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    TGIF*****June 21, 2013*****Summertime has arrived*****
    dollbug posted:
    TGIF****and summertime has arrived....that is according to the weather people....MiMi in NC and it is cool this morning here....61* actually feels nice.

    Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for each of us as well....with lots of sunshine perhaps we all can get some of the natural Vitamin D that we all feels so good to the mind and the body as well.

    Today I have several errands that I need to do. So I will be out and about. Well....I am at least glad that it is cool right now.
    I hope it does not get extremely hot as I have to be outside for a while. The hot weather only sucks what little energy I have which is NOT a good feeling at all. It seems like there is no happy medium for me....too hot, too cold....and I do not do well in the dampness. I had hoped for a nice springtime but instead it has been quite the hot one. I am sure summertime will bring hotter temps. So now I am looking for it to be fall....perhaps that will be better. Time is passing by...and I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving anyway. (this is the target for our 4th grandbaby).

    Welcome to the new members how have joined our FM support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better. It does take a trial and error process since there are no quick fixes or some *magic pill* which works for everyone. We are all different and what works for one may or may not work for another.

    Vitamin important....and Vitamin Bs also. I am so thankful that I am now taking P5P and feeling a difference in my lower back pain. IF I happen to back sure let's me know....this has been a very weird discovery for me. I am so thankful for trying it regardless.

    Well....a lot going on around the world....some of them quite interesting, to say the very least.

    That's all folks. Have a good day and remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


    missist responded:
    Good Morning Mimi & all to follow!

    I'm seeing sunshine out there as well. Very nice.
    I still have plants I have not put in the ground or in bigger pots. I know I need to do it--but having company for a week, seems to have worn me out for another week.

    I did get some cleaning up done all week so that's good. Having a lot of trouble getting myself to do things and to keep focused on anything, the brain is just really fogged over.

    I got some stronger coffee-- I know that probably isn't a cure for brain fog-but I'm hoping it will wake me up.

    Got re-started on doing some exercise. I use 'classical stretch' Its on PBS and I recorded a bunch of the shows. I can only do a few minutes worth, but I think I could do it a few times a day--and I know its helpful.

    I've had this feeling/fear that I'm 'losing my legs' if that makes sense. I need to get some strength/balance back into my spine, hips and legs cuz I feel they are so weak lately that I could end up not walking anymore. So--today I did a few minutes of this program--which is a really good & gentle exercise series. I think it would be good for anyone with fibro--and you can find it on PBS so its free. Each episode has a title telling what area of the body it works out--I'm working on spine.

    Anyhow I know 3 minutes of exercise is hardly Olympian, but its a start, may not get much better but I'm trying.

    I'm still pretty excited about the latest finding in research on fibro--I'm hoping this will lead to more news. The more they know the more likely we get some help--and some respect from people too. Which is important for some of us.

    Well I have a to-do list that is always too big, so gotta look at it a few times and scale it down.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
    missist replied to missist's response:
    Here is a link to the exercise program I just mentioned.
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    TGIF everyone. I hope the temps in your neck of the woods are nice today and that you will have an enjoyable day.

    It's cool and sunny here now, going up to the 90's with little to no rain chances. Had pop up showers here and there yesterday but we missed them when out last night while DH and I picked up our 10 year old GS. Summer showers are so common here during the summer that it's never surprises me to see payment wet from a sudden down pour.

    Plans for my today are to set up the pool again, WallyWorld, then get movie tickets for DH and the two little one. Their going to see Pixar's/ Disney's Monster University. Tomorrow bowling for sure. The lanes were taken up by leagues and weekly regulars. So am hopeful Sat a.m. when they have lanes open for little ones we'll get a lane for them to bowl. Yea that!

    DH got us a room at this wonderful hotel/ resort up at NickaJack Dam. A beautiful ' lake' just an hour and a half from us for Saturday night. He thought the little ones would enjoy swimming in a full size pool and DH wants to go fishing. A win- win for all I guess. So tomorrow on top of everything else I'm packing to go to there. He also thinks that Sunday we'd take the little ones on to Chattanooga and the Aquarium, Then back here and pack them up to be taken home. Busy weekend, so today I will sit back and just go with the flow.

    Gosh the post is all about plans for the GC.. nice change for me.

    Mimi, I know the weather being hot and muggy effects me so I do feel your pain. I know the weather here has been hot and muggy and I've felt a bit sluggish in the late afternoon as the afternoon clouds roll in. And I know that this is just the beginning of more summer heat and mugginess to come for us both. UGH. Summer is the S.East never easy when one has fibro.

    angels wife and NanB HI to you both and I hope you're each doing well and not working to hard.

