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    Have you had elevated SED rate/ESR in blood test? (Inflammation.)
    meg_k posted:
    This is something I wonder about in trying to figure out the mystery of FM. (Why do I bother, BTW?!? Will the mystery ever be solved?)

    I know many on this site who have FM have diagnoses that are viewed as "bona fide" auto-immune disorders (Lupus, Sjogren's, RA, etc.) I assume then that your rheumy or whomever did blood work and you had positive anti-bodies for whatever you were eventually diagnosed with, and the blood work also indicated a high SED rate (also called ESR). As I understand it, a high SED rate is indicative of a level of overall inflammation in the body.

    The last time I had my SED rate taken it was 5 (very low = little or no inflammation). Yet, when I take NSAIDs like Ibuprofen or Aleve that relieve pain by reducing inflammation, I do typically get some real relief.

    I am trying to figure out whether I am "weird" among FMers in not having inflammation (at least when tested).

    Have others had high SED rates when tested? What were you told about this relative to FM?

    Thanks for any info.

    missist responded:
    Hi Meg.. my sed rate is normal as well as other tests for inflammation that i've had. I could swear I do have inflammation though, but what to do? I definitely get a lot of relief from nsaids.

    I think its unusual for fibro--but it is possible to have other issues and not have the tests all line up right. my mom had RA but it was not on her blood work. Which is always another one of those things where people don't quite know if you are faking or somehting like fibro.

    Anyhow so I'm one.
    booch007 responded:
    Morning Meg,

    Yes so many have other issues here with inflamatory processes but FM is not in that class at this time. In saying that I too have a great response from Motrin. I use it as my breakthrough med when my Ultracet doesn't work so well.

    Motrin is a prostaglandin inhibitor, in saying that it works hormonally (like) to help the body. Large usage can alter bleeding time (my problem this is how I got to Ultracet)....and the retention of water.

    Prostaglandins help in the contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle.(cramping/ spasm) They can confuse platelets (so bleeding can happen)
    They can regulate inflamation as well and reduse fever in the hypothalmus.

    It's anti inflamatory effect is minimal to the muscle assistance it gives. So good during menstruation......they do more but i don't want to sound like a book here.

    I am negative in all studies yet I have physical finding of trouble and as all here know I use trigger point injections to help the muscles. OUCH, but worth it for me.

    Good luck with our mess, if we were all just the same, or had findings for the doc...have them SEE something, we would all fare better. But not what is our path, we wait for someone to figure this out.

    I spent maybe 2 years looking for answers for myself and then i went into what can I do mode, now I am coasting with the "dance" eachday with our buddy here.

    He's grown on me (litterally). I think even the way i get out of bed in the morning has changed and the way I walk, where and how long I walk....all affected by this mess.

    Good luck, maybe you will stumble on something important to all of us!!

    Hugs, Nancy B
    meg_k replied to booch007's response:
    Thanks, Nancy & Mary, you smart women!

    Meg (The one with the low SED rate but who could still swear inflammation is part of the problem. Sigh.)
    schrode responded:
    Hi Meg,

    Interesting question! I don't know my ESR but I had an idea. Were you already taking the NSAIDS before the blood test? Could that have artificially lowered your ESR? It would be a good thing to ask your doctor.

    Soft hugs,


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