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    Thanks yall!
    mnstrek4u posted:
    Thanks for all the replies bout my Fibro pain. The Dr just started me on Neurontin. I've heard this drug is powerful and makes you loopy. Lol. But if it helps, I'm all for it. In reply to my Vit D levels, they were very low. I'm on a supplement now. Smh. They say to get lots of sun, but my skin Dr says NOOOOO! Guess you can't win for losing. I've tried heating pad, and Icy Hot but neither work. Some days I get up and can be a lil bit productive. But others I'm like NOPE not today. For someone who was very active, this is killing me. I also have Carpal Tunnel in BOTH wrists. Lol!!! I try to push myself to do things, but end up paying for it the next day. If not for my 20 yr old son, I don't know where I'd be right now. He helps do most everything. And I feel VERY guilty. Smh.
    I try to stay upbeat and laugh. If I go out anywhere, people say I look so good and am always smiling. IF they only knew. Lol.
    dollbug responded:
    Hello....MiMi in NC. I do encourage you to do your own research on Vitamin D. I say this since I have been there done seems that *most doctors* do not really understand a lot about Vitamin D. My doctor explained to me that I would need to take 2,000 iu every day for the rest of my life. Well, after several months and no change I did some research and I was quite surprised what I learned. When our D level gets so very takes much more than 2,000 iu to bring it back to within the *normal range* doctor put me on 50,000 (prescription) but only for a very short period of time. I know that had I not increased my Vitamin D level myself that I would still be very low. I will also say this that my DD vitamin d level got down to 2 and she took the 50,000 for a very long time to get hers back up.

    I am sorry that you have carpal tunnel in both wrists....I have had multiple surgeries in both wrists and still have some *issues* every now and then. The worse thing is that I no longer have any strength left in either hand to do what I had always been use to doing. I also think that this was caused because the doctors continued to try different kinds of medicine instead of doing the surgery that I needed. I ended up falling outside on both wrists....(different times thank goodness) and had to have surgery on both....the doctor had to put plates and pins in my wrist to repair them. Once I recovered from these surgeries my pain got better. I think I have major nerve problems is why I had so much pain in them to being with.

    Have you tried hot wax therapy? You can purchase a wax bowl and a cake of wax and do this at home several times a day which did help me. I also ended up wearing the wrist braces at night which also improved the pain. (you can find these at Walmart)

    I also encourage you to be sure and do some research on vitamins and supplements.....I know that I did but some of the info I discovered that might have helped me I found it too late. You might also try a supplement call P5P (which is a form of Vitamin b 6) I have some sort of issue trying to process Vitamin B 6 and tried this. I found out that this can help carpal tunnel issues as well.

    OK...Hang in there and good luck.

    desertwind replied to dollbug's response:
    It's Saturday night-I've been trying for the last hour to find the FB sight. I emailed Linda R. and it said it was undeliverable. I tried Lou in FB and google, I tried Linda's name, home town and state. What the heck! I don't like using my email here but I don't see another way: [email protected] . Please find a way for me to 'join up". (If I don't recognize the emailer I don't open it.)

    It was a warm 97* today but humidity is down a bit. I got the stuff that was necessary done and holed up for the afternoon. Just before dark I went out again and did some watering and fed the barn cats.

    I'm so exhausted still that I have to use all my willpower to keep moving. I can't wait for Monday when I can-hopefully- collapse. I need the break as Tuesday, Wed. and Thursday next week will be busy.

    Nearly every morning I wake up with a headache. Yesterday I had to resort to medication to lower the pain level so I could get some errands done with DH. This is the head I know and hate during the summer! ( I was headache free for so long I got to wondering).

    DH got baked by the sun so stayed inside today. The burn isn't bad but it looks it. One has to be mindful of those things! Australia is tied with AZ for skin cancer and juvenile cataracts. (think babies in a stroller staring up or out with no eye protection).

    Dutifully did all my knee exercises as usual and got some serious swelling, still unpredictable as to how much it can take.

    I'll say goodnight with sincerity and hope you are regenerated in the morning.


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