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    Cab tiy guess what day it is?????? HUMP DAY****10/9/2013 ****
    dollbug posted:
    A good Hump Day to each of you. MiMi in NC where I woke up too darn early again. This truly makes the day really too long for me. We are suppose to have *showers* today as well. Perhaps this is why I am up so early. No one in their right mind who has no where to go does NOT want to wake up before daylight. Honestly, this is not my idea at all. There are days though when I think my mind does NOT go with the body...kind of like they fight against each other.

    Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for us all... (I can always hope) with little to no pain. (I like the no pain myself)

    I had some errands to run yesterday so I took my son's Jeep to do this. Got there ok and when I got ready to leave, the Jeep would not start. I put the key and it would NOT turn. I worked with this for 15 or 20 minutes and panicked. OMG...I could not believe that the stupid vehicle would not crank. Finally I called my son at work and ask him if he had ever had problems like this with it. He then walked me through all sorts of different things and finally after I cleaned the key off and turned the steering wheel to the left and right as far as I could, it cranked. I was really stressed to this point. I don't think I will be taking it again. Don't need this kind of *excitement* in my life.

    It is sad what this kind of *issue* can do to me. Getting into a *panic mode* is not good for my mind or my body. It does NOT help the rest of my day at all.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group recently. Know that you are in a good place with FMers who understand exactly what you are facing each and every day...the wrath of the dragon, aka indeed a ugly and mean illness to deal with. But there are things which will help you just have to figure out which ones will make a difference for you. Be sure and check out the info under *tips* and *resources* and review the *member toolbox* as well. You should know though that we are all different and what helps one person may or may not help normally takes a *combination of tools* which will help one to cope better.

    Vitamin D...I continue to include this in most of my posts as I think it is really important for a lot of people these days. Speak to your doctor about getting your Vitamin D level checked. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain for some people and it can also affect other illnesses as well. Do your own research on this to find out more about just how important this can be. The good thing about it is the fact that it is a *cheap fix* but can take a while to get the level back to within the *normal range*.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Have a great day and remember to pace, pace and pace even more. Your body and your mind will surely thank you.


    dollbug responded:
    OMG****sorry about the errors in my post....IT should read CAN YOU GUESS****I am still having lots of eye issues. I did not proof read, as everyone can see.

    I hope this is the only *STUPID* thing I do for today.


    missist replied to dollbug's response:
    Good Morning to Everyone-- Mimi-- totally knew what you 'meant' to say.

    I need to start putting a paragraph at the end of my posts like Mimi does about the vitaminD. I would add to your box B vitamins and Prayer-- wow-- prayer is so helpful/ or even meditation of some kind.

    When I feel myself beginning to get stressed or agitate or upset, etc. I am trying to remind myself to pray and give it to God instead of letting it make me ill. Cast your cares on Him for He cares for you. Big help. I was actually praying about my apt yesterday and the noise my car was making as I drove to the gas station-- Good thing cuz I was too foggy to realize it was a flat tire. But you know God had my back, cuz I had many times more help than I knew with that tire and made my appointment too.

    So, still as a rock this morning, It was cold here yesterday! Cold as in sweats, long sleeves and a sweater and no AC. South Carolina is where wimpy northerners go to avoid that kind of thing, so brr.

    I am taking my grandkids to story time at the library this morning. Evelyn went last week but Jake was very upset he wasn't going too. Turns out littler siblings are invited so he can come with this week. I'll get them some happy meals before we go home. Their daddy works 3rd shift, goes to school 2nd shift and watches them while Mommy works 1st shift. So I'm pretty sure our little outing is a blessing to him.

    Well must have coffee & let crying chihuahua in from the cold. Have a good day!

    missist replied to missist's response:
    ha! stiff not still.. although they do go together kind of.
    must be typo day here.
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Morning MiMi, sorry you were up to early and that your yesterday was sooo stressful. Wishing you a really nice today.

    Good 'HUMP" Day all. Hope your day is going well and I hope that you have had fibro issue and free days while I was MIA.

    It's going to be warm today, upper 80's. But it's definitely Fall here now. Leaves on the lawns and road ways. Not cold enough at night to turn the leaves colors yet but those on the ground have turned yellow and brown so it looks like Fall for all intense and purposes. I love Fall always seem like the sky is clearer, bluer and always some white clouds up there making the color of the trees more colorful. I love the 'chirpiness' of the air and the slight hind of colder temps to come, but now yet. It's a good season... like spring it lets you know a change is coming.. get ready. Fall.. a good season to enjoy.

    Speaking of getting ready DH and I got a new heater "fireplace" installed into our bedroom Amour. DH made the sides and top for it, stained and varnished it to match the Amour and it looks beautiful. These types of heaters coast around 700 but that's with the mantle. We didn't need the mantle, just the heater, so it was much less for us. It does warm up the main bedroom beautifully. Looks so real when the lights are off and the softness of the fire and the ' flames' dancing in rhythm. Very nice addition to our main bedroom.

