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    Ritalin vs. fibro-fog
    momoathome posted:
    Hi all, I have now been on ritalin to battle firbo-fog for 2 weeks. My body has adjusted very well & may actually need an increase. I have experienced only minor fog moments since 1/6 and can now enjoy 1 cup of tea after lunch & one after supper with no jitters or palpitations. Had an EKG yesterday with excellent results - and I told them I want to wean down a bit on daytime Lyrica - so today I took half dose this am & skipped afternoon dose, and I feel like my pain level is still only a 4 (my wake up level this am) This does not include my spine pain - this is different - this is not FM pain. So I have taken one Vicodin just before I went for xrays. And good thing too.I called & asked if I need an appt and they said "NO- we don't take appt's, just walk in" So I walk in there at 1:20 pm & first thing they ask me is "Do you have an appt??" You should have heard my inner voice just cussing her out!!!!! so 2:30 they call me in - with out the vicodin I think I may have gone "postal". :coolfrown: I see specialist again next week & have a list of questions to ask - about supplements etc. So, to all of you still lingering in & out of "fogville", I hope you will find a way out too!! Love to all my FMily, Momo
    Nesarian responded:
    Hi Momo, Glad to hear the Ritalin is working for you. I save my Provigil for days when my brain is really required as it is such a difference and I do not want to lose the edge it gives me. So, I understand the night and day difference. What supplements are you asking about? Many herbal and alternatives are not known by MDs so please take in info to share with your Dr if you are asking to take something. I had complied a list of all the alternatives I took and why for the Judge of my SSDI and Work Comp case and it made a difference. I got approval for herbals and had them covered. That was 5 moves ago so I have no idea where it is. I will think about sources for you to check out though as documentation helps get approval. Drs are responsible for what they approve and malpractice being what it is these days, they get nervous about anything that does not have empirical support backing it. ARGH! :eek: I know these sources but cannot think of them. I need some time... Good Luck!
    fibroinsd responded:
    Oh man. this kind of stuff makes you want to bang your head against a wall !!!!! Glad you were cool.... Cece
    Dauniwan responded:
    IM on serequel(prescribed...started low dose 50 mg n later did increase to 100mg at night)...for my fibro fog..n many swear by effexor....I also know of a natural acting aid called maletonin...these help raise our seratonins n maletonins.. slows the mind at night and .helps us sleep thus helping the fogg... anyway maletonin all natural suppliment...effexer and the usuall night aids(like lunesta amytriptoline..n many more...equals a mood alter -er... and serequel is a known mood level er...which is what works best for me the alter-ers all did that way altered-my dreams n sleep.... Hope an increase is just the ticket...were all alike n yet so different in what might aid us in our search for a life feeling closer to our real age in life.... its quite a search ever changing to find right exersize, stress Supportive FMily... best of luck ...I wish for many an easier search than ive had the last 36 yrs of it. Daun in mo...:)
    Anjl26 responded:
    I'm happy to hear you've found something that helps. With this crazy syndrome, finding a good med is half the battle. You did better than I would have. I probably wouldn't have been able to hold my tongue. LOL

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