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    Fibro medications
    fibrokathy posted:
    I am curious as to how helpful your medications are to you. I take Savella and Gabapentin, and still ache. My dr. is raising the Savella so I will see if I have any improvement.

    Honestly, I am tired of taking medication that do not work for me. Do any of you get by without taking any medication and what do you do to control the pain?
    Anon_2912 responded:
    Everyone is different in how their body/mind react to the medications.

    For me the side effects were not worth it. Dizzy, always in a fog, eye site issues, always dragging, water retention, swelling in arms, legs.

    I finally got sick of all the different meds or dosage increases that made things worse, especially mentally, that I just tossed everything out one day..

    That was about 2-3 yrs ago. Now I think more clearly and am not dragging myself to work every morning.

    I do however (not a good idea) take a lot of advil and that helps my aches/pains. I am not always pain free but it is tolerable to where I can still live life. I do constantly stay active with work and house chores just so I don't become stiff or mentally depressed. For me being social helps ME A LOT.....

    I do physical things when I can, BUT don't put myself on any time limit.

    I don't go see any particular doctor for Fibro issues, actually many of my doctors don't even know I was diagnosed with it.

    I do stretches in the shower every morning to help my muscle start warming up....

    One day at a is all we can do...I do take B12 as well. I am thyroid medication & hormone replacement patch. I don't like wondering if I take something will it interfere with my thyroid medication.

    However this is just me....
    Alisabusybee responded:
    I hate meds too. Esp with all the side effects. Nothing works. I have had Lyrica, Gabapentin, you name it. I still hurt. I have gone a day or two without meds bc I felt ok but when the pain comes back it seems to come with a vengence. So, I guess tho it's not taking away the pain it's doing something.
    missist replied to Alisabusybee's response:
    Anon-- I've done that before. I went a long time w/o any doctors and I am not so sure I'm in better shape now that I do go.

    I suppose I need them for the blood pressure but everything else I think I could find my own way. Except--if I stop taking something---as Alisa says-- it comes back with a vengeance.

    Right now however I feel like I'm in limbo. I can't seem to concentrate at all and suddenly my jeans are all too tight-- so I'm thinking good grief I'm gaining more weight?
    Is that yet another new side effect?

    I am very much tempted to do what you are doing.

    I had started seeing doctors thinking--perhaps they can do something for it that works better than my own thing-which was aleeve 2 pills 2x a day.

    It wasn't that spendy--I used generic.

    Now I'm on 3 different pills instead of that. I cannot tell if its better because I'm so loopy.

    booch007 responded:
    Good morning Fibrokathy,

    I was only using Motrin and a chiropractor for a long time, then I went to neurology for the numb hands I get and I was moved to a partner who opened the Pandora's Box with my trigger point injections.....and changed my meds.

    I have been on the same mixture for over ten years except an added 12.5 of savella that was added maybe 5 years ago.

    The biggest thing to know about our lives is we are always going to be in pain. Even on meds. It is only the ability to turn it down to function and I use a very strong med of distraction to take me further.

    Savella is a funny guy, different then other SNRI meds. This is really a norepinephrine elevator (this is cousin of adrenaline) it is power to block pain as you know from stories of people doing amazing things when they are scared or frightened for a child. (lifting cars...moving furniture even when you break a bone or are injured it takes a while to feel the pain *because of ardenaline being in there.)

    I hope you get a doable mixture for yourself so life can continue. I hate waking every morning to feel like I do, but in an hour I have brought it down quite a bit and then start with getting out and distracted from the rest. By afternoon I am starting to return to a low place and rest as much as I can.

    This is forever as it seems now, so take it slow and try things in our toolbox to the right. Members have added their ideas of help for all to try.

    I have posted many a time though the relief is not in a pill, it is the way of life and some meds. The stretching the hydration the eating and the sheer will to beat this down and be better that has helped so many. It is also a disease that waxes and wains , comes and goes.

    Wish it went more then came though! I have had actually a couple of painfree days and then racked my brain trying to figure what I did to get it back again!! No rhyme or reason.

    I found a big change in me when I did a grenn diet and hydrated my body with a physiatrist. I could stretch the muscles and relieve some tension in them so much better. BUT it was not a cure, just a better. I hope for you. you find the right mix and plan for oyur body as we are all different.

    Good luck, Nancy B

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