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    Does anyone else suffer w/ body temperature issues?
    kdlite posted:
    Good community! It has been a while since I have posted or been on the site. I pray everyone is coping as best as they can. These days I try to keep my self busy, which isn't hard w/ the kids being out of school for the summer. The past month or so has been very rough because of the weather. First we were having a heat wave (temps in the high 90's for weeks), then we had to endure flooding rain falls, which actually made me feel worse than ever. I wondered if anyone else suffers w/ issues w/ body temp regulation. Like I said it was very hot here for weeks, yet I was inside w/ a blanket or heating pad on and freezing. Also when it rains or is about to rain, its like I get this completely drained, exhausting feeling. The urdge to go to sleep is overwhelming, then after the rain has passed I'm I the only one?? Please someone tell me i'm not going crazy...thanks for your input..prayers go out to all...~Kdlite~
    missist responded:
    Yes. short and sweet.
    I think part of it may be some sort of hypoglycemic thing? Last night I was up all night with hot/cold hot/cold. it was insane.

    I had too much sugar/carbs before i went to bed and am pretty sure that was the cause.

    As for weather- yes again--although not as bad as years ago. There was a time I would literally lie on the floor before a storm--or have hubby hold me upside down to take pressure off my back. Much easier now than then.

    It is also talked about in the fibromyalgia advocate by devin starlanyl (sp?) I just got the book and am amazed how much is covered in it. Haven't gotten 1/4 of the way through and I'm already excited about possibly finding a doctor who will help me start to improve my health with some guidance from this book.

    Someone here told me it as a must read-- wow-- I think it is.
    BetteK replied to missist's response:
    KDlite, Mary is right about Dr. Starlanyl's books. She's one of US and one very savvy lady.

    We're all different. I have a very narrow comfort zone. I'm comfortable between 69 and 71 degrees period. Any hotter and I start getting miserable. Earlier in the summer when the temps were in the 80's here in W NY I was a wreck. Everything hurt.But the worst was the fibrofog. It is as if my brain was baking in the heat. I was always light headed as if I would faint. I was nauseous and had several trips to the bathroom each hour. It's much better now with daytime temps in the mid 70's and nights between 50 and 60. The house stays perfect.

    At one point (before heat was such an issue) I was in the pool with a 90 something woman for aquatic therapy sessions. She said.she still got hot flashes! Could be, but she could have been sensitized to all the heat therapy she'd had over the years for arthritis in hands, knees, back, neck, etc. Sound familiar? I wasn't going to plant the word fibromyalgia in her mind, but it was certainly in mine.

    Food for thought.

    Wolfsong452 responded:
    very sensitive here on the weather,

    Indiana has been having crazy weather, rain, heat, humidty, then cold,

    not sure what each day is going to bring.

    silly weather man said something about normal temps for this time of year?

    what happened to the dog days of summer?

    I've been sleeping with a quilt on the bed, yet, the A/C in the day time.

    what a life!
    rosielou responded:
    Yes, I definitely agree. Some nights I'm lucky to get 3 naps, the body heat wakes me up, then the chills keep me awake. During the day I carry a sweater with me no matter what the temperature, hardly ever wear shorts. The heating pad is close at hand, all year long. Sometimes I can't shake the chills, even with a shower, sweat pants, and long sleeve shirts.

    But I do have a funny (maybe not?) story about this. Earlier this summer I was really having a miserable time with the heat and chills. As usual when I start flaring, the migraines kicked up and my IBS was rumbling, with cramping and diarrhea worse than normal. After a few days the belly pain got really bad one night and I finally realized it wasn't the fibro, so my husband drove me to the ER and after a quick little appendectomy, we were home by 4pm.

    I couldn't tell the difference between being sick and flaring, until it got really bad. The heat/chills was fever, and belly pain was the appendix going down the tubes.

    Anyway, the heat/chills annoy me more than a lot of the other symptoms. Pain and fog are tops, then this. it would be so great if somebody would invent a med or supplement for it.

    kdlite replied to rosielou's response:
    Thanks everyone. Mainly I stay cold, especially when i'm in an a/c environment. I keep a throw blanket on at home at all times. I've even considered buying a second blanket & heating pad to keep in the car when I leave home. My husband & oldest son calls me Linus, but I don;t care.I've been reading alot of interesting articles online (maybe it would have helped to share w/ the community, I wasnt thinking) about FM and how it goes along w/ other diseases. As sell I have Graves disease (hyperthyroidism), really I can't tell is my symptoms are FM related or if its just my thyroid. My levels are normal now and have been so for at least a year. The levels fluctuate, but never to where they were when I was first diagnosed. My endocrinologist told me that when my thyroid levels were off I would get joint/muscle aches, fatigue, sensativity to hot/cold, etc. So do we really know what is causing our symptoms?? I plan to check out that book. Thanks all. My thoughts & orayers are w/ those who like me are at a constant battle w/ this disease..
    dollbug replied to kdlite's response:
    Hello KDlite....I just wanted to comment on your post. Have you tried wearing Cuddl duds? They are very thin light weight pants and top set (bought separately) and they are so very comfortable....both in winter and summer months. I buy mine at Sam's and they now come in not only solid colors but prints as well. Last year they wer around $11 (each piece). You can use hang out in them around the house and I also wear them to sleep in. I sleep in a recliner. (not by choice though).

    I use to be *cold* no matter what...even in the summer time I could get cold. Since I have been wearing these....I no longer get really cold or hot. I do keep a ceiling fan on low in the summertime where I sleep and on high in the other rooms....just to keep the air circulated.

    I just wanted to *share* this with case you care to try them.

    Take care and good luck.


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