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    Monday, Monday *****12/9/2013*****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily. MiMi in NC where it is 33* and very damp today....with more rain expected. It was icy yesterday and very cold. I did NOT get out of the house all day. Lots of things were cancelled....even the local area Christmas parades. Well, this is wintertime and I guess cold weather is what we can expect. I think the nice weather we have had previous has really spoiled a lot of people, me included.

    I am on my 5th day of taking the 2 pills for the clinical trial. It is quite interesting that I think I have noticed a slight difference with my pain level. Last Thursday the weather was really damp and cold as well and I started it. The weather has not improved much but it seems like my pain is not as bad as it normally is in cold, damp weather. Perhaps it is too early for me to be jumping to conclusions here or perhaps the medicine is for real and I am actually *feeling* a difference. I guess with time I will be able to tell. I have to keep track of this by updating a diary every morning and evening. The data is then sent somewhere to be updated.

    Here is hoping each of you had a rested week-end and I hope today is a good day for all of us....with little to no pain.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group. Week-ends are really very slow but during the week traffic here seems to pick up some. It seems that some FMers have been busy though perhaps due to the holiday season.....I hope this is the case. So much to do with little time left to do it. Time passes by very quickly. They said Christmas would arrive sooner this year since Thanksgiving was so late.

    I hope new members will be sure to check out the info under *tips* and *resources* and be sure and review the *member toolbox* where you will find some good *tools* to try. We are all different and what helps one may or may not help someone else....but you never know, until you try. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will improve you daily just have to figure out the right combination of tools which will work for you.

    Vitamin sure and speak to your doctor about getting your Vitamin D level checked.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it on this Monday.

    Have a great day and remember to pace, pace and pace even more. You mind and your body will thank you for doing this.

    Stay warm if possible. I plan to.


    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Monday all. I hope your day is going well and that any fibro issues or pain is slight or nothing at all. Short post again and mostly about me, sorry everyone.

    It's over cast and 35 here at 11 a.m. So I'm not holding out for a warm sunny rest of the day.

    DH got the last of his Christmas lights out yesterday and it looks quite nice out there. Not too much, as he's prone to do. Very cheery.

    I'm sure the lines and lights froze over during the night. I hope they don't break over the next few days. It's going down from last night's 31 to low 20's the next few nights. And our day time highs are only going to be in the 30's and we won't see any 40's until the weekend and then back into the 30's for highs the next week. Not looking good for warm sunny days any time soon.

    Have my back adjustment at 1:30 and I'm dragging here at nearly noon. Hope I get my ' giddy up ' gets going so I make it on time. I usually walk in a minute or two late but today I feel like I'll be lucky to get there at all. Darn fibro flare! The cold really plays havoc with me and the many fibro symptoms that come out when it's cold. I ache, my bones and joints hurt something awful this a.m. I tried to sleep them off by staying in bed longer but NO I hurt just as bad out of the warm bed as I do standing up. UGH.

    And I really don't want to be touched on my back or neck today, but after all is said and done it truly does help me feel better. I know many others here wouldn't want to under go a chiropractor's adjustment.. but I have mild Scoliosis and need to maintenance my spine. Have been getting the adjustments since I got the Scoliosis DX while in my early collage years and so it's just something I need to have done, pain or no pain, like it or not.

    MiMi it would really something wonderful if the trial medication your taking works!!! I do hope you feel some change in the pain level and maybe with other symptoms of fibro.. rooting here for you.

    I guess I'd better close here as it's getting closer to noon and I have to get ready to go out the door. I do hate being out of doors when it's so gray and dreary.. UGH>

    gentle hugs all.. Linda R
    missist replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Good Monday Afternoon All! Down here in SC-- freezing and wet. yuck. Hubby put the hot tub on a timer or I"d be in it now. Gotta wait til evening. Saw my neuro this morning about the RX reaction I had last week--which is still ongoing a little bit. She gave me a new drug to try, and said if this one is not it--there are still things to try. She again told me that she believes a lot of my fibro probablems are going to be better once I get the seizure activity under control in my brain. That would be great. We talked about the RX's I have and I am going to just go with the seizure med she is giving me--this time it is keppra. I"m going to stop gabapentin and nortryptiline and use the celebrex as needed. For now--I'm not taking celebrex because I"m not feeling well and do not need to add more tummy issues.

