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    new med
    fitzgift posted:
    I take Fibrmylgia Relief you can fnd it at CVS in the Pain med . ailse it is usually near the bottom . Take 1 a.m.1 p.m. I have been on this and theextra mineras for about3 months now and it does help me get hrouhg the day except when the fatigue strikes. Tryit cheaper then perscription. hope this helps you
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    CnDlu70 responded:
    can you take this along with your RX or not?
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Hi fritzgift, thanks for posting this. I know some here will want to try it and if they do I hope they post, like you have, so we can see how well it seems to be working w/ no side effects.

    But my concerns are these: It's so new does anyone really know whats really in it? I worry so much about getting side effects from stuff in OTC herbal supplements that are really not supposed to be in unregulated OTC things. And you don't know their in there cause they don't list um. so I worry what it might do to make my life worse medically.

    So since it's so new and so untried I think I'll just stay away from it until I hear good things about in a year or so.
    Linda R.
    fitzgift replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Linda you don't have anything to worry about This has nothing but vitamins in it and minerals also some herbs . I have been researching herbs for 40 years and they are all safe the ones that aren't are if youare on coumadin or other blood thinners then you have to be carfeful.
    I have had this disease and thats what I call it because it can be debilitaing, for over 25 yrs. and this is the best stuff I have found so far. You can take it with your persription meds but I am not on anything except this and pain medicine naprosyn. There is a web site I was looking at that sounds o.k I am going to try the vitamins for 2 weeks and let you know the website is neuropathy relieve because this is a debilitaing nerve condition. Most of Vit. B's are watersoluable so we pee them out but this is fat soluable and will stay in our bodies much longer so I am going to give it a try .I'll keep yo posted Linda
    fitzgift replied to CnDlu70's response:
    Yes you can this med is nothing but vitamins and minerals inthe dosage that we need. There are no side effects, the herbs that are in it are side effect free also I have research herbs ,homeopathic and other alternative therapies for over 40 years . IF you are on a blood thinner like comadin then there are some you need to be careful with but the majority you don't. So don't be afraid to take it with you other meds. Linda
    fitzgift replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Linda you don't have to worry this fibromyalgia relief is nothing but vitamins and minerals with small amounts of herbs. Most herbs are side effect free, there are some that if you are taking coumadin you cant take. I have been researching herbs,homeopathic medicine for 40 yrs and haven't known any to hurt you except if you take coumadin and those are few .
    You can take them with your other meds also.
    I am getting some fat soluable vitamin B's and will try them. As a nurse I know that the B's you pee out the are water soluable so am going to try these . I'll post how they do in about 3 weeks or so. Fibro does nerve damage these vit.B's help the nerves certain kinds but we cant retain them in there state that they come in so I found this other site that has B's retained in the fat so hope they help . Linda
    rudyandirmouse replied to fitzgift's response:
    fitzgft, Thanks for the update(s) and reply about fibro relief. I have to tell you that I have gone so many years doing without things to help the many fibro conditions, aches, pain, that I have just grown used to not doing much to ward off the bulk of my fibro symptoms, pain, that now I don't notice I have fibro unless someone slaps me on the back.

    I am a supplement kinda girl. I take OTC things such as supplements and some herbs that my doctors have reccomended for me. I buy mostof them at Whole Foods. I feel safe using the things they sell knowing they've gone the extra mile to make sure their products are well made.

    But because I do have to take some medical scripts each day I am careful to make sure the new medical/ herbal and supplement things I bring into my daily list of must takes will be safe and not do more harm to me than good.

    I know you mentioned that this OTC is made up mostly of natural supplements and some herbs. But how much of this or that does it have? I take supplements each day and don't really want to add new ones, or more of ones I might already be taking.

    Having explained my concerns I will still be passing on using this for a bit of time though. I will run the name of this past my Rhuemy next visit though. And I am sure I will see many more posts here about it and how well it has worked, so until then I'll stick with what has worked well for me up to now.
    Linda R.

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