash with until you get on your feet somewhere??? This all really stinks..Wish I had some good advice...Is there any help from anyone at your church? I know you two are very independent..but sounds like you could use a helping hand these days..

    I don't have a long time to talk today..will try to catch up soon..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    CORYSGIRL30 responded:
    Wednesday huh... Waiting for Survivor to start; I watch every week with my son, 10. It's "our thing".

    Speaking of has been a tough one all around. But tomorrow is a new day.
    CORYSGIRL30 replied to CORYSGIRL30's response:
    And yes Cece...I have managed to mix up whatever account I am on in here, and noticed it';s Corysgirl again... UGH Even my memory has had it today Lol
    dollbug replied to CORYSGIRL30's response:
    Hello Julie....MiMi in NC...just blame it on FM FOG*****I think we all understand.

    Truly when I have rough and tough days....I tell myself....*THIS TOO WILL PASS*....and sure enough it does...perhaps not as fast as I would like....but it goes.

    Take care. Hope tomorrow is a better day for us all.


    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good evening everyone. It has been a rough one here since last night. My 9 year old Aden was very ill and is just now doing better. He had ear pain shortly before bed. We watched him closely and he seemed to do a little better and finally felt asleep. We planed to take him in in the morning. He woke at about 11 and the DW brought him to the ER. He had an ear infection and they said hid drum will likely pop. They gave him meds and sent them home at about 2am. I had to get up for work at 3, and had to be there by 4. I maybe had a good 4 hrs last night.

    I went to work worried about Aden. He has always had a high pain tolerance and he was miserable. I called home in the mid morning and he was violently sick, possibly form the meds or from the infection, we were not sure. She watched him closely and kept me posted all day. By late afternoon he was sipping a sports drink and slowly perking up. H finally ate some toast and is doing better. We are relived to say the least.

    I had to work 4am to 4pm, and odd shift that is much tougher on me than the 7-7 I did for years. It was our day for repairs so I spent it running up and down stairs, working in high temperatures, and crawling in machines. This turkey is done.

    You are all right about how important it is to stay positive. Especially when things are not going well. If we don't it only hurts us.

    On a good note, this day of hell is over. Lol. I hope you all have a good night. Take care everyone.

    BetteK replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    It's great that Aden is doing a little better. Hope the progress continues. My second got those ear infections every time he got a cold or any other illness. Then he became allergic to ampicillin (hives). The antibiotics always caused diarhea (spelling?). He grew out of the ear problem.

    Sorry about the killer schedule. Keep up that positive attitude. It makes a big difference.

    Do you know the biggest thing I've learned here? We have some mighty wonderful, caring members. It's an honor to know you--all of you.

    fibroinsd responded:
    LOL...Julie..I guess you were meant to be known as Cory's girl..even if Cory was a ....well..I won't say...

    speaking of Cory's...the NICE Cory that is so sorry to hear your son had an ear infection..I will be praying he is ok..and that you can catch some zzzz' sounds exhausting and I am sure you were so worried about him at work..hope all is ok now..

    and back to Julie..ya...Survivior !! Woo HOO !

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    CORYSGIRL30 replied to fibroinsd's response:
    Lol And yes, I can't wait for the finale!!
    CORYSGIRL30 replied to dollbug's response:
    Thanks MiMi Tomorrow is almost here!

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