    As for the yard we took down all the Hummingbird feeders because they have loved south. I will so miss them. We got the lawns mowed yesterday will be trimming down the plants for the winter to come. We have put in a wonderful iron rack that DH got on the cheap and it will fit all the out door plants that will have to come in soon. I guess he and I have been as busy as the ants getting ready for the cold to come.

    I went for my bi annual appointment with my Rheumy yesterday and all was good. I do have to up the Gabapentin this Fall because of the Neuropathy that I have in my feet now and I am not diabetic. Started so slowly that I didn't notice it came as I went off the Gabapentin each spring- summer. When it go so bad this summer I went to a foot doctor then back to my PCP and it is Neuropathy and it falls right back to my having fibro. :'
    Anyway when he reviewed my bone density test result from last May he said that I no longer had Austiopinia ( sp ? ) and am back in the normal bone range. I reversed it with Tums 1000 and Vit D3 each day. Speaks volumes for what Vit D3 can do!! But since my last high numbers of D I am not allowed to take it for months and months since my VitD3 levels are twice what they should be. And I have NO idea how that happened. But Oh Well, still says so much about the way D helps a body.

    Have to get my neck put in traction today. It's working along with the nerve blocker shots I had weeks ago. Looking at all thing medially in my life right now.. it's all good.

    Okay will close this with wishes that you each have a great day.. Gentle hugs to all.. and it's good to be back on board.. Missed all of you. Linda R
    meg_k replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Hi, Linda. (Or others in the FMily.)

    Would you be willing to share what dose of gabapentin you take?

    I, too, have neuropathy in my feet and if I don't take my gabapentin, I can feel the tingling "climb" up my legs to my torso. What I do take helps, but I can't help feeling like my PCP is being too conservative with the dosing. (She and I have had disagreements about med levels in the past.)

    I currently take 300 mg twice a day and 600 mg at bedtime. My psychiatrist said this is a very low dose and I can go way up from there. However, he himself won't raise the dose -- which I understand -- bc the PCP prescribed it for Fibro when he is working with me on other issues.

    I can't help feeling like more would help.


    missist replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Hi Bette-- I think it is Osteopenia. My sister has it.
    Now, My gabapentin comes with a warning label that says no antacids with it. I do not know why.

    I've been eating apples cuz the celebrex gives me heartburn--and apples work like antacids.

    I used to go to pt for traction too btw.. I have a home unit now--it was about $400, insurance would not kick in for it. But it does help some.

    hope you're having a good day! Mary
    missist replied to meg_k's response:
    Meg--I take the same as you do. just fyi.
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good evening everyone. It was another day of stellar beauty here. I went to work in total darkness at 6:40. I could see every star in the sky. It was in the mid 50's and warmed up to the upper 60's I think. We took a short walk after dark and it was still warm with no bugs.

    It was my long day at the mill, it went well but I am definitely due for a break. I had last Wednesday off but the was really the last one. Monday was just recovery. I can't wait for the weekend. I am going wheeling in the Jeep with my oldest, just he and I. He is 13 now and looking for some alone time with dad.

    Jeeps do have their quirks. They were made by AMC, then with parts from Fords, Chevy's, and whatever else in the 80's Chrysler in the 90s-2010 or so, now Fiat. My 89 needed and instruction sheet if someone else drove, it. My 98 is very similar. Dang Jeeps. Sorry you had that panic moment Mimi. I don't like those at all.

    On Gabapentin, I took 100mg 3 times a day. It was the minimum dose, some take up to 1200mg at a time. I asked the doc to up it to 200 last Thursday, he was out util Monday. His nurse finally called today and asked me if he called. He hadn't so she set me up with instructions to do it over 9 days. No doctor visit required. That was nice. So I will be doing 200 mg 3 times a day. I hope it helps.

    Linda R, we missed you too! It's good to have you back.

    Mary, good positive energy. I'm glad you had a good day today!

    The DW is just done with school. This is kind of sad, stressful, and a turning point. As I said, I fully support her either way. She is still very stressed. If we pull the plug now she can be done in just a few days.
    To make this work out is not too tough but we used some of her school money to pay off a bill. We of course have to pay the money back soon instead of later with her quitting. I have to call the bank tomorrow and set it up. Being the bread winner I have the line of credit with the bank.
    The only problem I have is this, gone is the fantasy of security with her making a living wage. Not so we can have more stuff, so we can make it if lose my job or can't manage it anymore in the future. Life goes on, things happen, but we will be fine. We always make do.

    I am very sore today, but had a good day. The beauty of fall here is at it's peak now. The wind took a hit at the leaves but it is still a sight to see. I will try to get a few good pictures this weekend to share. Have a great night everyone, and take care.


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