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    Memory Loss
    ladysparkle posted:
    Hello all I need help I can remember anything !!!!!! My passwords where I put stuff !!!! I get freaked out because I cant remember stuff. Any techniques or suggestions to help me?
    booch007 responded:
    Lady oh lady......We are all in this boat. I write things in a pad. My passwords are under the keyboards I use. I have maybe 8 that I need at work. CRAZY.

    I really do a log of the day and what I dealt with, and the issues to work on. I have alot going on but it works for me.

    I also slowed down a bit. I think I was in overload.

    I tell people when they look at me, Listen, I have 4GB of RAM and it is all taken...I have to purge to put more in. I am dropping memories to make room for your issues!! Ha!
    I get a laugh and it takes the pressure off of me.

    There were a couple of things I thought helped me. Biggest was the steno pad....but the most sleep I could get and my hydration. You get fuzzy and slow when dehydrated.

    So those are the pearls of wisdom I have on this. I wish you luck as it is a persistant issue with all of us. (well most of us)

    All my best, Nancy B
    bette_kaffitz responded:
    Forgetful? Us? I don't remember this ever happening? Wait a minute. What were we talking about?

    Nancy B is right on with her steno pad. I like a smaller one that will fit in my pants pocket. And ALL of my pants have pockets.
    Put up post-its around the house. Remind yourself what you are fixing for dinner and when you have do do what in order for it to reach the table more or less on time.

    If you go grocery shopping, bring a list made out with the layout of your market in mind. Paperclip or staple or scotch tape all your coupons to the list. If you have to make a second stop (pharmacy, cleaners, etc.) list it in colored ink both at the top and the bottom of your list.

    Once you have a system for remembering what HAS to be done each day, you will find that you had been spending a lot of your day worrying about what you forgot. This will make you more relaxed and better able to remember the odd thing that wasn't written down--for whatever reason.

    The most organized woman I know (president of the PTA, her church's women's group, etc.) has a tablet by her bed. She takes time each evening to write down all she plans to accomplish the next day. Then she turns out the light and actually sleeps. First thing in the morning, she goes over her list. That night she crosses off the things she has finished. She carries over anything that needs to be done on the new day. She congratulates herself on all she has done. Then she adds the new tasks for the next day as above.

    I find this works very well when I am not in a major flare. If I am in the middle of a really bad time, there are just too many items to carry over into the next day. So I have learned--finally--to prune out my list and only worry about the biggies. (Brush your teeth. Remove one of your prepared meals from the freezer for supper tonight. Call in sick. Warm up heat packs. Go back to bed.) Simple.

    All kidding aside, a note bright pink post-it by the back door saying "PURSE" can remind you to bring it. Another post-it on the inside of your car door saying "KEYS" could keep you from locking yourself out. A full length mirror that you have to pass on your way out of the house can prevent you from going out with your pajama bottoms under your dress.

    You get the picture. We need a lot of prompts. Furnish them. Use them. And stop worrying.

    rowan73 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    I do many of the same things. But I've also learned to provide myself a legend @ the top of the page so I can remember what the highlighter colors mean.LOL.

    I'VE also learned to stick my hat/gloves and whatnot into the arms of my coat for the next day. Then put my purse on it. Then pile it in front of the door. We have a small apt, so the couch is about 6" from the door. I keep extra meds in the purse, along with a comb (for hat hair), antibacterial goop, paper,pens, flashlight and lotion.

    I have found some apps for my phone that help. One, note pad. Another is for a local store that not only provides and remembers/& applies them at the checkout. The store has now included a shopping list, that when asked will even provide the best directions to take in the store to find what you want. Cool
    Smile you're never alone, and laughter is the best medicine. As Bobby McFerrin said Don't worry, be anthem for me...remember stress makes it worse ;)
    rowan73 responded:
    Don't feel alone. I forgot the time we told my son's friends what time we were going to meet them for my son's birthday. Man, I heard it from everyone on that one. It was only off by an hour. And I was not the only on with a phone and the kids number.

    my big problem is remembering emotional or political crap from relationships. Like keeping my sons schools on track with the IEPs( contracts with the schools for adjustments in the corriculum to compensate for their disabilities). You have to remember what they said, when & in what tone. I also have to struggle with an exhusband that is still learning how to be a grownup. My kids understand more and they're 13 & 15 with. Brain damage.aka Cerebral Palsy. So, I have a special calendar for that one.


