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    To Everyone Plz Read
    becky29550 posted:
    Please note: This discussion is almost a year old now. If you wish to share your thoughts, seek support and talk with others on this community, please hold your cursor over the orange Post Now button on the upper right and choose 'Discussion' from the menu which comes up. This will allow you to start a new discussion to introduce yourself.

    Where is everyone from and how long have you suffered from fibromyalgia?? I want to get to know everyone on here better so we can support each other better.... Hope to hear from everyone soon!!

    I'm from Bennettsville, SC and i have just learned that I have FM.
    FairyDust81 responded:
    Hello! i just recently been diagnosed with FM too! that & Psoriatic Arthritis, although i've had this for 2 years. I'm from Washington state Tacoma. its nice to meet you on here i hope your day is going well!
    lmc1116 responded:
    Hi Becky,

    Nice to meet ya! I'm Lauren, I'm 22 & from Danbury, CT. I have had fibromyalgia for as long as I can remember, as early as 6 years old. Was just diagnosed this past summer. I lived with it for such a long time, so long that I thought it was normal, until I had one heck of a flare up. I think I was better when I thought everyone had this pain, now that I know that there is a happy place, there are people that don't experience pain, it's really exacerbates the whole situation.

    Anyway, Welcome to you! There are soo many wonderful, thoughtful people here on this site. You will never, ever feel alone in what you are going through.

    How long have you had FM?
    dizneymom responded:
    Hi Becky-My name is Dana and I am a mother of 3 ages 8, 6, and 1. I have had FM for about 5 or 6 years. If you click on my name by my picture you can read all about me. I live in NW Iowa. I look forward to getting to know you better....................Dana
    geeskat responded:
    Hi, I'm Kat. I currently live in Midlothian, VA. I was officially dz 4 yrs ago. I have a DH. We've raised 6 kids and have 4 grandkids w/ 2 more on the way. Work 40+ at a pretty demanding job.

    Other than pain, life is pretty good. Some days better than others, but it is what it is.

    May your days and nights be pain free.
    DJackson529 responded:
    My name's Dayna and I'm 24 from Central Florida. I've had the fatigue and near constant feeling of just "not well" since I was about 8. I think I really started noticing pain in high school (though I may have just been too young or busy to niotice it).
    pocotaz responded:
    Hi Becky,

    Welcome to this FMily. I am from Southeastern Massachusetts and I have been DX'd for 4 yrs. now. I have discovered this site in June of this year and I am so glad I did.

    Welcome and join in any time you need to vent --share knowledge--or just plain get silly.

    fibroinsd responded:
    Hi , I am cece. I was dx about a year ago...although you know how it goes...been dealing with this for a lot longer. I live in San Diego. I have been on this board since I was dx.

    Tany84 responded:
    Hi Becky!

    My name is Brittany. I live in Wichita Falls, TX. I'm a 24 year old college student. I also work full-time as a manager in charge of natural/ organinc supplements and bodycare. So if you have any questions about natural approaches to dealing with FM I might be able to help. I also work part-time contracting with a couple of supplement companies as a independent demonstrator. I have had FM for about 2 1/2 years but was just diagnosed a little over a year ago.

    This board has been a huge help to me. It throws me off if I miss a day of the Sunshine Report. Audrey (aka Merry Princess Sunshine) does a wonderful job and always brings a smile to my face even though she's been through a lot lately. I try to make sure I stop by to let her know how much I appreciate her. And the fitness challenge helps keep me going, especially on rough days.

    I hope these become as much a blessing for you as they have for me! Welcome to the FMily!

    Meme0221 responded:
    Becky, ~Hello & Welcome to Our FMily!~

    My name is MeMe, a southern belle from the deep south... I've been medically dx'd by a dr w/ FM for 18 years; but I've unfortunately suffered w/ it since I was a very very little girl. All my life I've known pain & fatigue. I believed it to be 'normal' until I was literally unable to keep up w/ those my age & they told me they didn't experience pain/fatigue/shortness of breath/heart racing, no sleep, etc....

    By that time, my parents finally brought me to see a dr. I was first dx w/ SLE (Lupus) & FM and later MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease), IBS, & other autoimmune diseases... So it's a day to day survival for me, like all of us.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you better, as well as the FMily! In case your unaware, but I think you already know b/c you have your own persona if I remember correctly, but you can click under our username in blue & it will take you to our profile so you will learn a little more about us.

