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    mood swings, ah ha! I'm in pain, didn't know it. for real?
    Wolfsong452 posted:
    well guys I've been on again off again boo hoo ing

    ex-hubby came over helped me fix some things around the house. We discussed some things such as me working extra hours etc. that he felt I shouldn't be doing,

    I needed the money for my upcoming knee surgery.

    So when he left I thought he had been angry with me, so I starting boo hoo crying.

    I called him up and no he wasn't angry with me, just didn't want work to take advantage of me.

    Now why do I care if he's angry with me? Read below and you'll find out.

    Last 3 weeks I've seriously blew up at my father, thank goodness it was on the telephone. Father does this to me sometimes, should blow up at him more often.

    So father has made me cry.

    any hoo,


    Boyfriend comes over hadn't seem him all week, he'd gone on vacation with his son.

    so, we finally got together this evening for some cuddle time etc. Just wasn't long enough as his son was home putting away stuff at home.

    So our time together wasn't as long as I wanted or felt I needed.

    BF had just stopped at my house to pay me for taking care of his house and pets while he was gone.

    again, when he left, I really got to boo hoo ing,

    this went on again off again for the next 3 hours, even when I got to work.

    I finally decided that maybe I should take my medicines.


    with in the hour, my neck muscles are relaxing, tightness in my head had gone down, assorted other pains that I knew I had, but was trying to ignore and thought they weren't that bad.


    I mean mind boggling relief!

    why in the hell did I NOT TAKE MY MEDICINES?

    I think I need my head examied.
    booch007 responded:
    What is that saying "Hindsight is 20/20" It is always so clear looking back at something.

    I too had that issue with lowering my meds and thinking I was doing well, but found myself more sensitive and then I cried all over our new attending "over a clamp I couldn't find**" He just said..Nan, come on..I don't have to have that clamp...stop crying.....

    When I got back to my office I took the normal meds I would have had and felt a new me happpen. I changed the idea that I didn't need my meds. As you said things that I was putting to the side were really bothiering me and I wasn't coping well.

    Well, I am glad you figured it out. Glad you have a plan for the future and know the signs now....I too have my eyes open.

    Hope today is a good day,a low pain day. Nancy B
    dollbug replied to booch007's response:
    Hello again....I had to laugh while reading these is funny just how complicated sometimes we can make things which should NOT be. I think we are all guilty of this.

    I use to tell my BF that just getting the medicine does not help does nothing at all for you sitting in the cabinet, you have to remember to take it. I have to say that I have learned also that being on *a schedule of sorts* is a must for me....doing things the same times each day. I can get out of sorts by skipping something sometimes....whether on purpose or by accident. I have found it can make a BIG DIFFERENCE in the way I feel and act.

    Now....if I can just keep up on what I did when. lol.

    Take care.


    ajnsmom replied to dollbug's response:
    With fibro fog, I'm always joking with my sister when she says write things down, and I tell her with fibro fog I forget to write things down so I won't forget. lol I can definitely relate. I forget my pain meds once in a while, and after I hurt for an hour or two, I remember I didn't take them.

    Hope you all have a good day.

    Linda S.
    missist replied to ajnsmom's response:
    Can also relate.. with me-- I don't notice if my meds are helping sometimes.. and then I miss a dose or two and realize that things would be a LOT worse w/o them. And yes I do get more emotional as well when I am in a higher level of pain.

    Just take your pills.
    Wolfsong452 responded:
    well guys
    went home today at 6 am, ate a very light breakfast, hee hee, lunch meat with miracle whip and toasted bread.

    hee hee,

    went to bed, slept like a rock until around 1 pm, got up ate another sandwich, watched maybe 1 hour of TV went back to bed,

    got up at 4 pm talked on the telephone

    went back to bed, didn't get up till 8:30 pm,


    I feel so much better! it's amazing what happens when you take your meds.

    I do have to admit, I have been working way to much. The times were fairly regular but not my normal hours.

    I usually work Thurs-Sun. 10pm-6am, means I get off Mon. at 6 am. have the rest of the day off don't have to be back until Thurs. at 10pm.

    All these extra hours were 4pm-midnight.

