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    My Situation + Possible Idea
    An_267817 posted:
    I have read all of your posts and also realize that they are older. I also struggle with numerous medical problems like most of you ( fibromyalgia, kidney disease, chronic migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, degenerative back disease which currently having bulging/herniated discs, spinal stenosis AGAIN! , underwent major back surgery for severe spinal stenosis and had a severe allergic reaction to the staples that was used to close up 10" incision, chtonic GERD & intestinal inflammation, Pancreatitis, uncontrollable high blood pressure, sleep apnea etc....hopefully everyone can get the picture. In 2005 I was finally diagnosed with most of my health problems by an outstanding rheumatologist. He listened to me and prescribed meds plus opioid medications. He was out of state and I eventually had to stop going to him because I was falling asleep behind the steering wheel. I did find another doctor who did continue my pain meds due to the fact I was already on them. Eventually that doctor somehow changed the frequency of one of my medications (morphine) without telling me. It was originally written as "take as needed for break through pain/as needed". This doctor changed it to " take it 4 times a day". I never read the bottle as I have had the prescription written "as needed" for 11 years so I would have never thought to look at the bottle. I was asked to do a urine test which I had no problem with. I explained there wouldn't be any morphine in my system because it makes me tired and I was driving myself to be appointment and didn't want to take any chance of falling asleep behind the wheel (I already had done it once and hit someone head on ). Of course I failed. A month later I had to do another urine test and I informed them I wouldn't have any morphine know my system again explaining the reason again. I received a call 1 day later informing me I failed again ( I did pass both tests for all the other meds in my urine) due to NO morphine. I was told I would no longer be a patient of theirs due to the fact I didn't follow their rules & procedures. I was shocked!! Since then I have tried 9 different doctors and can't find HELP. Doctors are afraid. All they want to do is physical therapy (doesn't work) or trigger Point Injections (which I already get). I already have tried nerve burning (can't remember the medical term) & that didn't work. The current doctor who does my trigger point injections is awesome and soo knowledgeable informed that I'm not even a candidate for epidural injections (hurts like hell) in my lower back due to the fact there is soo much scar tissue from my 1 and only back surgery incision. I actually have an appointment on 8/23/16 to discuss a 2 day injection procedure she wants to try on me. In the meantime I have to wait to get a psychological appointment and pass in order for me to get a pain pump put in me by a neurosurgeon. This is required by the state of PA which is absolutely ridiculous considering I don't need one in order to have any other type of surgery. The neurosurgeon made me undergo an enscopy as he wanted to know why I had Pancreatitis. I did what he said and the reason was never found but my guess would be partially the large amounts of ibuprofen I'm swallowing trying to help with the pain.
    Anyways...the doctor who does my trigger Point Injections gave me some advice about the pain medication. ..she told me that the government has cracked down on the doctors so hard that it's about impossible for them to write anything. She advise me to write to or visit with personally my state senator and explain in detail my situation. I think if we all do this and spread out the word to everyone who is also in chronic pain maybe we can get somewhere.

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    katmandulou responded:
    Hi An_267817:

    I posted a reply a couple weeks ago, just noticed it didn't go thru.

    Not a lot of people here have said they're on opioids. I had an intestinal blockage a few years ago, and ended up on one, and it helped my belly pain, but not my FM. (I ended up having emergency surgery, and all was right after that!) There are a lot of other drugs that can be used instead.

    With the "opioid epidemic" being widely publicized, I'm sure that getting them at a pharmacy is quite daunting. If that's what your doc is giving you, ask his office to help you shop around for the best prices. Good luck!

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