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    Providgal and Nuvidgal are 2 Prescription Medicines that are wonderful to counter Fibro Fog.
    sandyhardy posted:
    Providgal and Nuvidgal are 2 Prescription Medicines that are wonderful to counter Fibro Fog. They wake up the brain without making your heart race or making you hyperactive. I have found doctors hesitant to prescribe these, but when I went back to school to renew my license, it made all the difference in the world. My doctor will give me enough for week days and wants me to ween myself on the weekends. Providgal tended to make me a little grouchier, but I have a girlfriend who swears by it. I prefer the Nuvidgal. I actually know I will get things done during the day, there is that big a difference, where I used to be a couch zombie w/ just a few good days a month.
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    sashtia responded:
    I also use Provigil and swear by it. Except I was given it for Sleep Apnea not Fibro.
    annette030 responded:
    It is my own decision to leave these kinds of drugs alone. I remember the 1970s when doctors prescribed amphetamines freely to help people feel sharper at work or at school. Then they could not sleep, so the doctors prescribed valium for sleep. The next thing they knew they had a whole bunch of drug addicts on their hands who would buy illegal drugs when their prescriptions ran out early because over time they were taking more than the doctors prescribed.

    I am not saying that everyone with FMS will do this with the drugs mentioned. I am willing to wait longer and see what happens.

    Some people will opt to use these drugs, and no doubt feel it is worth the risk. Everyone is entitled to make this decision. Insomnia is one of the side effects of these drugs, and FMS causes enough insomnia as it is. Just think first and be aware of the risks involved.

    Take care, Annette
    Pixe5 replied to annette030's response:
    Hi Annette,

    Amen!!! I went through addictions to tranquilizers, sleeping pills and alcohol. I know that there are people out there who can use addictive meds without abusing them, so I don't judge. But I know I can't.

    To those of you who want to try them : I would be wary of these drugs if you have had substance abuse issues.

    And if you haven't, still beware of things like tolerance which means the dosage you are on has to be raised to get the same level of relief.

    By the way, some people say that Provigal and Nuvigal are not addictive. My paperwork from the pharmacy said that it could be. That's enough for me.

    theguilttrip replied to Pixe5's response:
    I have been using Provigil for years now....2 a day in the morning.....and they are no more addictive than the Savella that i take for Fibro pain!!!! Provigil is not like Adderall or Benzedrine or those type of drugs. It is in a different Class of drugs, if you understand the Classes of controlled substances. With Adderall and the Benzedrine drugs, you can only get one month at a time and require a special FDA script. With Provigil, it can be written with refills on a regular script pad.

    Fibro sufferers who may or may not take pain meds for the condition suffer from great fatigue! Moreover, they need something to assist them with the inertia caused by the fatigue and the accompanying depression that can spiral due to the ongoing malaise. There is no shame, nor should there be any fear or stigma attached to legitamate medications which have been created to releive pain, fatigue and depression. This is the 21st century!!! Why suffer if we don't have to!!!!
    Pixe5 replied to theguilttrip's response:
    Hi theguilttrip,

    I'm sorry if I offended you with my post. I want to make it clear that I am not against using meds for fibro and if the person can take it responsibly I have no problem. Using meds is an individual choice, so I can't tell anybody not to take them.

    What my issue is that I think that people need to educate themselves about their meds in order to make an informed decision.

    My doctor told me that "the jury is still out" as far as the addictive potential of these drugs. Because of that I choose to be on the safe side and not take them.

    I'm am certainly not labeling you or anyone else as drug addicts, and I am sorry if I came across that way.

    Pixe5 replied to Pixe5's response:
    Hi again,

    Since my doctor told me that it might be addictive several years ago, I decided to see if there is any new info on this drug. I googled it and here is what I have found:

    There are different classes of controlled substances depending on the abuse potential of the drug. Provigal is a controlled substance but it is in the "low potential for abuse" catagory. Other meds in this catagory are Xanax and Ambien which I personally found highly addictive.

    Nuvigal is just a "tweeked" form of Provigal so the drug company can keep the patent.

    Again, this is FYI. I am not condemning anyone who takes these drugs. I'm just saying be informed and be careful.

    annette030 replied to theguilttrip's response:
    Valium is a controlled substance, class IV. A special FDA RX blank is not needed. One can write for refills on this drug also.

    I know from experience with this drug that I WOULD become addicted to it if I had regular access to it. I took it for three nights to help me sleep back in the early 1970s when it was so popular. I had a GREAT high for 20-30 minutes. I opted to flush the rest down the toilet.

    Pixe5 and I both suggested folks be aware of the drugs they put in their bodies. Neither of us said not to do it, we just said we would not do it at this time with these drugs.

    I worked with heroin addicts early in my career, I don't ever want to be in their shoes, my choice. I use pain meds very carefully, I am aware every time I put one in my mouth what it can do. I choose not to use stimulants, my choice. It isn't a big deal, we just have different opinions from yours.

    Take care, Annette

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