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    Finally diagnosed
    LauriePrante posted:
    Hi there I'm new to this site. I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia today after seeing numerous doctors since 2012 and not finding any answers. Being frustrated and in pain for so long has caused me to become anxious and depressed, but for the first time in a while I feel hope. I realized after talking to my dr today that I'm not alone and I'm definitely not crazy! Just looking for some support and hopefully I am able to give support to others who are going through this too. Anyone out there suffering from gi problems along with the fibro? I have ibs as well and wondered if anyone can give me advice on how to ease the stomach issues. Dr said to relax more but that's easier said than done ha ha! Thanks : )
    katmandulou responded:
    Hi Laurie and Welcome!
    I'm glad you found us, and I hope you'll be glad, too. The word is scary, and the fact that no two people have the same symptoms make is scarier. I actually had a friend's wife (she's a doc) say, "I don't believe in FM," like it's the tooth fairy!

    I'm sorry it took SO long for your diagnosis, but your story isn't unusual. Someone reported a month or two ago that she had been suffering for 20 years. That's mind-blowing, but not unusual.

    There are lots of meds that are available and OKd for FM treatment, so don't give up yet. Sometimes it takes a few tries. You should develop a good relationship with your doc, keep a pain journal, and share it with him/her. It will give her a good idea what you're going through, and if there were any underlying stresses.

    In addition to the great tips and resources on the right, I have this one: It's a great read, and look at The Spoon Theory. It's a good way to let people know exactly how you feel. Some days we get fewer spoons.

    We'll talk again, I'm sure. I wish you the best day you can possibly have,
    trinamolena80 responded:
    Welcome to the group Laurie. I also spent years, 4.5 years being shuffled from dr to dr after my diagnosis which took 2 years to diagnose.. It wasn't until March 2016 that I finally found a doctor to treat the pain because none of the meds approved to treat the FM even came close to working. I had constant, debilitating pain 25 of 30 days a month. My pain dr has prescribed oxycodone and it helps tremendously with the pain and also helps the IBS. My advice to you is don't give up. You have to be your own advocate so keep yourself educated and don't let anyone, especially doctors convince you of ANYTHING you know isn't accurate. For instance my family doctor told me for years the pain was in my head and that I needed a mental health facility. I said it was horse crap from the start. He said I was depressed and didn't know it. I was right. I refused to let him convince me of something(s) I knew weren't true. I'm also seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist whom have helped greatly in diagnosing other issues as PTSD, ADHD, Anxiety, OCD and a few others. Since these diagnosis' have been made and treatment has started I'm sleeping through the night, solid, which I haven't don't in almost 20 years and I'm able to manage my pain better. I'm not fixed or pain free but I'm much better. So please keep your chin up, keep connected to people whom understand your illness and may have some resources and don't give up!

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