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    ange51 posted:
    Just been diagnosed with this, I am so tired and depressed with it. I take amytriptiline this helps sometimes for a good sleep at night. I don't feel that I want to talk to anyone, in the morning my fingers are swollen, stiff and very sore. My back, legs, and arms are the same. While writing this I am in pain, I put on a brave face at work, while climbing lots of stairs my knees feel like they are ready to pack in. Don't wish to bore you all with methis. Just signed on tonight, hopefully the pain, plus sleepless nights will ease, but after two years, xrays, ct scan, blood tests, this was the result. Now I have noticed I have a swollen area on both ankles, shooting pain on the right one. Can someone tell me is this part of it? All information will be welcomed.
    missist responded:
    Hi Ange,
    So sorry you are in this with us all.
    I do have swelling that comes and goes on fingers, ankles, wrists and back of my neck. As far as I know its not supposed to be a fibro symptom--but some do have it. I've had this about 30 years and it still shows up sometimes.

    The first years are the worst, as far as pain, and you do learn to pace yourself etc and feel better for bigger windows of the day--although there are bad days.

    I don't use the amitryptiline as for me I found nortryptiline didn't make me as tired. Not taking that either at this time due to some other RX meds I need to take for something else--so trying to keep the meds as little as possible.

    Hang out here, come back and get to know folks- there is a wealth of helpful info here and I know others will chime in soon, Peace to you--its not the life we choose, for any of us, but it is the one given us, and we'll all make the best of it together. Welcome!
    janejanehk replied to missist's response:
    hi Ange,

    I've been coping with FM for 14 years since I was 19.
    For these months I'm capable to cope with it and even teaching light exercise classes.

    in my experience, Chinese QiGong/ Medicine is the best. Try if you can find these resources in your area. I do believe FM is something related to energy more than physical health (I've been trained in the western conventional hleathcare field)

    Furthermore, mindfulness/ breathing practices do help.

    Pray for you,
    franr responded:
    Dear Ange

    I too have fibro over 20 years. Yes it can be depressing and debilitating but it can be managed. There are new drugs that can be used with fibro ,actually amytriptiline is an old drug that the MD used when fibro they did not know enough about fibro If you can be reassess by someone that deals with fibro you may get good answers and treatment .The swelling in the fingers and ankles are not usually related to fibro. Maybe you can make an appointment with a rheumatologists, The pain in your foot maybe related to a injury. Did you fall or get hurt and you may need an xray.Rest a sure the people on this web site are very caring and knowledgeable So you have found the right web site,.Keep up updated in your progress and good luck...Fran
    booch007 responded:
    Good moring Ange,

    Oh I am so sorry you have joined our ranks here, but welcome you as you found a wonderful place to lean into and be hugged. This is a challenging devil of a diagnosis, none of us are the same, our bodies are failing in different ways so it is hard to figure out the helps for each.

    But there are standards of complaints and I do want you to learn to use this board effectively. To the right in Resources are things to read to help. Mainly I like the Members Toolbox ( not because I started it, but because it is filled with the love of so many to help one another with tools to be better.)

    I want you to also look for Dr Pellegrino's posts. He was a physician who was here for a short time to help with humor and medical knowledge to help the board through rough times. This info is P R I C E L E S S.... Please look for that among the right panel somewhere.

    Then I will also state that knowledge is a big key to understanding YOU. I tracked myself early on, before diagnosis...and I saw patterns and triggers that led me into trouble. Saw tools that helped me out of trouble. So journaling is big.

    I use a few books to help my troubles. Priceless for me is " FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain: a survival manual, by Dr Devin Starlanyl and Copeland. Please look on Amazon and purchase the first book if you are going to go for it. I own all three. I do use trigger point injections as my main therapy, with massage and meds as adjunct.

    There is statement that All FM have TrP issues, but TrP patients don't always have FM. That is me. I am TrP syndrome. I mimic many pains and issues and have the swelling and movement issues but it is TrP induced 99% of the time. The mucles are entraped with a spastic congested TrP and it needs either massage or injection to release. Then the muscle stops pressing on the system and bloodflow is better and the swelling is relieved.

    I struggled so with hand involvement and learned it was from a certain muscle group spastic (ever so enough) and it strangled the ulna nerve and created numbness to the fingers and swelling to my hands.

    Good hygeine for this is to elevate the extremity, use heat to realax the muscles and dilate vessels for return of fluids to the core. Elevate is as close to above the heart as you can. So lying on the couch with leg elevated on a pillow for a couple of hours. Support hose (knee highs are fine to help ) I use a company called (cheapest and best quality). It all pays off in the end.

    Well, at least you are through the many test phase of this mess. Getting a diagnosis for some can take years. Then there is the trial and error of med section (this is all in the book too). And learning of you. Learning your line in the sand...and not to cross it. That moving is so important than sitting (you only get stiffer).

    What amazed me when I joined here over 10 years ago (OMG) was that the sisters that were here then had such similar tools as I, and I never spoke to them. They shared some important things for me when I shared my biggest issues. First was getting a memory foam mattress...topper...biggest you can afford. I started with 3" and now have 6". I turned all night long to get off the TrP's in my back muscles *I had no idea), ruined my sleep just enough. I told all the docs, no one understood it. But they DID HERE. It helped so much. I learned my recliner was best for a flare or when I am a mess (like now) after coughing for so long.

    This board will help so much. I hope you use it for the value it offers and fight this mess with all the right tools you need to get some of your life back. Life will be different now, but still can be good. Smaller, but still full.

    Gentle hugs from me, Nancy B .
    ajnsmom responded:

    Welcome! I think we all have been where you are. I take amitriptyline also to help me sleep. Also I take Flexeril, a muscle relaxant, and Gabapentin for the pain. This combo has worked for me for the last couple of years. Please let your doctor know that you are still in pain. I could never climb stairs with this illness!

    Please come here often. There is so much good advice and friendly people on this site. I pray that you will get to a place with very little or no pain soon!

    Linda S. (Jax, FL)
    bette_kaffitz responded:

    All of those symptoms could be from your fibro. On the other hand, they could be something else, too. On your next doctor's visit, be sure to bring up any new or worrying symptoms. Yes, your fibrmyalgia can be managed to make your pain and fatigue less of a burden, but many of the OTHER possible causes of the symptoms can be treated and/or cured.

    Dealing with your fibromyalgia effectively means taking care of all the other health problems that make your life miserable first. Then you will be better able to cope with the things that are pure fibro.

    Today, there is no cure (and precious little in the way of treatment) for fibromyalgia. However, it is possible to discover what your triggers are. By limiting or avoiding them, you will be able to lessen both the number and severity of your flares. Keep a record of what you eat, what you do, how you feel, what meds or other treatments you are using, and what helps or hurts your fibro. Learn from your own history. In this way you will be able to make your life much better.

    We all have bad days, but with knowledge we seldom have bad months. That is a big change. Only you can make it happen.


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