    Smile you're never alone, and laughter is the best medicine. As Bobby McFerrin said Don't worry, be anthem for me...remember stress makes it worse ;)
    missist replied to rowan73's response:
    Memory? I make lists and my lists have lists.. but of course I generally grab the wrong one if I go anyplace. LOL.

    Also use my pc so I have all kinds of stuff on my outlook program calendars and tasks.. which I forget to read.

    Best tools-- a wall calendar & a paper notepad. & pen.

    if you are saavy with your phone that is good for all that too--but I am so used to paper it works better for me.

    I like calendars cuz I can see the whole month laid out flat and I make big x's when I think of it-- so I can remember where I am in a month. Just like in kindergarten. LOL.

    brigidharmon responded:
    Both my phone & my iPad are invaluable, as are old-fashioned pen & paper. The alarm function on my phone alerts me 6 times each day to take my meds. The Notes function on my tablet lists all my User Names & Passwords for every website, credit card, etc. and is easily updated. Also, the tablet itself is encrypted -- a pin I CAN remember -- so only myself and my husband have access to the info. If I am out on an errand or visiting family, for example, and something comes up that I need to remember -- I have a small notebook in my purse to jot things down. Also, the calendar function on the tablet & phone reminds of appointments, birthdays, etc. My phone has a Reminder function --- VERY USEFUL for to-do lists, monthly reminders, regular meetings, etc. You can set it up to alert you at certain intervals. Unfortunately, none of these help aids can remember where I put things! I've lost my favorite watch, my best winter hat (brr!), gloves, and who knows what else! The only aid there is a sense of humor -- difficult I know when we are in pain, but really -- if you finally (with the help of your husband) find your prescription bifocals in the fridge -- isn't that actually pretty ridiculous & worthy of a good laugh once you recover from the shock & embarrassment?
    dawncostella responded:
    I used to be able to go through the grocery story with no pad and not forget any items. I am the one in the family that remembered everything. Some days I can't even tell you my name I swear I forget everything now. I write everything down.
    undefined replied to dawncostella's response:
    My memory is so bad that I can go into the kitchen for something to drink and come back with an empty glass. No kidding. It's terrible!!!!
    revrickh responded:
    I, right now, am having to find my 3 X 5 file card box to find my passwords. And my memory seems to have disappeared - That is not a good sign, because I have to finish my reading to prepare for a sermon tomorrow. OY! The good thing is that as I read your posts, I can relate to all of them - specially the grocery store. I could, in the past, just walk down the aisles and know what I needed to pick up for my wife. Now, even with the list, I have to check the cart against the list, and try to remember what was next. Fortunately, I can still remember how to get home!
    rowan73 replied to missist's response:
    I also have a wall calendar, carrying, a desk calendar and one of those mini office calendar for just highlights of the month. But forget to look still
    Smile you're never alone, and laughter is the best medicine. As Bobby McFerrin said Don't worry, be anthem for me...remember stress makes it worse ;)
    rowan73 replied to brigidharmon's response:
    A big sense of humor is the only way I keep from embarrassment. I have no hubby to help. But also not to worry about laughing. I have 2 great boys that are used to it. YAY...LAUGH ON AND THANKS FOR THE CREATION OF PAPER. AND KEEP IN MIND THAT WHOEVER DEVELOPED THOSE LITTLE STENO PADS AND POST ITS DID SO BECAUSE OF A LACK OF MEMORY.
    Smile you're never alone, and laughter is the best medicine. As Bobby McFerrin said Don't worry, be anthem for me...remember stress makes it worse ;)
    fibroinsd replied to rowan73's response:
    yes...I keep my 3 x 5 box of passwords right next to the computer...definitely need that !

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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