    BTW, this was a nice thread you've started. It's been a long time since we've done this! It helps all of us to 'place' everyone in our minds!

    It's unfortunate that you too, have been dealt the hand of the dragon, known as FM. Here's wishing you well & lesser pain days ahead my friend. I hope you stay w/ us. We are a close knit bunch! Again, -Welcome to Our FMily! Once FMily, always FMily!

    TJAlex responded:
    Hi Becky,

    I'm TJ and I have been dx'd for a year, but like many I've had symptoms since I was very young. I also have Osteoarthritis, Ostioperocis, Sjogrens, and a still unexplained high SED rate. That and all the fun extras that go along with FM.

    I didn't have a great DR. when I was dx'd he told me "you have FM there's not alot I can do for it and you just have to get used to the pain". No other information or explanations. I started looking for information on line. Got frustrated and confused with all the info out there. I reconnected with an old friend and she had been dx'd soon after we lost touch. She told me about this board and I still thank her every time I talk to her. I really feel like this board was a life saver. Every time you have a question about what your going through there's always some one who can help.

    Good Luck,

    Yayabay06 responded:
    Hi I'm YaYa or Amy.

    I was dx'd 2 1/2 years ago. A year after I had my first child at 40! So, I have had the symptoms since I was pregnant. I am learning to manage without the heavy duty FM meds.

    I have been living in a couple places in the past few years......Ilived in South FL and moved to NY 7 years ago. I just left my SO, little girl's father, and now in very upstate NY. Simplified!

    Things are very different with FM and this group is more helpful than anyone else!!! They have been with me thru everything!

    Hope you enjoy this group too.

    Booch007 responded:
    My name is Nancy and I am in lower to mid NY in Putnam County. I have been *off for quite a while, diagnosed after an incident lifting a patient at work (RN) in 2000. Things were changing well before that though, but that ended my hospital career.

    I have been with neurology since 2003 and receive trigger point injections every 2 weeks (just about) to keep my functioning. I work full time in the cardiology office, with the attendings I have been with since 1982......a long relationship.

    So far I am struggling on level ground, with a tool here and a tool there, I get by with a smaller life, but still a life............

    Welcome to the Fmily, we are such a special group of people and so necessary to help get through the rough spots, the flares, the trials that life hands you. We speak of it all........

    So stay, post and learn some tools for your toolbox and a pearl or two for your necklace that will help you daily to fight with the dragon.......Nancy B
    Dollbug responded:
    Hello Becky.......I am MiMi in NC......I have had problems since 2003 which started out with carpal tunnel surgery on right hand.....just over a year and half later.....I had it in left hand.....this was the real beginning of my health declining......I have multiple health issues now......I have had 6 hand surgeries, parathyroid surgery, cervical (neck) surgery, elbow surgery and my 4th knee surgery.... all of this has taken place within the past 6 years.....I might also add that I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.....

    I am unable to take a lot of medicines for FM.....due to side effects but I have managed to learn how to "control" my pain by taking vitamins and took me a long time though to research and figure out what my body needs to function.......I still have chronic fatigue and sleep issues.....but I continue to try different things for these also.....

    As a FMer.....I have learned that we must keep on keeping on until we find something that will help us cope each and every is a tough journey to take living with the wrath of the dragon.....but you have found a unique group of people here......and I am sure you will learn a lot about FM and how to cope and pace......and feel better.....

    I would like to encourage you to get your Vitamin D level checked.....which is so very important for us FMers....and can make a difference in your pain level, if your D is is common for FMers to have low Vitamin is a simple blood test....but you MUST ask your doctor to run it....

    Good to have you join our group......

    Take care...

    MagPrincess responded:
    What a great post.

    My name is Erin and i live in Florida.

    I have had Fibro for a little over two years and was recently diagnosed. Comming up on a year being diagnosed. I also have sjogrens and IBS as well as OCD and Raynauds Phenomena.

    I find so much help and comfort in this board.

    I use a mixture of medications,massage, and heat to relieve my symptoms.

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    Welcome to Our FMily! My name is MeMe, I'm an FM suffer of 19 years, along with autoimmune diseases & other conditions. ... More
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