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    For Hand pain
    12ZuzieQ posted:
    I have constant pain in both hands that are cold all the time. I have trouble holding utinsels, scissors ,and pens. My penmanship is a thing of the past. Most days I'm lucky to be able to sign my name.

    When the pain breaks through the pain meds I use either Neuragen-$63.00 per 1/2 oz or Cobroxin-$20.00 per 2 oz. , these are topicals. I get these at Walgreens or CVS and both work great.

    Also try Noxzema--I know it sounds crazy but it did work for me for a while. Just rub it in like hand cream.

    I also sleep in a pair of micro-fleece gloves which really help keep my hands warm all night long.

    I hope these work for you

    Longing To Be Pain Free,
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    msm40 responded:
    I never thought of Noxzema. I have used Dr Scholl's Peppermint foot lotion for years for pain and other sensations in my feet and calves. Have also tried it on my hands (rubbing in the left-over lotion after I have massaged it into my feet and legs). I think the Nozema might be better - a counter-irritant. That is the reason I use the peppermint. Gives the nerves something else to think of beside the pain, itching, tingling, crawling, burning, or cold or anything else that attacks.

    I just tuck my hands under my pillow and lay my head on them to keep them warm (we are stupid enough to sleep in an unheated room with an electric blanket in Western New York - an old habit. Neither of us can sleep in a heated room). I don't think I could stand gloves. My feet are the worst for cold and I cannot stand socks in bed either. I need the freedom of movement for some reason. I just put a folded fleece lap blanket over my feet and usually that helps. Cuddling up to the "old man" also helps!! I am fortunate enough to have a husband of 50 years who really understands and helps me.
    53anteater responded:
    There is also a product called CT Cream that is available online that is very helpful for hand/joint/muscle pain. It was originally developed to help Carpel Tunnel and Tennis Elbow, but as people tried it on other pains, discovered it helped! My wife and I started using it ten years ago, and have shared it with many of our friends, who now use it regularly as well, for fibromyalgia pain and various muscle or joint pains. It used to be over $20 a jar, but now you can find it for approx $10 a jar ... it's well worth it. Just search "CT Cream" with your web browser and you'll find several retailers that sell it online. You can order a single jar and see if it works for you. Hope it helps you.
    An_198654 replied to msm40's response:
    The peppermint thing totally works for me, too. I highly recommend Dr. Bronners liquid peppermint soap. You can use it as a compress, or even take a bath with it, and it feels like all your muscles are numb for a bit... lovely!
    An_198655 responded:
    Sounds like you might be slightly anemic.
    Have your doctor check your blood work and see if you might need some iron supplementation.
    FiOSLarry replied to An_198654's response:
    Another possibility is something called Banalg, which is fairly inexpensive and worked for me for many years.
    petewhit responded:
    No, ZuzieQ, the Noxema does not sound crazy. I've used all sorts of things for relief and I can see how that would be comforting. For me, nothing really takes the pain away, it just soothes it. Unfortunately, I can't take any of the prescriptive meds I've been prescribed, I'm not into scripts anyway, but the pain is so severe sometimes and I have to work. I think I will try the topicals you've suggested....THX!

    petewhit replied to msm40's response:
    I am a lot like you msm40, I can't sleep in socks, don't think I could stand the gloves, but will do whatever for relief. But what I have learned is that the cold energizes the pain....FYI
    Pickey2 replied to msm40's response:
    I can sure relate to that, but since my husband got cancer I have slept on the couch so he could have plenty of room to move around. My hands and feet get so cold. They use to worry about me because they would turn white as snow and hurt especially when I was working with the flowers outside at work, in the cold. I appreciate the suggestions, I will definitely try them. I have old "arthur" in my back and in my arms and sometimes he hurts so bad I want to cry. I try to stay busy; that seems to help but I wear a pair of gloves too. I'm 59 years old and have always used my hands in all lines of work I've done and I'm afraid if I give-up I might be in a wheel chair by the time I'm 65 and I can't afford that. I live in Alabama and it sure has been cold here to. I hope yours get better and just stay close to that other half of yours and keep the heat going.
    dollbug responded:
    Hello ZuzieQ and welcome....MiMi in NC....I have had hand problems now since Dec 2003....carpal tunnel in both....6 surgeries, 3 on each I have had my feel of pain with them....I do try to wear wrist braces at night...and I have also used the hot wax which helps....I have done all sorts of therapies on them....

    I have not tried the creams....but sounds like this might be something good to try....I personally think that I had "nerve damage" before the doctors decided to do surgery on me...and this is why I have so much problem with mine...not a good thing either...I have no strength in either of them...but I can at least now...control the pain that I have....for the most part...which is good for me...they still do give me problems...just not as much as they have in the past...

    The wax therapy feels so it is hot wax...and I did this a lot when I was in therapy....

    Take care and good luck..

    IN GOD WE TRUST....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA.... My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    ETN123 replied to Pickey2's response:
    Thank you, so much! I also get the white, frozen fingers up to the second joint! Today, while in the frozen food part of the grocery store, mine got so painful, I had to go to the restroom and run warm water on them until they "thawed." Then, I went back to finish shopping with my gloves on.

    I see a neuroloigist who gives me IV steroids that I think cause some of it. A chiropractor told me that affects the blood flow to small vessels. I will try the creams mentioned here on hands and also on painful toes.

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