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    Won't let me post to MIMI"S post so I will try here
    dakotaspirit1957 posted:
    Good morning all you dear people... I had a sleepless night... Worried about my son who was finally moved from the hospital to a psychiatric ward and he was looking to be held for 3-4 days and they are talking minimum a week with the possibility of up to 45 days if they deem necessary... I guess you can be held against your will if they can win a petition... He isn't happy with this piece of news...

    I wasn't much comfort to him for I was unable to talk long and understand much for I went to the ER today with breathing problems and a lot of pain... I have pneumonia in my left lung and a small case of bronchitis... Of course I told the Dr what to look for and he came back impressed with how well I knew my body... Told him... I had a lot of practice living with it lol... Also thanked him for listening... That's a rarity among most Dr's I meet... He let me return home cus I have a nebulizor just waiting for the meds... and the great desire to rest... And they could do nothing more then I could do... Plus my blood tests came back ok and I wasn't running a fever... I agreed to return if any of these nasty things on his list happened and I went home and cuddled my little Angel dog...

    So such is life in Jan's world... I don't sleep well after breathing treatments and didn't get them from the pharmacy till almost 9... They told me I had to do 2 at home that evening... Managed one then managed to sleep till 3... Oh that hurt to get up the lol... Someone must have snuck in and kicked me hard... But I could breathe better after another treatment just couldn't sleep...

    So I am watching this really cool cloud change colors as the sun rises... It is almost 6 AM and already 79*... But it is suppose to max at 97* today and calls for rain... That will be a miracle... Last time they said that it hit 106 and we had dust storms... Not a drop of rain... But humidity is real high for here... It is 60... Maybe we will get lucky lol... Sure would be ice...

    Well... I guess I have blabbed enough... Sometimes my mind just goes all by it's self... I am finally getting tired but the alarm goes off in 30 minutes to wake my world and get them all scattered... My son works... My grandson goes to school... my granddaughter goes to her other grandparents till she goes to school and they will bring her back to catch her bus... I was going to babysit and try to get her on the bus till I found out how dangerous my antibiotic can be... I don't want something to happen and her to be here alone with me...
    And I said I was done blabbing... lol... Just can't trust me huh lol lol lol...

    You all take care... And be careful... there is some nasty stuff out there... It is even killing people who are healthy... I am going back to bed ASAP... Catch you later...

    Love... Jan/Dakota

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    dollbug responded:
    Sorry you had issues trying to post this morning.....I have no idea what is going on.

    Anyway....I wanted to reply to your post just to see if it will take.

    I am sorry that you are dealing with so many issues right now. I hope everything will get better for you soon.

    Take care of yourself and good luck.


    rudyandirmouse replied to dollbug's response:
    Hi, Mimi, not sure why but when I hit submit this morning, my entire post went missing. Sorry others are having the same issue. I hope it gets fixed quickly Linda R
    franr responded:
    Hi Jan
    So sorry that you are feeling so poorly.Please try to rest. This will help you recuperate faster and drinks lots of fluids. Your son is getting good care and is good hands.You need to take good care of yourself so you can help them later when you feel beter.So veg out on the couch and rest .Rest is the best medicine. I found out this spring when I had a respiratory infection. Thinking good thoughts for you. Fran
    bette_kaffitz responded:
    Jan, honey,

    Hope you are breathing much better by now. The heat cannot be helping you much. (When you get better, check on the status of any pneumonia vaccine you might have received in the past. I re-vaccinate every 10 years since 1981 when it came out. It's been out too short a time for them to know how long it is effective.)

    I almost hate to admit it, but I sleep a lot more soundly when my younger son with mental illness is in the hospital than when he is in a group home or apartment. The supervision is tighter. Your son is safe. It's cruel but true.

    And right now, Jan, you need that peace of mind. Worry about your DS's return to normal life some other time when your health is better. Right now, your focus should be on getting better.

    At least that's my take.


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