    I've scaled back my holiday plans even more.. seems I never quite get to the spot that my body will actually accept with out protest. Pace, pace pace.. Anyhow Hubby says--just do your cleaning don't start any more painting projects. K... hate the place not to be nicer, but such is life.

    Put my new tree up--actually hubby came home for the weekend to keep an eye on me--and he put it up. It is 11 feet tall. Which is actually somewhat taller than I was thinking it would be. Its really pretty though and it is pre-lit--so that is great. gonna be pretty sparsely decorated though.

    I think it looks good.

    Can't wait to see what the grandkids think when they see how tall it is.

    well.. I'm just taking it easy one more day here, hopefully I'll feel like getting busy tomorrow. God Bless All!
    katmandulou responded:
    Monday Monday... freezing my keester off in New England but glad I'm here!

    I haven;t been around because I was in Japan for Thanksgiving. What a 10-day trip that was! I did all the bad things - ate tip I was full, walked too much, ran to catch too many trains"026 and paid for it. 700 pics later we had a great time, and I regret nothing!

    The day after T-giving I got a sudden pain in my left shoulder blade. BIL offered one of this stick on heat patches, which I used for a couple days. One day DH said some skin came off, oh well, we kept on going. The Monday plane home (13 hours - bleah!) was barely civil, we were packed to the rafters, but we made it.

    I called my doc Wed to get a trigger point injection; it should have relieved the spasm. I got in Friday am, we chatted a bit about the trip, he looked at my back, and matter-of-factly said, "You have shingles!" No, I said, that's skin that came off with the heat pad. No, he said, it's shingles. Cripes! He gave me 2 prescrips, one for vicodin (thank you!) and one for a lidopad, something that sticks to you and is infused with lidocaine. Wonderful stuff, let me tell you.

    He said I should see my PCP, so I gave him a call. The receptionist asked if I could come in 20 minutes - I said yes! He confirmed the diagnosis, and prescribed an anti-viral med. Even though it was more than 72 hours after onset, he said it's better safe than sorry. Now I'm juggling three more prescriptions, but it's all good. I'll be glad when they're done and I'm feeling better.

    With the pain, I never found the had a problem with jet lag. I was sleeping late, catching up, and taking my meds. Before the trip, the PA said I could add melatonin if I wanted to. Never had the chance. When we'd get back to my BIL's house, we'd hit the floor and fall asleep. In site of the pain, it was a great trip.

    Stay warm and safe, everyone, and have the best day you can possibly have!
    bette_kaffitz responded:
    Wouldn't it be great if MiMi could be in the clinical trial for THE fibro treatment!

    Whatever the outcome, thank you MiMi for offering to do this for all of us. This is just one more example of the ways you have all of our best interests in your heart all the time.

    Lou, I cannot imagine going all that way with your fibro. I wound up laying down on our last trip to take our son back to Rochester after Thanksgiving. The third seat on our minivan is just about right for little old ladies who are all bent over anyhow. Hope that you have experienced the worst of your shingles. It amazes me how much that childhood chickenpox can do to our adult selves. Another reminder to get the vaccine. (Although our insurance will only pay for it at the doctor's office. Docs here do not stock it because it needs freezer room, but pharmacies do. Hubby refuses to pay for the vaccine. I got mine long ago. I REMEMBER my chicken pox--made extra awful by some poison ivy that added to the itch factor.)

    Christmas decorations? They'll go up after we pick up the son for his Christmas visit. They're upstairs--where I pretty much cannot get. DS will gladly help and enjoy every moment. DH and our elder son are still trying to pick the last of the corn before the darn deer eat it all. You have no idea how many things can go wrong on one picker, two elevators, one wagon, and assorted connections. The guys fix one problem, hopefully get a load of corn picked, and then have to start all over again with new repairs. It doesn't help that it's so darn cold out there. We have escaped what hit most of the eastern half of the nation, but it is cold and windy.

    Tomorrow I see my nurse practicioner and get cleared for the radio frequency ablation on Monday. What do you bet the chances are that I've got another silent bladder infection? I'm batting .500 so far.

    Enjoy your week. Try to let the holiday hoopla pass you by.

    missist replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    fun to read everyones news. I've been not reading a lot lately-- have cognitive befuddles-- I think thats the technical term.

    Literally makes me tired to read. So-- I pop in and get quick 'spot' reads.
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good evening from the frozen tundra. It is about 10 below I would guess. My weather station says -5, the computer says -15. It doesn't really matter, it's too cold to go out.

