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    TGIF****Roll Call ****7/19/2013**** New Members too ****
    dollbug posted:
    TGIF****7/19/2013 ****this month is passing by is now on the downhill path....with August right around the corner. MiMi in NC where it is truly *summertime* with hot and very muggy days....but with promises that we are going to have cooler weather headed our way. It seems like the weather again went from cold to nice springtime weather. I think it has been this way for several years pleasant fall time to enjoy. And of course, this year, we have had lots and lots of rain. It has almost been unbelievable just how much rain we had had.

    They are now talking *back to school*....and yes....this will soon arrive....for the children. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving....when we will have a new baby to love and cherish. I continue to hope and pray that this baby arrives in good health. My DIL had some tests done and they came back *normal*....but I think we, FMers, know that *normal* does not always mean things are ok. She will go for another ultrasound next week, I think.

    Again I have noticed that our board has really been slow....I hope this is a sign that everyone is feeling ok and doing other things and just have not had time to post. I have also noticed that some of the other communities here have all but stopped having people post, with not a lot of response from anyone. So sad that this now seems to be the *normal* since the doctors and specialists were removed.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group. I am sure that soon each of you will find something here that will help you cope better. It does take a trial and error process since there are no magic pills which works for everyone.
    Hang in there and keeping trying *things that others have found to help them cope until you find the right tools that will work for you*.

    Vitamins and supplements, plus doing other things as well is what I have found that has helped me....Vitamin D and Vitamin B are both important.

    My SIL fell and broke her arm and she had surgery. Her surgeon told her to be sure and take Vitamin B I think some doctors are doing their research on vitamins and supplements and are encouraging their patients to take them. I guess this is a good sign that doctors are finally getting on board, with what works for a lot of people these days.

    Here is hoping everyone has a good day....try to stay cool, if possible and remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


    katmandulou responded:
    TGIF - who has the cooler weather?????

    Another 90 day, it should reach 100? this afternoon. I'm pretty much done with this. They've predicted t-storms for tomorrow, and I have mixed emotions. I want the cooler air to come, but a friend is having a pig roast graduation party for her son, 150 people expected at her house. Thunder in the morning, fingers crossed.

    DH is training for the Pan-mass Challenge, a bicycle ride to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Center. I'm so proud of him, and I hope that on Aug 3 we don't have temps in the 90s again! He's becoming a good fundraiser, I'm teaching him how. LOL I work with so many non-profits I've gotten quite good at it myself.

    Mimi, I think we're all wrung out with the hot weather, and not getting here to say hello. I've been commuting to Dad and my client, today is the first time I've had my own computer on since Monday. And I didn't even notice that we're totally "unsupervised" - no docs now? Hmmm, that's curious.

    Dad is being moved today from the hospital to a nursing home for rehab. He had a bad fall on July 7, the bruising is ugly but the cuts are healing nicely. At 80, we need him to eat (which he won't) and get strong enough to go home. There's always something.

    I wish you all the best day- and the best weekend - you can possibly have. Stay cool!
    dollbug replied to katmandulou's response:
    Hello Lou.....I was glad to see your post....yes...Dr. P has not been here in a long time and the other *guests* as well. I am assuming (since WebMD decided not to share any info about it) that WebMD just *downsized*....or cut back or whatever you care to call it....(in other words, they needed to give the people who pay for this site more money-this being my own personal opinion)...I think this is how the entire world has become....very greedy and most will do whatever it takes to get what they *want*....(noticed, I did say want, NOT NEED)....did you notice that there are no pictures now in the right hand corner? I guess they finally decided to take them down.

    Anyway....I sure hope your dad continues to improve and perhaps going to the nursing home for rehab will be a good thing for him. He will be around people there and hopefully he will get strong enough to go home. This is a really *tough stage* in your life as well, so I hope that you are also trying not to stress about things. I know cece has also said she is going through this stage as well.

    I know just how tough and stressful things can get....this is the way things go though. Parents are supposed to take care of their children and then children are supposed to help take care of their parents. Odd thing, I know....and I am NOT really sure than most people even *think about just how life works/or not. I also think it depends upon the childhood that we had either makes or breaks how this entire *stage in our lives* pans out.

    I also hope that your DH does well on the event that he is doing. Any kind of cancer fund is for a very good cause. Things continue to improve with research that they are able to do these days.

    I also hope the weather is good for the graduation party....OMG-150 people....I hope they have a another option...just in case. I could not even imagine 150 people in one house.

    Take care and good luck.

    Try to stay cool and remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


    angelswife responded:
    Hi Mimi!
    It's been brutally hot and humid here---we've had two weeks of 90-plus degree temperatures with oppressive humidity, and only a one-day break. My energy has been mostly low to non existent. Sleeping is next to impossible when the bedroom never goes below 80 degrees!

    Today is the worst day---it's 96 with a heat index of 105. There is no cool place anywhere, inside or out. I didn't even bother putting a shirt on this morning. I broke down and had Husband shave my neck and part of the back of my head because I've had heat rash there all week and I couldn't get in for a haircut. I look ridiculous, but at least I'm not scratching myself bloody today. I feel like my neck can breathe.

    The big news, though, is Husband's job. His last official day of work is August 16th, and then he is done. He will not be going back in the fall. I am glad because we won't have to deal with the early morning alarm any more, plus he'll be a lot happier. I am nervous because that means no more benefits or income. But I'm taking it a day at a time and doing some long-range planning. I know one way or another we'll come out okay.

    It's been a struggle to get anything done in this heat. I've been using the "poor man's AC" (a bucket of ice water to soak my feet in!) to stay cool. It really does work, plus it keeps the swelling down in my ankle. It was so bad this past week that I couldn't even get my shoe on.

    Hope everyone's well here...I've been coming on to read, but I haven't had the energy to type! I can't wait until this heat breaks. Hugs to all of you.
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Hello, MiMi, Lou and angelswife. I've been slow on the board of late. Not much news to share and I have been dealing with IBS, ear and eye infections which make sitting and typing on the lap top hard for me.

    MiMi, yes summer temps and weather has finally arrived, in some cases way too much. It's warm here as it is in NC and we are dealing with pop up afternoon or early morning rain storms. Nothing to write home about thank goodness. And I know you are so excited and want Fall to get here so you can love and embrace your new family member. I am so happy for you.

    Lou, Congrats to your DH on his bike ride. Also am so glad to hear your dad is getting much better and a I hope be going to a nursing home helps him eat and get stronger so he can go home.

    angelswife, sorry about the oppressive heat there. Wish your landlord would up grade your apartment wiring so you could install an AC to help with getting a good night's sleep.
    As for your DH's job. I hope that as this door closes another one will open up quickly and that he will be able to get a job that doesn't have him up as early, ( bus driver hours ) and one with good medical, dental and life insurance benefits. As they do on Facebook - feeling optimistic

    Gentle hugs, Linda R

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