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    TGIF*****Roll Call and New Members too *****8/30/2013 *****
    dollbug posted:
    TGIF*****(I think) has been a very long and stressful week for me. Too much for the mind and the body. I am glad that this much is done. MiMi in NC and I think fall is just around the corner. 90 day outlook....Sep average around 80 and below. Oct average around 70 and below and Nov around 60 and slightly below....(I hope I got this right-this is the first time that they have provided a 90 day outlook).....interesting weather I am we sure had a wet summer....and according to them it was not as hot as it is normally...(really?) Well, I guess I am ok with there were days when I thought it was really hot myself.

    Yesterday I had several errands to run. I think I actually overdid it a bit. I only did what I had to do but I think I crossed the line....which is easy for all of us to do at times.

    Cory I was reading your post about your issues at work. I sure hope things get better for you. I am beginning to think that *playing games* is actually a common practice in anything and everything. I have learned so much since 2000 year. Never thought that I would be exposed to as much as I have. My outlook on life changed greatly on many things. I guess, up to this point, perhaps I had taken life for granted. The last 13 years though has been a HUGE eye opener. I have learned more about some things that I never thought I would and it has not been a *nice picture* either. I got laid off in 2005 as well. I learned just how companies *care* for the people who work for them. It is the way it is though. They are doing what needs to be done which can affect people's lives and for the most part, it seems that no one cares as they *play games*.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better. Check out the info here under *tips* and *resources* and be sure and review the *member toolbox* as well. You will find some good support here as we have been there done that and know exactly what you are dealing with. Know that things do get better, with time, and finding *tools* which help you cope is a process though which does take time and effort.

    Vitamin sure and ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Have a great Friday and remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good TGIF MiMi and to all that follow. I do hope everyone's day has started off well and that everyone's yesterday was a good one.

    It's sunny here and it will be hot ( 90 something ) and muggy, as it was yesterday. Maybe a pop up thunderstorm this afternoon, but it's a maybe. But right now I have doors and windows open but will have to close them in an hour or two to avoid the mid day heat and put on the AC.

    No plans for my day. Just around the house stuff. No need to run errands so I get to avoid being out in the heat of the day. Will however be calling the neurosurgeon's office @ 9 this a.m. to see what's up with my not hearing anything back about the tests I took concerning my neck. Jeez you'd think a call back with some results would have been nice of them. ( this dr is new to me. ) I took the neck X-rays nearly 2 weeks ago Monday and the MRI a week ago yesterday. Again, Jeez!

    MiMi, we haven't gotten the 90 day outlook here yet.. but the weather people on the nightly news are saying in general the Fall will be mild and wet. Ugh like I need more rainy days.

    Cory, sorry to read about the job issues. I've worked for uncaring companies in the past and understand what you are dealing with. I do hope that things get better for you.

    Nancy, am so happy for you soon there will be a new little one for you to love, hug and hold dear.

    cece, <<<HUGS>>>.

    Okay, slow news day here so will close this with Gentle hugs to all and best wishes for a fibro issue or pain free day.
    Linda R
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good morning, I am okay today. I needed to unload my head as I do here on occasion. I have a good job I just don't like doing. In my old job shift work wore me down but I was on top. I wrote many of the standard operating procedures they use today. Management looked to me for answers. I should feel very lucky. Here is what is different now.

    In my new job I have created some problems. The plant manager does not like me. I was told I have to work on my relationship with him. This is because although I was very lucky to receive the training program and learn a trade, I did not appear greatful by voicing my troubles, witch showed corporate that they failed me. I also applied for two other jobs while in this program, that shows me being ungrateful as well, but I wanted out. My latest heartburn is that they are training a brand new millwright, and the plant carpenter far beyond what I have been trained. I am expected to perform as they do without being given the tools and skills needed to excel. They are setting me up to fail. I have never failed at anything. If I speak up any more they will likely look for a reason to fire me. My record for the last 20 years is flawless with good reviews and almost less than 5 days of missed work. They may take a while to find a good reason. So, in a nut shell I really do understand business. I worked on both the production and management sides. I just feel cheated. I know I am not the only one. I just need to find my happy place there or move on. Thank you all for listening.

    We took our long walk today. It was 80 degrees with a breeze. Much cooler than it has been. It felt so good to move and release some tension. I noticed my joints do not hurt right now at all while on Pregnesone for my ear. It has been a nice side effect.

    The ear Dr. called today and said all of my blood work came back clear, as I expected. It was nice to hear back quickly.

    Linda, I hope you got some answers when you called. Let us know if you found anything out.