    Okay, wishing each of you a good day, one that doesn't have you dealing with fibro issues or pain.
    Gentle hugs to all,
    Linda R
    rudyandirmouse replied to missist's response:
    Good TGIF to you Mary. Glad you are having sunshine over you. And Thanks for the link.. always good to know and that's why I love this family, always ready to help out with great suggestions, links and fibro new updates.

    Just thought I'd say something about your saying you feel as tho you legs are going. I felt that way when they had me on statins Lipitor. Are you taking statins?

    I told the dr that I was having dreams that my legs were going and I had pain in them and he took me off the Lipitor and the pain and dreams stopped. Just a thought so I wanted to post it.

    Feel better as you have had a busy week.
    missist replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Hi Linda,

    I was on simvistatin for about 2 weeks a few years ago, but haven't taken a statin since then.

    I'm not sure what this is-- started right after my grandsons were born a year ago. Don't even know if it is fibro, a drug thing, ?? no idea. All I know is a year ago one day I had sciatica suddenly when driving a long ways. I had up til then been participating in a water aerobic class aimed at helping people with arthritis type class. I remember thinking that working my hips seemed too hard and also I remember that of all the people in the class-I was at least 10 yrs younger than most and had the worst balance in the class and the worst endurance.

    In any case-- I tried to go to class a few times after this sciatica thing and just couldn't keep up--I quit finally as I was spending hours sleeping in the afternoon after my classes.

    Since then I have noticed weakness in upper legs, tight muscles in my buttocks & quads/hams.. but so tight I can do nothing for them. I've tried to stretch them out repeatedly--ive mentioned this to 4 different doctors--and not one seemed interested--I suppose cuz I have so many chronic issues--they just figure its the same thing.

    Anyhow--I'm seeing a neuro end of next month and plan to ask him to please investigate this--as I think it may be caused by somehting in my lower back.

    always something eh?
    Alisabusybee responded:
    GM. I am sitting here in sunny FL with extreme mid back pain. Pain in my ankle and a headache. I love the warmth on my muscles bc it feels good, but like you the heat sucks the little energy I have. I too often am bwtn the two heat flashes & cold spells, but that's the symptoms of menopause.

    What is P5P? I've never heard of it.

    So, since you will be out all day on errands, I pray that you are full of energy and painless. I hope you have a wonderful day.
    dollbug replied to Alisabusybee's response:
    Hello Alisabusybee and not think I have actually *talked* to you. MiMi in NC....P5P is actually a processed form of Vitamin B 6....I have had major pain in my lower back for a very long time. Went to several doctors about it. I actually thought that I had kidney stones and this is what was wrong with me. I did have them in both kidneys but the specialist told me that he did not think it was causing the pain I was having. daughter was watching a local doctor who appears on Fox Channel in this area every so often and she was talking about learning something about Morton's toe and Vitamin B 6 and shared it with the public. What she was saying was quite interesting and it actually *fit* my problems to a tee. My daughter called me and told me that she thought I needed to try the P5P just to see if it might work for me. I did research on it. I then decided to give it a try and got quite a surprise. Within just a short period of time my lower back pain just disappeared. Now this is what I have also noticed....I am taking 1 capsule and I have to take it on schedule....because IF I happen to forget to take lower back *screams* at me. OMG....I can hardly believe this myself.

    I do have the Morton's Toes (on both feet) I have had carpal tunnel problems and kidney stones and back pain. No doctor was able to tell me thought what was causing the *lower back pain*....well....I now know that my body does NOT process the Vitamin B 6 for me to use and somehow this has created the lower back pain for me.

    To be honest with you, I do not exactly understand the *connection* but I know that it has helped me 100%....and I will continue to take it as long as I can find it. My back was giving me so much pain that I could hardy stand myself. The only thing that would ease it for a while was a heating pad.

    Now....IF only someone would offer me some magic pill for my chronic fatigue....I would be so much better.

    Take care.



    debrabrooks1960 responded:
    Happy Friday to all!

    I am so glad it is Friday. I am so exhausted. I plan to take it easy all weekend! I have a book I am looking forward to finishing. Plus we have a special full moon to see Sunday! It is suppose to look 30% brighter and I think 15% larger. The moon will not be this close to us again until August 2014. The best time to see it is after sunset on Sunday. So I plan on moon watching Sunday evening.

    Luckily the weather has cooled now some here in north Florida. It has been in the low 90's with a nice breeze. I hope everyone has a painfree weekend that will include laughter, family and hugs.

    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
    fibroinsd responded:
    Yes..thank goodness it is friday...took my sister and parents to lunch today..We were going to go out to the beach, but dad wasn't feeling great...I do think he would have been fine..after we got him feeling ok...but hopefully we will all go look at assisted living tomorrow..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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