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    Vitamin D May Ease Fibro Pain
    atti_editor posted:
    Patients who think they are deficient in the nutrient should consult their doctor first, experts say.

    FRIDAY, Jan. 17, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- People suffering from the chronic pain of fibromyalgia might benefit from taking vitamin D supplements if they suffer from low levels of the vitamin, a new study from Austria suggests.

    How many of you take a vitamin D supplement on a regular basis?

    I know this is one of MiMi's favorite tips to share

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    missist responded:
    A lot of us do I'm sure. I take 4000 daily. But I've had blood work to show I need it. It can also assist with depression--which often travels closely to fibro.

    Vit. D helps--but it is not a cure and will not take away all your pain, think 'layers' it peels off a layer or maybe 3.
    dollbug responded:
    Hello and thanks for sharing this link with all of us. It is interesting that the article indicates the doctors will know just how to direct patients to fix if and when there is an issue with Vitamin D level. I do know though that doctors are NOT as educated on Vitamin D and just how to direct those who need to increase it. I dare say that had I accepted my doctor's instruction as to take it....that I would no doubt be still struggling with low Vitamin D level.

    I also am not quite sure about the *chronic fatigue* getting better. I only wish that I could say that taking the Vitamin D supplement has helped mine. It hasn't. But I will also share this as well. I have no idea just how much worse my chronic fatigue might have been had I not figured out to take more Vitamin D like I did.

    I think it is good when we, FMers, decide to do our own research about Vitamin D. Learn all you can about it and then speak to your doctor. I know that my doctor still does not believe that I have found vitamins and supplements that has allowed me to *control my FM pain*. When I do visit with him we have this discussion every time. No, I do not have any prescription to take daily at all. I do have the muscle relaxer and I only take 1/4 of the pill when I need it.....other wise I would feel like I was dragging all day.

    I hope that perhaps medical researchers will continue to study Vitamin D and figure out just how it relates to chronic pain. I know there must be some sort of *connection* is not just with FM pain. I say this since my daughter's Vitamin D level was a 2 when she was having lots of pain related issues....which was not FM.

    I hope that doctors will figure out just how important Vitamin D tests are for everyone. I know that I have had issues with my doctor not wanting to test mine.

    Thanks again for sharing.


    monamia responded:
    I have taken it, along with other supplements, for years to combat my Fibromyalgia (and even then I remained deficient, according to tests, until I doubled my daily dosage).
    missist replied to monamia's response:
    Mimi has a good point--can't assume your dr always knows. I had one dr RX me 1000 daily after my blood work was lowish, and I do not remember what the number was. should have kept track. Next dr told me 2000. So I thought it was all fine and dandy, Neuro did blood work and said your D is low, and you are anemic--which PC dr did not find when doing same tests not long ago. So I guess the Neuro wants stronger results? She didn't know I was taking 2000 daily and told me to take 2000, I said I already do, so she said, ok--take 4000.

    She also has me on vitron C which is a form of iron with vitamin C and which has buffers--iron makes me sick--so I am taking activia yogurt with it--which does help some. I'm noticing the activia makes me feel better gutt-wise all around.

    Interesting thing I'm learning about vitamin C-- separate it from your B12 if you take it--but at least an hour. So since I am trying to get more B12 from food-- if I have eggs I skip my OJ for awhile. Vitamin C can destroy B12. Keeping track of all these things can be mind numbing with memory issues--so I am making more little schedules; and I may need to add another pill sorter.
    dollbug responded:
    I just wanted to comment about the above article. I find it quite interesting that the study consisted of just a few people. I would hope that hundreds (even thousands would be better) of people would be required before the researchers decides on the outcome of what Vitamin D might help. I think we all know that we are different and what helps one person may or may not help why on earth would they, could they come to any conclusions on such a small study of people.

    I then have to ask IF other *studies and results* are made like this as well. Chronic pain is a BIG DEAL for millions of people and something like this could possibly help those who are suffering from it.

    I guess it is what it is though. There are times when I wish more attention could be brought on vitamins and supplements.



    Anon_57995 responded:
    Remember that it's important to have your level checked first. High vitamin D from taking supplements can cause increased pain, so please realize that vitamins can cause problems if they're taken when you don't need them and that few Americans actually need supplements as our diets are very good- maybe too good as overweight is a bigger problem than deficiencies. You can look it up and see that too much can cause pain and fatigue.
    Anon_501 responded:
    mariajohnson responded:
    Vitamin D supplements may be considered as a relatively safe and efficient treatment for people with fibromyalgia. It can be found in foods, such as milk, orange juice and cereals as well.

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