    Though there were a couple of days midnight till 8 am,

    a couple of 10 hour days,

    then a couple of 2pm-midnight.

    the first week was a 42 hour 4 day week worked the two 10 hr days.
    add onto this: a 5 hour day of doing pet sits, this isn't including the drive time.
    The pet sitting actually went on for about 11 days. guess that adds on an extra 55 hours, for 11 days.

    the next week I had a 48 hour work week (6 day week) only one day off, pet sitting was down to only 5 hours for the whole week.

    the last week was a 40 hour week, with 2 days off. only 2 pet sits for the whole week, guess that was about 4 hours.

    I'm back to my 32 hour week, with only 2 hours for the whole week for pet sitting.

    thing is, next week I will be back to a 40 hour week (5 days)
    my hours will still be same, 10pm-6am

    so guess this won't be to bad.

    NOW SEE WHY EX-HUBBY WAS upset about me working extra?

    it's messed up my sleep, my eating habits, my digestion,

    I now have 3 sores on my face, thinking it's due to digestion, not eating correctly.

    forgot to add the blowup one with my brother in person on the telephone and also left a irate message on his cell phone

    when I'd had the 2 blow ups with my father, I texted or left voice messages with almost all the family members, crying and cussing telling them how bad their father or grandfather was.

    so think, all the boo hoo-ing and all this anger (though some of it was long past due)

    was probably due to my schedule and body being out of wack!

    just think I have knee surgery or actually a scope of my knee coming up Aug. 13,


    I've said some money for bills and co-payment etc. I'm getting my paid vacation for the week I'm hoping to be off.

    Though I'm thinking of taking 2 weeks, one with pay the other without. Unless I can get my short term disability to pay. I don't think they will as it's just to short a time.

    my knee surgery-scope is for a meniscus tear on the inner and outer knee. (hope I got that correct)

    then at the end of Sept. I'm going for a consultation for total knee replacment on my other knee.

    oh what fun!

    now I need to concentrate on losing weight, as that will go a long way of helping my knees.

    oh wait, still having shoulder pain due to the torn rotator cuff, (can't be fixed to much atrophy)

    got some elbow and forearm problems, we're trying to get figured out.


    seems all my joints are affected,

    well maybe the forearm isn't a joint.


    glad I'm feeling better!

    I was taking care of a friends birds at their home for a week, which I think also affected my health, they had several large parrots, small cockateils, finches, fish etc.

    not sure if it was the weather as it's been very rainy here, so could have been a lot of mold at some of the places I've been going around town.

    Or maybe it was just all the birds, as I was having some tightness in the chest, short of breath etc. Once I'd left the birds house, was feeling a little better, but it took SEVERAL hours to get over it.

    anyway, I'm feeling a lot better! sitting here at work, bored silly,

    but feeling better!
    fibroinsd replied to Wolfsong452's response:
    Glad you started taking your meds and are feeling better..but man..that is way too crazy of hours..up and things settle down..and get better...cece
    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    Wolfsong452 replied to fibroinsd's response:
    hurray things have settled down, back to my normal hours.

    Now I'm wanting my skin to clear up.

    bad sleeping and eating for those 3 weeks really did a number on me.
    missist replied to Wolfsong452's response:

    That is really a LOT on your plate there. I'd be a total mess if I was doing all that with all your illnesses.

    Be careful when you get the little surgery-- things like that tend to cause fibro flares.

    Hope you get some rest.
    Wolfsong452 replied to missist's response:
    yeah, it was a stressful time, big time flare, along with other things of the body messed up. Wasn't eating right, or sleeping etc.

    Yet, made some good money to hold me over and pay bills when I'm off for that scope of the knee.

    Not looking forward to any FM flare that will probably happen,

    but luckily it seems like I've recovered from all the stress of the over time.

    My skin is getting back to normal, along with digestion etc.

    feeling better than I've been for a while,

    lets hope getting this knee fixed, will make that part feel better, that way I can get back to exercising and trying to lose some weight before I have to get the knee replacement.

    thanks all!

    been taking MiMi's advice, vitamins, supplements etc. has helped a bit!

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