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    Tuesday - 7/19/2016 *****Sign in Issue today *
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily. MiMi in NC where I was not sure I was going to even get signed in today. I ended up having to go to the top right hand corner which has *subscribe in blue* under the sign in to get started. I normally just click on the discussion which then takes me to the sign on (a different page). OMG****so I am wondering just why this happened. Could someone actually be doing *something*? I had no idea.

    I went to the doctor yesterday and will be going for an ultrasound on my Tuesday was the earliest I can be seen. You know they have to get everything *approved* these days which can take a while. Last time I needed the CT I ended up in the ER*....for over 5 hours or so. I hope this will not be the case this time. The doctor said that it is possible that the stone has lodged somewhere which is causing the issues I am having. I am a bit better. I got a prescription and dropped it by to be filled and was told they did not have it.....hopefully they will get it today....if not, then I will have to go back to pick it up and take it elsewhere. It is always something to deal with. Seems like this is the *normal* these days. Nothing is ever as it seems.

    OK....enough on my soapbox for the day.

    I do hope each of you had a good peaceful and restful night and I hope today will be a good day for us all with little to no pain.

    It is going to be another hot day here in NC...with a chance of showers as well.....the week-end prediction is close to 100*.....we have had 19 days of 90 plus days.....It seems that the weather never suits me anymore. I do not know exactly what happen....we did not have much of a spring where I normally enjoy and I guess the fall will be the same....perhaps too warm or too cold.

    Welcome to any new members who are lurking or who might be trying to figure out what is going on with posting....I do hope new members will be sure and *copy your post* so that if it disappears you can resubmit it. (sometimes it takes several times for it to show up - sometimes we do not expect it to show up and it appears several times)

    New members can find some good *tools and tips* here though....IF the site lets you *see them*. IF not...then try again. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't.

    Remember to pace and drink plenty of water and try to stay cool.....which is important to all of us.

    Have a great Tuesday.

    PRAY FOR PEACE and leave the rest to GOD....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA....

    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Tuesday MiMi and everyone who stops by here.

    It's going to be the hottest day of the year here... triple digests.

    I'm off the the dentist and the neck PT. I hope this works.

    Nothing much to say here. I never know if a long post will vanish when I hit submit, even when copied.

    MiMI, I do hope you find your way to the second Roll Call. Lou copies you daily Roll Call and we post under it but you don't see it because you're here. I do hope that you will come by there.

    Okay, gotta go... Gentle hug my friend, Linda R
    katmandulou responded:
    Tuesday already - where is the time going??

    Hot here, but the humidity is WAAAY down, thank goodness. I hate that feeling, and I refuse to go outside. It will be dry for a few days, then the humidity will be up again.

    The bridge between WebMD and FB is growing slowly. I try to get in and copy Mimi's morning post and paste it to the page. If you'd like to be included in the secret FB group, please search for me by my real name - Louise Cote. You won't find the page with just a search. I'm double-posting my chats, too.

    With the nice weather, I'll try the cleaning thing again. So much to do, so I do it when I can. Thursday will find me at the car dealer, time for maintenance, even tho' I haven't put that much mileage on her. I'll also go see my Mom. She's in the same city, on the north end, so I'll visit after lunch. I hope she's in a great mood like last week.

    Mimi, I hate when the doc sends you around so you can wait til "they" are ready to do whatever the doc needs done. What a giant waste of time! I'm sure they'll tell you that they have to prep the room, the machine, the swab area, the blood stations, etc etc etc. I hope everything gets resolved soon.

    I wish you all the best day YOU can possibly have,
    dollbug replied to katmandulou's response:
    Hello I searched for your name (actually copied it) and several names came up....but the pictures of these people do not match you. I then tried it again and it indicated that the page was not available....(whatever that means) Perhaps I am just not doing something right....really I have no idea. So can you figure out what is going on? This is not the first time that I have tried.

    You know I am not up to par on trying to keep up with things on FB. My DD has tried to show me some things that I can do as well. I thought I understood her as well BUT when I tried to do it, it did not work.

    I surf the internet some and know things about it....but not much about FB. I also post some as well and get replies as well....(some not so good but whatever).

    I hope you find your mom doing ok. It is not easy with seeing your parents when they no longer know what is going on. I have been down this road as well. My dad knew me from the lady who did things for him....he had no idea though who I was. It is sad.

    I also hope your school supplies project goes well. I am sure the children will appreciate the things they get to use in school. I try to help out when I can with whatever I can do. I have 4 now that I make sure they get what they need. They always have to get a long list of supplies....some of them used for the class room such as Kleenex and hand cleaner. All of this certainly adds up. It is really important though for all students to have what they need in order to learn. ZZZ

    Take care and try to stay cool in the meantime as well.

    PRAY FOR PEACE and leave the rest to GOD....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA....

    melpom replied to dollbug's response:
    Good day to all.

    Triple digits here. Ugh!

    MimI - I hope you feel better soon. About FB - maybe if you give Lou your Facebook info she can add you that way. I had to do that with Linda because I couldn't figure things out.

    Lou- such a nice thing you are doing for the children and community. (School supply drive) You do so many things for others. I do hope they let you know how much you are appreciated.

    Take Care all!

    desertwind responded:

    A good Tuesday afternoon to all,

    This morning, my gd and I raked up some more litter from the trees. It was so hot and muggy! I can only make my back survive this sort of activity for about an hour, then it begins screaming at me; rather than risk spasms I call it quits. Afterwards we filled a kiddy pool and cooled off in it. (Amazing how quickly one can cool off just pouring cold water on the legs and feet. )

    I am exhausted. How I love the grandkids, but they thoroughly tire me out, it is worth it.

    I am trying too, to get on the FB group but can't figure it out. Too many "roll call" s, too many Louise Cotes! It surely is private!

    Stay cool and hydrated.


    dollbug replied to desertwind's response:
    Hello Jeanne....MiMi in NC. Your post appeared today (Wednesday - 15 minutes ago) I am assuming that perhaps you meant to say Wednesday instead.

    You are so does not take much to wear us, FMers, out....does it? I am the same way. I am still having issues trying to cope with my lower back pain. The pain eases as long as I do not move....BUT when I get up to do something, the pain returns. Not a good thing at all.

    I am hoping the pain will soon get better.

    Take care.

    PRAY FOR PEACE and leave the rest to GOD....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA....

    rudyandirmouse replied to desertwind's response:
    Jeanne, please give fb another try. Look for me or Lou, ask to be added to our fb list and we'll add you to the group.

    Like I mentioned to MiMi, you don't always have to go there but it's a great way to keep in touch when two and three tries here fail.

    Look for me Linda M Reyes, Columbia, TN Or Lou @ Louise Cote.

    Hope to see you there, Gentle hug, Linda R

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