    Mimi, your wisdom always helps me cope. Thank you so much.

    Have a wonderful day!

    bette_kaffitz replied to mnjeepguy's response:

    You are in a bad place. Does your old employer have any positions that do not require shift work? Wouldn't that be ideal!

    Do you think that your supervisor is threatened by you? Does he feel that you are capable of doing his job and fear you?

    Doing a job you hate is a major stressor. (Been there, done that. After having great jobs in my 20's, it was a shock to find there are jobs I am not good at and hate doing--especially after spending 4 years and $$$$ preparing to teach. Thankfully, I stumbled into Adult Ed. My extremely well behaved sons were no window into the world of today's disrespectful kids who are in school only to be with other kids and not to learn.) I truly believe I would be dead today if I had stayed in children's education.

    Glad that your ear problem is continuing to improve. The blood tests are a wonderful bonus.

    angelswife responded:
    Hi Mimi!
    I haven't been on for quite a while. As usual, there's a lot going on. I picked up Lyme disease in mid June and have basically been sick ever since. The doc did all kinds of fancy blood tests two weeks ago (I have yet to hear the results on most of it!) to screen for underlying autoimmune issues. For whatever reason, my own system isn't making any antibodies to fight the Lyme, so I'm just finishing up round two of the antibiotics. I'm hoping this time is the charm.

    Husband is unemployed---the company had no run for him. He is also going in for a total knee replacement on September 24th. He had his xrays done today and he's down to bone on bone in his knee. The bones are also starting to erode, which explains why he can barely walk now. Fortunately, when his boss heard he was getting his knee done, he put Husband out on medical leave. This means that Husband will not only keep his benefits and get paid, but he will also have sick time. He has accrued 106 days.

    This was a huge weight off me, because I've been the sole breadwinner since Husband lost his job back in August. I suspect that's one reason why I'm not getting better, because I've had no time to really rest and heal. I am gearing up to be the full time caregiver when Husband has his surgery, and I'm shuddering at the prospect. I'm glad he's getting fixed up, of course, but he makes a lousy patient. If he's not moaning and giving me puppy dog eyes, he's crabby and impatient. I have a busy time ahead!

    I am constantly tired---that never stops. The Lyme settled in my eyes this time, and my vision is totally screwed up. My right eye, which was already bad, is 80 percent blind now, and my left eye is a blur. My sight should come back, but I don't know when it will or how much I'll get. I don't want to get new glasses yet until everything settles down.

    So that's my world at the moment. Now I need to go and make dinner!
    dollbug replied to angelswife's response:
    Hello good to hear from you. Sorry that you are dealing with so much right now. I sure hope both you and your DH will be on the road to recovery soon. It sucks to have so much to deal with.....I have been there done that.

    I am also having knee issues as well and that is NO FUN. Mine is from a very old accident back in the 80's. I have had knee problems off and on since then. When I can no longer lift my foot from the gas pedal to the brake when I drive....I know I am in trouble. Well....I have been there since I woke up one morning and could not put any weight on my right leg. I have no idea what caused this. I think the knee is just worn out. I did have a MRI done on it and I have another doctor's appointment next week to speak to them about this. Dealing with more pain is not good for my mind or my body. But there is not much I can do about this.

    I am actually hoping just to get another injection into the I can NOT do any sort of surgery at this time....unless it is the only way to fix this.

    I am glad that your DH's company put him on medical leave so that he could keep his benefits and get paid. I hope he will recover soon from this. I hope this helps his knee pain as well.

    I hope you will continue to improve as well.
    I do understand when you say you are constantly tired. This seems to be a BIG problem for some of us FMers. I know that it has been a BIG issue for me as well. I hardly ever feel rested anymore.....not a good thing at all.

    Take care and good luck to you both.



    fibroinsd responded: post just went into cyber space..I will try and do the short and sweet of it...

    It is hotter than heck here..

    thanks for the hugs and good thoughts, Linda and all..I am disappointed in my decision to leave the school..but I did sleep better last night than I have in awhile..

    Cory..I know just what you son has dealt with so many similar things...he moved to a new city and found a better company...better job...hope you can find something near you...I know with kids...etc...not easy to move..

    Sharon..good to see you check in...Sure hope things go smoothly..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    mnjeepguy replied to fibroinsd's response:
    Cece, We will have more options when the DW is finished with her radtec program in two years. Right now I keep this boat afloat. I don't think I could make my wage anywhere else right now. We do plan to try and move to a warmer climate. We will see where life takes us. Until then I have to cope.
    mnjeepguy replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    One good thing is that I do work days. I only do shift to cover vacations three months of the year.

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