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    Hyper-sensitive breast pain...
    Smashing posted:
    Can anyone tell me if they've had this problem and if you think it's part of fibromyalgia or something else?. This will be 7 weeks of it and I don't think I can stand another day. Some days there feels like some swelling...mostly just extremely sore breasts and very sensitive nipples. I can hardly stand to take my bra off at night. Shower seems to help a little. I had this a few times over the years, but for just a few days. Why so long this time?. The only thing I found on the internet was myofascial. Didn't say what to do about it. Thanks for your help...Colleen
    jazzeesmom responded:
    Alot of us with Fibro have fibrocystic breast disease, I am 50 yrs old and was diagnosed with the fibrocystic breast disease at age 15, if that is what is causing your pain you will have lumpy breast....I have to have a mamogram yearly and have had to since age 15 because my breast are so dense....And painful...yes very painful..some days I can't wear a bra, other days I have to have one on to help with the pain. And I really do not know of anything to help the pain. They say that caffine makes it worse. I am a caffine junkie, soooo...LOL I hope this helped some. Mary
    fredswife1983 responded:
    Good Morning Colleen, I too have very painful breast. I was diagnosed about 20 years ago with fibrocystic breast disease. 2 years ago, I had a breast reduction because of the back pain and pain in my breast. It didn't help. I had cysts and masstitis(?) in both breast. I don't know what else to do either about the pain. I know this hasn't helped any, but I just wanted to say that I did have surgery on my breast and it didn't help. Good Luck and if find out something let us know..........Thanks,Monique
    pocotaz responded:
    Colleen, I have the same problem. I asked the doc. years ago why they hurt and sting so bad sometmes and other times not. They informed me that if you drink or eat things with caffine in them that actually can cause all that pain. I have fibrocystic breast tissue also. So , if you drink coffee or eat chocolate or drink caffinated soda that could be the cause of all the pain you experience. Don't know, but there could be other reasons as well. Maybe someone will fill you in on a different reason. Good luck. Linda
    Yayabay06 responded:
    I have thoseFibrocysytic breasts............seriously painful at times. Caffiene is def not good for some reason. Just watch and tell your dr. You just reminded me to call my dr and now it is too late today!!!
    Smashing responded:
    Thanks Everyone... Hmmm...Caffiene, Well that just about figures doesn't it?!!....Not like things aren't crappy enough! Now no tea!! Hahaha Just kidding ...thanks so much for your help all...I'll try decaf for a bit and see if it helps. Colleen
    Booch007 responded:
    Colleen I had this and it killed me. I saw 2 different doctors with no help. Thought it was a fungal infection of the nipples, yet no signs to look at them. Turned out when I went to the neurologist ( and who would think to tell her)...It was from trigger points in the upper anterior chest. She knew right away, injected them and wa-la gone. I couldn't even wear a bra........(DDD)! She palpated in the area above the breast and man it hurt is in the book of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofacial Pain that I talk about. Also found it in the neurology book from Travelle and Simmons. I never thought to look there as I thought it was the breast. I hope if this info helps you. Massage of the trigger points may work, as I am sure you don't have the benefit of an injecting neurologist at your finger tips.......the book has helped me at all my doctors, I take it with me and show them......the PT thought it was a great resource for him !! Hugs and hugs, I hope you feel better soon, I remember how bad that was. :chagrin: :frown: :confused: Nancy B :wink:
    Anjl26 responded:
    Excellent information Nancy. I truly wouldn't have put two and two together and come up with a trigger point. Didn't even think of it. All along I've thought sore nipples was just a hormonal thing. I know it got really bad for me last summer after having an IUD placed.
    MaureenSestanovich responded:
    I need help i have the same problem, cant sleep with it cant work and its getting to a point where I cant concentrate as its always there...... im getting the pain every 1o days last for over 2 weeks Im 51 yrs old and on HRT Ive been to my docs and he gave my ointment painplus and it dont work im taken pain killers 8 a day and its still hurting any feed back would be great xx
    MaureenSestanovich responded:
    Iwas thinking of having a breast reduction but after reading your post monique I dont think i will bother..... ? there must be something for us ?
    MaureenSestanovich responded:
    :confused: helloi know how you are feeling i am going through the same ,, my breast pain is lasting longer and getting more frequent, some days I feel as if im going to burst and the pain is so so bad.. cant wear a bra and have anything close to my breast, at my wits end sometimes untill you got it people dont understand how painfull this horrible problem is Mo :sad:

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