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    Just chop off my arms they'll feel better.
    Wolfsong452 posted:
    today is a long day, haven't been sleeping well or enough.

    story of our life huh?

    I feel that my arms shoulders etc. are dead weights, just hanging there. Not that I don't feel anything, but just hanging. I can move then, do whatever I want, it's just that dead feeling.

    Oh bother, why don't someone just cut them off, I just might feel better.
    missist responded:
    sounds like my legs.
    dollbug responded:
    Hello Sharon....sorry that you are not feeling better.....I have to ask you....have you talked to your doctor about your arms/shoulders feeling this way? MiMi in NC...and as I am sure you know that I have been through a lot as well. Sounds like you just might have *cervical issues*...I know when I had problems with my right shoulder, elbow, arm and was all in my neck....and the weird thing is my neck DID NOT HURT at all. Go Figure....I would have never thought about my issues being my neck.

    Anyway.....I do hope you will feel better soon. Use a heating I did a lot when I was having these kinds o issues.

    I posted a reply early this am to your post....I guess it got lost in cyberspace.....(as they have done before).

    Hope you will find something that will help you soon.

    Take care and good luck.


    missist replied to dollbug's response:
    good point Mimi! I have the same thing-- my neck causes my shoulder/arms & hand issues. Lately having the same sort of thing going on lower down--so my legs are effected by something else--not sure yet if its lower back--or thoracic or what.

    I am noticing that a LOT of people with fibro have degenerative disc/ spine arthritis, and especially neck.

    BetteK responded:

    I hate to tell you, but that won't work. Those people who pretend to know about pain write about "phantom limb pain."
    Amputees still "feel" the missing limb. It's all in the nerves that are still there but would have led to the defunct part.

    Better to have an arm you can scratch if it itches!

    Could you try doing some stretches with those arms when you get up each morning? See what happens if you stretch them out to the side at shoulder height. How about some arm circles. Maybe some slow neck rolls (front, right, back, left, then reverse) could help. Gentle is your watchword. Spend a max of 2 minutes on the whole schmeele. See if this brings some "life" back into those arms.

    BetteK replied to missist's response:
    And low back, Mary.

    The neck hurts when I turn my head. The back when I stand.

    We all hurt different places at different times. I think the fibro attacks at our weakest point. If you've been using your upper body, that's where it will strike. If you've been staying up to late, you'll get fibro fog and/or headaches. If you've been running the vacuum, it will be your low back. If you have ever had whiplash, your neck will hurt.

    I truly believe that our entire nervous systems are affected. There are all sorts of angry neurotransmitters waiting to strike at each day's particular weak spot.

    1wareaglefan replied to BetteK's response:
    Very wise words, Bette! Thanks!
    Wolfsong452 responded:
    well thanks everyone, talked to the doctor, said, it's this or that or something else.

    had x-rays,

    said that the the strange pains etc. are all located in the FM trigger areas.

    so, what with me falling down, my existing problems,

    I've jus woke everything up!

    a lot of help they were!
    booch007 replied to Wolfsong452's response:
    Good morning.

    I saw so much of me in this post. I used to say " CUT my hands off!!" they hurt so bad and it was all the trigger points in the front and back of my arm pit area.

    My thought for you if you are not having trigger point injections as I do, is try HOT PAKS and get a massage. I have gone for my nails and asked for a hot pak to my neck and then to the massage chair and she has broken many a problem (I have gotten myself into) in between my shots. I use it as an adjunt in therapy.

    Glad you went to the doctor. I remember the song " The knee bones connected to the thigh bone, the arm bone connected to the hand bone.." (Are you old enough to remember singing that as a child??)

    Well the Trapezius (the diamond shaped muscle from neck to lower back..).is a nemesis for some. ME...if I let too mush happen with him then it will pull on the paraspinals...or go to the levator scapulae....all the muscles around and I can be twisted by the time I see the doc. So daily stretching, heat, massage and good body mechanics are a must.

    I use all the time the book , FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain (a suvival manule) by Dr . Devin Starlanyl 19.99 on amazon. To help me see* the issues and get the tool right to fix it.
    It truly is a manual for survival with this.

    I hope you are feeling better as this post was a bit ago. I have learned so much here on the board with the Fmily and in my books and with my this point I know me. Everyone has a path they must walk. Good luck.
    Hugs, Nancy B
    Bette_K replied to booch007's response:
    Nancy is so right about Dr. Starlanyl's books. They explain so much. They should be required reading for everyone with FM.

    The hot paks and massage are wonderful, too.

    I know it sounds crazy, but accupuncture really works, too.
    Look into it. I didn't believe it would, but it did.

    Am I the only one who thinks that EVERY pill, EVERY surgery, and EVERY other modality only works for just so long with fibromyalgia? I think our pain pathways take about 3 to 6 months to find a way around whatever we are doing. That would explain a lot, wouldn't it!

    Food for thought,

    Wolfsong452 replied to Bette_K's response:
    thanks all, I have triend the trigger points, doesn't help.

    I think what with my bad knees, the rotator cuff tear, which of course hits right at some FM trigger points, hmmm, viscious circle isn't it!

    my girlfriend is a massage therapist I've had a swedish massage and a stone massage and neither helped. I've also had a chair massage.

    Thinking she might not be the right therapist for me.

    Hot packs can be good or bad for me, sometimes makes things worse.
    I know long hot showers help, but not always practical.

    I used to ride horses and I remember we had to do some stretches on horseback, (rider not the horse)

    right in the middle of a stretch reaching for my toes,

    I let out gush of air, oooooooooooo!

    everything just blew right out. oh I felt so much better.

    haven't felt like that since. To bad I can't go horse back riding every time I'm in pain or just all stiffened up.

    one thing I'm doing that helps a little is taking a wooden back scratcher, and very very lightly running it over my back, barely touching the skin, almost a tickling sensation. I'm not ticklish, but oh, makes me moan and groan, almost erotic, I can even very light run my finger nails over the sensitive skin of the underarms and cause this sensation,

    seems to help the heebie jeebies and muscle spasms.

    people watching think I'm crazy,

    I've been asked, what are you doing, petting yourself?

    like a cat, then mean!
    booch007 replied to Bette_K's response:
    Oh Bette,

    I am the lucky one then it is over 15 years and my tools are the same. I may need to rearrange them, but the tricks haven't needed much tweaking.

    Well, we added that baby savella when I switched doctors in 2009 and that was her idea. She likes her mixture....I like* my shots...
    (* Love to hate them...)

    In 2 days after injections I am purring and all the muscles are talking to eachother again. If I was to say I was addicted to something I would say my shots. I go every 2 weeks and at times 3 weeks, but I have to get them or I am in much more pain and decreased range of motion.

    Bless Starlanyl, she wrote a great book for us and you are right, required reading and the advocate for the proffessionals!
    Nancy B

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