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    Weight Loss and pain
    kamirachelle posted:
    I am a 43 yr old female with fibromyalgia and numerous other dx's attached to my medical records...overweight, depressed, immune deficiency, anxiety, bowel issues, gallbladder issues...blah blah blah.

    Back in August of 2010 I was at my high weight (not pregnant) of 166 I am 5'4". It was suggested to me that I try a Gluten free diet and continue with massage therapy and counseling. I must say that this is the best advice that I have been given.

    Just by changing the foods that I eat, I feel better, lost 30lbs (without exercise) and feel much better. Did it eliminate my pain? NO unfortunetly not however, I do feel much better than I did. I have also recognized that each month just before my menstrual cycle the pain is increased and my irritation is elevated (ask my boyfriend he will tell you, it is my relationship killer). Anyway, changing to all natural products and staying away from preservative products and any synthetic products is a major reason why I have the problems I have.

    I am not able to take any medications at all because I have had just about everything on the list of side effects happen to me, right down to getting arrested and not remembering the details (that stinks).

    So with counseling to place the weight of my frustrations on someone who does not have to live with me or befriend me is a bonus and even though you should be able to share your issues with your partner, it can become tasking on them as well. Give them the break you both deserve and leave it with GOD if you are a believer or leave it with your counselor who can walk away from you.

    Massage therapy will give the ability to breath the correct way and will give you the appropriate oxygen your body needs, rather than being so tense from the pain. Your massage therapist needs to understand your pain level and should be familiar with fibro that helps, but just make sure they are not the kind that kneeds you like want long smooth movement where the therapist does not remove their hands from you or is limited in the number of times she/he removes their hands from you. Kneading is more painful and sometimes can be more painful by the end.

    NOTE: I do it still and I know that most of you out there do it to yourselves as well. You need to make yourself first so that you can be a better person for your loved ones. It is a major deal if you want some peace

    I hope this helps one person atleast and I do realize that each person is different. Commit to making a change in your life and you will be surprised at what a positive outcome it could be.

    TRY IT what do you have to lose
    ...weight...frustration...anxiety...anger...pain (some)...

    Good Luck
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    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Welcome to WebMD, Kamirachelle!

    Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you'll continue to talk with others here.
    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
    Mckm2 responded:
    We have many issues in common. I also had to go glutten free and it does help. I am hypoglycemic so I have to limit sugar as well. When I am feeling a lot of pain, depressed at night I lose control and start diving into little bits of things that just start building my cravings and before you know it I have gained another 10 pounds. Losing weight is so so difficult with all of this to manage. My doctor is just getting the Thyroid medication level up so I am dealing with different medication issues. You seem to have a very good attitude. I am worn down at the moment and this is my first time to check out this FMS support group site. Thanks for sharing you thoughts.
    Chrissey67 responded:
    Thank you- your response was great and I am going to try to do some gluten free products and get back to massage therapy. Thank you for sharing- it helps.
    kadsitt responded:
    MaryLorainOH responded:
    I have Fibromyalgia, I also suffer from Cluster Migraines for the past 5 years. I am so much in need of losing weight. I weigh 204 pounds and desperately need to get down to 145 pounds. I am 49 years old and am going to school to obtain my Associates Degree in Business/ Major is Medical Administrative. I have finally quit smoking. I take Savella 150 mg per day, Neurontin 900mg per day, I know that I need to walk and was told Yoga is good, BUT I am so afraid of the pain afterwards.. Any suggestions?
    katmandulou replied to MaryLorainOH's response:
    I found yoga to be very beneficial, and I do not have an increase in pain afterwards. I take a class that is specifically for people with limitations - we vary from being severely overweight to having fibro to trying to recover from surgery or injuries. Talk to the instructor and see whether classes are offered for "people like us". I hope it works!
    An_229728 responded:
    Im 56 diagnosed eight months ago i've tried prozac,cymbalta,savella but i can't take the side effects. Im not deprresed, i don't like to be sleepy all day, so now the doctor prescribed neurontin im not sure if i should be taken it.
    fibrosux responded:
    One of the things that attracted me to this website was the positive outlook of the members. Not to say that there aren't plenty of times that venting feels real good.

    My daughter also has FM and we use each other to vent as much as we want. Then, when we are in a social setting and we hear the other start to complain to much we say "check" and that is our clue to stop.

    I decided to use this with my husband, because I could tell by the look in his glazed over eyes he was tired of hearing some of it, although he is usually very supportive. We decided the word "guerilla" would be my cue to stop.

    I am looking into a 50% raw, vegetarian diet that is supposed to be helpful for Fibro....looking forward to great results.
    donmcgrath responded:
    Great to hear you have made progress. I recently coached someone with Fibro and she found that while exercise did not decrease the pain, she did feel better when she didn't have pain. Seems like losing weight and getting fit is a good tool against this desease.
    suzcox replied to fibrosux's response:
    Dear just consider this. Anything that God made in its nature - raw form is good, mix the colors of the rainbow. Get plenty of SLEEP, drink lots of good water with lemon or organic apple cider.

    Also, remember when husbands tune out it is due to the fact that they cannot fix you. That is why blogging and girlfriends are important. Be sure to pick the positive, real people who have good morals. I have seen plenty of hen houses constantly tear down their husbands and get nowhere but more unhappy and divorced.

    One who is in the truth, because I prayed for the truth.

    God Loves Us All and wants us to be happy, healthy and full of the light and joy.

    booch007 responded:

    I too am gluten free, I was sick for 30 years with this issue and was labeled IBS and it WAS gluten all that time. NO GI ever thought of it. (now I don't even fart*)

    I am sad to say though I LOST no weight from it. I did do a soy based diet and still live on this and lost 50lbs. MY PAIN WAS WORSE with losing the weight. Thinking the muscles had to clear out all the end debris of fat breakdown....I was flushing like a bandit. But it was alot for them to take I guess and spots were so bad.

    It is now 1.5 years on maintaining this and I am the same. Regular pain but I laugh to say...."I fold up better!"..
    So many people said OH YOU WILL FEEL BETTER NOW.

    Putting that egg in the basket didn't happen and I was disappointed too. Dr P says the old 1/3 better, 1/3 worse 1/3 the same answer....Hmm.

    But it is great to drop weight and I was much bigger then you. I am just hopeful for the next 30 to come off, I just need focus to get started on the dancing on the trampoline work i do for the exercise component. Been flaring....but I will get there.

    BIG wedding next year as a focus.

    I so agree with all you said and seem to have the same therapist for massage and I love her. I always drink alot of water after to help flush my muscles after work. BUT it is helpful to continue to function, a good tool in the box for me.

    Thanks for posting and hope today is a good day for you. Nancy B
    maggiethedoglover replied to booch007's response:
    Hi Nancy,

    You have a trampoline!!! I am so jealous! What kind did you buy? Have you been using it long?

    I'm here on a small lot in Milwaukee so I was considering one that folds up for the winter. Our small yard has no room but there is a spot in front of the garage (we don't park in there).

    Did you say it helped you lose weight? 30 pounds sounds perfect to me.

    Soft hugs,


    Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats - Voltaire
    misspepper66 responded:
    I am happy to know that you are a believer.
    ta831af replied to An_229728's response:
    I was diagnosed about a year ago. My insurance would not pay for lyrica, so my doctor prescribed neurontin. I read all the side effects and was concerned also. I have to say after being on this medicine, I have not hurt as bad as I once did. It has given me some peace. I am taking 1000mg a day and I have not experinced any of the side effects.

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