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    Saturday *******6/7/2014*******
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC. It is really hard right now for me to post much. DH and I went early yesterday to pick up my furbabies....I was a bit disappointed with what took place. This was my first encounter (and probably the last) with boarding my furbabies. One of them had surgery and yesterday before I brought him home they decided that his blood needed to be *checked* for infection. His incision did NOT look good as there had been some complications....he had his surgery on Monday. I could NOT believe that they waited until I came to pick him up to do this. I was then given 2 different medicines to put him on for the next 5 days. (so I am now concerned what took place in the past 3 days that he was there) I have used this place for years with them but never left them there for any extended period of time. I had sent their vitamins and treats....most of them were given back to me when I picked them up. (really? I guess they thought that I just sent them to be returned to me).

    I was talking to my daughter about this and she said....*you expect too much of people*.....ok....perhaps I do. But when I *pay lots of money* for someone to do something, then I want them to do it. I have come to the conclusion that for the *most* part.....this is how the *entire* country works/ OR NOT. Perhaps this is why the country is in such a horrible mess.

    This was indeed a lesson learned for me. Normally, my daughter takes care of them....but she has so much going on right now in her life.....I guess I will try to find another solution to this in the future, if needed.

    I have also realized that *nothing is as it seems*.....I have to share this with everyone as well. In places where there are lots of tourists there is all sorts of information on things to do and see and try....mostly advertisements. So I was reading one of these and found an article on *rum cakes* and how they had been around the area for over 300 years.....they also had *rum balls* too. The info gave an internet site to visit for info. So if this is true then one would think that the local people would know about this and where to *find* them as well. Funny story though....I could NOT find one local person who had even heard about this....I guess any one can advertise anything and hope people will *buy it*. *ILLUSIONS*.

    There was a place called *try my nuts* joke. DH and I was just window shopping and happened upon this I walked in and browsed a bit and was leaving. I left and was looking at the things on the windows...and there it was ....a small sign advertising *rum cakes*....I went back into the store and was inquiring about them. Yes, she had them...just got them yesterday, a new item....she showed them to me and we took a small sample. I then asked her some questions about them.....laughed to myself and thought....*illusions*.... works for these companies trying to make profits. Anything to get people to spend their money on and try whatever they want to sell you.

    OK....I have *vented* enough. There are a LOT OF US SUCKERS in this world....especially on vacation.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group recently.....We are real people who provide hopefully *useful tools* to those who are looking for ways to cope with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM......on occasion someone will stop in and try to sell a *CURE* for this ugly and mean illness. THERE IS NO CURE* least for now. I think we all hope though this will one day change.

    Be sure and check out the info here under *tips* and *resources* have to decide what you want to try...remember what works for one may or may NOT help you.

    Vitamin sure and ask the doctor to check this for you.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Remember to pace, pace and pace even more.....your body will thank you.


    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good morning Mimi and all who follow. I caught up on the last few days and read about your fall. I hope you are ok and did not break anything. For fingers I was taught that if you can move them they are not broken, but I am no Dr. There could be cracks, I am glad you are on top of your care. It is probably good you did not have time to brace yourself. I think when we do this we lock up and are more likely to break bones. Soft hug from me today.

    Wednesday was very hard for stress. Thursday we had a long down day. It was supposed to be 12hrs, but we ended up there for over 14. I was beyond worn out by afternoon. The job I had was up a set of stairs, and working from my knees. I did have a very good partner and a soft pad to kneel on, it went as good as it could have. At the end I went home and cleaned up, went to bed and got up at 5:20 for another round.

    I was hoping to leave early yesterday. I was a walking full body bruise. I had not felt this bad in a very long time. I was not able to leave, so I went about my lighter tasks, I make my own work and can choose it according to how I am feeling. The good was the overtime pay and knowing I had a long awaited massage at 3:30.

    My massage was great, lots of deep breathing to get through it, but my therapist is excellent. She went over by 15 minutes just because I was such a big mess. I am sore today but much better.

    After the DW and I went to pick up a tv for the kitchen. Afterwards we had a date. We rarely go to dinner, just the two of us. We had a great time and talked about the rough last two weeks with a smile. It was much needed.

    This family member is still out and about, I am watching her closely to see she gets help. I do hope she does, they are supposed to find out by Tuesday. I am worried about their two small children and what all of this will do to them.

    We have a couple friends coming over for a bbq, sitting around a fire, and conversation. It should be a relaxing day.

    Nancy, Happy Birthday! I always look forward to your posts.

    To all, have a wonderful day.

    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Saturday MiMi and to all that will follow. I do hope that your today will be filled with warm sun and no fibro issues or pain to deal with.

    It's going to be warm here and muggy. No new news there. We got way more rain than we had wanted Thursday and yesterday and my lawn feels like a sponge. Hopefully the rain will stay away and the ground can dry up. The last few days of hours and hours of heavy rain just soaked everything.. I bet we are inches and inches over our rain fall totals for this time of year.