    It wasn't a terrible Monday. Work was not too bad. We did get more snow, about 3-4" last night so I had to deal with that, but nothing like the last week has been. The banks on the curb are now almost three feet high. I am hoping that tomorrow will be the first workday in a week where I can relax after work.

    I am currently gritting my teeth through the day waiting for a break. I will head to bed very soon to work on that. I know I went way too far. Sometimes I just keep going until it's done so I don't have whatever it is, to look forward to another day. Not wise, I know.

    Mimi, I hope you have some luck with the trial. Are you keeping a journal on this?

    Linda, the lights should be fine, people put displays up here that make it through this cold. As long as they are not bent around they should not break. I hope your appt. helps you feel better.

    Mary, I hope your new med helps.

    Lou, glad you had a great trip and I hope you heal up fast.

    Bette, I hope they get the corn in before the deer do. I bet that can make it disappear quick!

    To everyone, have a great night, take care.

    julieb8888 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:

    hello Bette
    I have followed WebMD fibromyalgia community for several months but have not joined until today. when I read your entry today I felt a connection (other than fibromyalgia). my husband and oldest son are also farmers so I completely understand how a day of harvest works when equipment breaks down continuously. it seems like that type of day is the norm around this farm. we farm in texas about 30 miles from san Antonio.
    I have had fibro for a long time just didn't know it until about 5 years ago.
    anyway just wanted to say hello
    bette_kaffitz replied to julieb8888's response:
    Julie B,

    I wonder what it is like for those lucky few who actually buy NEW equipment. We have tractors and other goodies that are older than my husband (71)! The only new item we ever bought was a round baler that allowed hubby to switch from the old, small square bales. Good thing too. There just aren't any teenage kids who want to make summer money by throwing hay bales around.

    Our farm is 150 acres--mostly wooded--and we rent cropland from neighboring farms. We get more corn and hay. They get a discount on their property tax. We've been here since 1972. This amazes me since I see neighbors who have fourth and fifth generation, mortgage-free farms selling their dairies and trying to sell their farms. That's simple. All you have to do is live on nothing. Most people can't do it. We've done it every year I didn't work. At least that's what our (honest) income tax forms say.

    I bet your Texas farms are bigger, but here in Western NY the average is 150 to 225 acres. 75 A. got sold off our farm long before we got here. We grown beef and pork that we have cut to order and deliver cut, wrapped, and frozen to our customers. It's not as time sensitive as the dairy cows that are the norm here, but you never get away from the farm.

    Hope your fibro is leaving you alone.

    julieb8888 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    lease most of our FARM. WE HAVE BOUGHT LAND SO
    WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO DIVIDE THE LAND BUT WE may need to obtain legal asst. scarry steps to tak
    thanks for listening
    julieb8888 replied to julieb8888's response:
    hi Bette
    my email response yesterday did not make very much sense.
    I had taken ambien to sleep and sometimes don't fall asleep right away. I wish I didn't need to take ambien to sleep but if I don't take it I don't sleep at all. anyway, my husband and son farm mostly leased land with a little belonging to family. it was very interesting to read about your meat market type business.
    I am also amazed that people are at the point to need to sell a family farm. I would do anything to have farm land to pass down to my son. He loves farming. we have 4 other kids who have gone on to do other things in life.
    I am very achy today but hope I will feel better soon.
    Hope you feel well
    bettekaffitz replied to julieb8888's response:

    It doesn't matter what you grow, where you grow it, or how you grow it, A farm is a lot of work. It requires you to be there, caring for your animals morning and night. You can be barely growing enough for your critters to eat, or you can be growing an extra "cash crop" to bring in a little more money. Either way, it's always the same. At the end of the year, you barely make enough to make ends meet.

    Just once, I'd like to see a farm that is running so smoothly that there is no doubt that the farm will still be there next year and the next and the next after that one.

    I'd also like to see a farm that leaves its owners with free time. Freetime to just go for a walk through the fields. Free time to spend luxuriously deciding on next years' seeds. Free time to go away for a few weeks after the cash crop is in for the year.

    Free time to visit a spa, or a resort, or a beach to just enjoy a week or two with no farm responsibilities. I would love to just sit on a quiet lawn and not be worrying about what is going on back home. Would it even been possible?

    I sure hope so. Because that's what my heaven will be like.


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