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    prescription renewals
    cam69aroman posted:
    My doctor had found out I had received extra norcos from my foot doctor and I did not do it on purpose but I asked my foot doctor for additional norcos because my feet were also bothering me in addition to my back and I was afraid to ask my regular doctor for additional norcos! Will this affect me getting my regular norco prescription in the future even though I assured him I would not get any more from my foot doctor or any other doctor? I only did it twice in a 6 month period with one refill at 50 pills per prescription.
    Cpht859 responded:
    Hi, Cam69aroman. I work in a Pharmacy. I've worked retail for about 4 years and in a hospital for the last 3. The government is really cracking down on "doctor shopping". Please don't say that I'm accusing you, because I'm not. You need to be totally honest with your doctors. I've seen MANY who were definitely dr shopping....VERY OBVIOUS. It doesn't matter what pain you have...if you are getting the same drug, from different doctors it's illegal. (at least in VA). Just be honest, and if you need to take them more often, the script needs to be written to signify how often you should take them. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!
    God Bless you!
    Anon_10089 responded:
    As the other poster said, I think you should be very honest with your doctor and say you did not order the extra meds on purpose. If you need, you could bring up that you've never done so in the past. Hopefully the doctor can see your sincerity and see that it was an accident!
    cam69aroman replied to Cpht859's response:
    Thank you for your reply. Yes it was an honest mistake and I had real bad pain with my feet and when I asked my foot doctor for additional pain med's I did not expect so much I only wanted a few. I see my regular doctor on the 15th of next month and will further explain my dilemma . I have a very bad back and also diabetes which gives me pain in my feet and also have had three operations on my feet. I have even gone to my doctor in the past and talked to him about my usage of norco's . He gave me OxyContin to try and I took one and threw the rest away as they were to strong. Thank you for your reply sometimes I think the government cracks down on the people that need the pain relief and is over zealous!
    cam69aroman replied to Anon_10089's response:
    Thank you for your reply also! Yes as I was saying my concern is that everyone I deal with will think I am abusing these pills for my feet and back and that is not the case believe me I hate taking pill after pill but even after putting air in my cars tires the other day I was in agony over my back! Thank you
    booch007 replied to cam69aroman's response:
    I would say BE HONEST is so very important, the relationship you have with your MD is priceless...

    If he gives you a med that doesn't fit. DUMP IT at his office or turn it in to him too.....that way he KNOWS you are not using it, selling it or anything shaded.

    Destroying meds is easy...bring a zip lock bag of detergent and pour the meds in it in front of him and then it can go in the trash. That's how we do it in Hospice in the home.

    So just sharing what I would do if I was given something that was wrong.

    Good luck, Nancy B
    jillwimmersbloom replied to booch007's response:
    Nancy, I have never heard of detergent to destroy medication. Will any liquid detergent work? I will take controlled substances to the pharmacy, however I normally flush regular expired medication due to having young children and a fear throwing them in a trash can.

    Thank you.
    dollbug replied to jillwimmersbloom's response:
    Hello Jill....MiMi in might want to *google *flushing pills down toilet* and read will tell you the *safe* ways to dispose of them.

    I had always heard that one should put them in cat litter...not sure exactly why though. Years ago people use to do this but this has since changed.

    When my aunt was giving herself insulin I had to be really careful what I did with used syringes also.

    Take care.


    bette_kaffitz replied to dollbug's response:

    Saturday was a national Pill Return day! People dropped off their vials and bottles and boxes with no questions asked.

    Here in W NY the drop off spots were the local firehalls.

    There should be another in the spring. Be on the lookout.

    The idea for dumping your pills in with cat litter or coffee grinds is simple. If it smells awful, no animal will wind up eating it. Flushing pills down the drain puts the medicine in the water supply. Not a great idea. I don't think there is any GREAT way to dispose of unwanted meds. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could go to those who cannot afford to buy them? I asked about that when my MIL passed away. The hospice nurse said that would be illegal. But there ought to be a way. One doctor at a teaching hospital asked her ex-students to send her any samples that were not given to patients. She sends them to a relief agency in Africa. Good idea. I wish there were ways to send them to relief agencies in the US, though.

    booch007 replied to jillwimmersbloom's response:

    There was a big change years ago with us flushing narcotics and all in the toilet. Just thinking of me, I have septic and all those chemicals would be in the ground. So what changed for the Hospice staff was:

    ANY detergent in a ziplock bag dump the meds in there and close it up: SHAKE it and throw in the trash. That is what is done here in NY with the blessings of the powers that be.

    I was just hoping for her to do it in front of the doctor to show good faith that she is not fooling around.

    I saw breifly Bette wrote of the drug disposal days. That is great too if you can catch it. They had on our radio just recently a plan to have a second in our area. So check that out too.

    Nancy B
    booch007 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:

    When Cymbalta was such a bad fit for me I had 90 capsules here to discard. I thought so much about offering the fmily my meds, but then thought of our laws (my license) and the board rules...if that would be wrong. So I kept quiet.

    We hear so often here people struggling for meds with the cost. It is so sad that common sense can't rule here..

    There are always the crazies who could hurt you and give you something I kinda see each side. But what a waste.

    So many need help. Nancy B

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