    MiMi, you didn't mention it but I hope that today you are feeling much better after taking that fall. I keep you and your family in my prayers each night.

    And If you and your DH were traveling into TN I hope you found East TN a lovely place to visit. I don't get over there as much as I like but the Smokies and the rivers there are so unbelievably special.

    And if you and your DH were visiting in TN then yes we have rum cakes here. We have lots of places that sell them. Jack Daniels store has then. Opry Mill Hotel gift shop carries them. Some stores in Old Town Franklin carries them. And they are really good. I sometimes send them as Christmas gifts to DH's sisters. They are pricey tho so I don't do it often

    Sorry about your ' fur babies' boarding center. I left my small dog with one near me and OMG the dog was traumatized when I went to get him. They couldn't get the little guy out of the pen he was in and he never got out side to walk. He'd been in there the whole time! DH said when we were to go on another trip that we should give it another try and we talked to them and told them just how to take care of him and when we got back 8 days later he was a mess again. So we've set our back yard up so he can be here with everything he needs to be happy and the neighbors look in on him. Boarding: Never Again!

    I have some errands to do that I didn't get done last night. The nail shop is first on my To Do list. Goodwill and JCPennys are also on it. I have a discount coupon for JCPennys and it's the 1st Saturday of the month Goodwill so 50% anything I'd buy.there.

    Speaking of saving money. I have a 70 year old friend from back in my collage days, back in LA, who told me she dumpster dives all the time where she lives and she gets the most amazing things. She lives in a very upscale apartment complex and the people there, who have a lot of money, throw out really good things. Like, half used high end designer perfumes and designer clothes, plus nearly new furniture. I told her and I wasn't kidding that I'd be dumpster diving right along side her if I were still living in LA. I was a kid in the 50's, so doing this kind of stuff, even at my age, sounds fun.

    Anyway DH and I did get out to the Mall and I got two things @ Saphoras that I had put off getting because of cost.
    ( there's my cheapness creeping in to the post again ) Then DH wanted to retry this hamburger place we found last week
    ( our DD told us about it ) to make sure this place really dose makes hamburgers just like the ones we love back home in California. It dose. I know cece will know what I'm talking about when I say this California chain makes the best hamburgers ever and when you can't get them you really miss not being able to .It's called, the hamburger chain, IN N OUT and for those of us who have had to move away from California their hamburger's are one of the things, top of the list, we miss the most. So loyal are we that DH wears his IN N OUT
    t shirts at least once a week and every time he does he gets people here who sayi to him as he passes " Gosh I sure wish we could get one of those right now. " Well now we can. It really is just the same as back home and we are just beyond happy to have found it. And OMG like back home the place is soooo busy. I mean lines out the door, Just like the place(s) back home. #Happiness

    Okay will get my day going and get out the door. I wish each and everyone of you a wonderful day.
    Gentle Hugs, Linda R
    fibroinsd responded:
    not much time..just wanted to say "Hello"

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    booch007 responded:
    Coming in on Sat for Sunday.

    Mimi, The Italians have Bah Bah au rum, which are rum balls. We sell tham at our store in jars, but the fresh are best.
    They are like a cupcake ball soaking in RUM. I have had them for years. I am sure each culture has a modified likeness.

    You just fell on people not truly ethnic. It is like RICE BALLS.(a Spanish delight) They are amazing when you find a true ethnic that knows how to make them. D E L I S H....(they have peas and ham and other things in them.) is the Bar B Q and all is ready, it got so hot here yesterday I opened the pool. It is freezing but if I am a mess, I will jump in.
    NO DRINKING TODAY....I had a glass of wine yesterday and the flush and sweating I had will ruin today.

    I haven't gotten the Skeeter Vac turned on so I need the deep woods sprays to help with the evening mosquitos. CRAP they were out of control last night. That is such a bummer and that machine needs to be on for 2 weeks to be on top of the population.

    I can only hope for a beautiful day with the kids playing and sprinkler, the family laughing and enjoying being together. That is always my wish for these things.

    Best part is the raised garden I asked for (no dirt in it yet..the guy is late in delivering) it is ok. I was going to put the pool cover in it upside down and fill it with water for a little pool for the kids!! Using my canoggin for ideas.....

    So, as is alway s posted.....pace the day away. Walk softly and "carry your breakthough med" lol.......I hope that the sun is out for you.

    OH, got labs drawn and I am in good shape my Vit D is 60 now with the 2000IU daily. BIG difference from 12. I also have a very big change in my HDL (ggod cholesterol) I joked that the running around in the office is paying off!

    OH, the rash from the capsacian lotion is still a problem , half through the cortisone pak and still so itchy inthe is red and ugly looking too now. WHAT A LESSON...

    Ok, good day to all. Nancy B

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