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    1/2 question for females, other for anybody
    purplediane posted:
    anyone having extreme nipple pain. sometimes the entire aereola itches right to the nipples, but mostly they just hurt badly. have now started getting itchy bumps, like a rash nothing to see, only feel. if i scratch it will be bleed.
    as usual just trying to see if others share my weirdness
    welcome to the jungle - guns and roses
    bette_kaffitz responded:

    Do you get your annual mammogram? When I get mine, there are a page and a half of questions to answer first. Your questions are right on the list.

    Yes I do get itchy on the boobs. Usually it's in February when dry skin is so very bad. By the end of that month, I am usually one big mass of strange bumps and dry, red skin.

    If I could offer one piece of advice for you, it would be to find a good lotion and use it after every bath or shower. (I like Lubriderm's Sensitive Skin Therapy.) It seems that we will like different brands, but maybe not. This lotion absorbs into the skin and does not feel like a big bottle of grease is left sitting on the skin.

    Hope this helps. A little bit of lotion is something we all need.

    booch007 responded:

    Just as Bette said I first wondered about the mammogram and your GYN seeing you. (This is what I did when i had the same complaint). The GYN said, Nan, it doesn't look fungal? They are not inflamed...."I don't know"...

    I then brought it to my FM/CMP doctor and she said right away to me...."I know what that is, and injected the muscles over the breasts in the chest wall.....first she palpated (pushed on)them....

    If you get in the shower and soap up, rub you fingers along the top of the breasts on the chest wall area under the clavicles and straight across. Geez I wish I could draw a picture here.

    If you feel a tight band, a sore spot, a knot in there....THAT is where mine was from. I couldn't believe how painful the nipples were, I didn't want to put any clothes on....a bra was a killer.

    She injected that spot on each side and it HAS NEVER RETURNED. Remember I receive Trigger point injections by my neurologist. You can, by using Dr Starlanyl's book use massage and trigger point therapies to help it yourself.

    BUT FIRST get cleared by GYN that nothing is wrong with you.
    This could be a fungal infection that we can get. Your bumps and bleeding takes it to a different level than what I dealt with.

    Good lucka nd let us know what happens with this. WE all learn from eachother.

    Nancy B
    coryc responded:
    Are we kidding? Is everything related to FM!! Yes, I have very sensitive nipples at times, although I never related it to FM. I assumed it was hormonal, irritation from a sportsbra, etc.....
    bette_kaffitz replied to coryc's response:

    It is our myofascia that are effected by fibro. These are the tissues that surround muscle bundles. As you get to the end of a muscle group, regular muscle fibers peter out and it is just myofascia that actually attaches to bones.

    Everywhere in your body where there is muscle fiber there is myofascia. Muscles focus your eyes. Muscles carry out digestion. Muscles raise and lower your chest as you breathe.
    Any of these muscles can be effected by your fibro. If you live with fibro long enough, you will amazed at all the places you have muscles--and muscles that are fibro prone.

    Bette (The woman who conquered double vision with eye exercises.)

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