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    I tried to find a job to get out of the house
    suesyorkies posted:
    I was looking for more information regarding Fibromyalgia, and found your sight.
    I am looking only because I decided I needed to go out and find a job that I can work with people in a friendly environment, so I got a job at YMCA, front desk.
    It has been the worst experience I have ever had, but with all the bad i am still sticking it out.
    I told them I could work 3 or 4 days a week, and at closing shifts because of my pain being worse in the am, and 3 or 4 days because I didn't want to push it.
    They scheduled me 9 days in a row then one day off then 6 days work, and then at 10 am on 4 of the days. I was told it was because of training so I agreed.
    I was tossed in to work and told follow other workers and watch what they were doing. then was expected to know everything.
    the stress is killing me, but I push on, I worked ever weekend . then one night I had a manager notice my service dog in his bag, not bothering any one, she said " why do you have a dog? I said he is my service dog, she asked " are you allowed to have him? I said he is my service dog and they new I had him when they interviewed me. then she asked " what do you have him for? " I said for my chronic pain, she asked " what dose he do for you? " I told her when I am hurting really bad he comes to me sits next to me and I know it is time to take a pain med. she just looked at me with a questionable look, I said I will also take him for a walk and then I can go on and not take a pain pill. she said isn't he suppose to have a jacket or something on him, I told her it is attached to his bag, you see my service dog is a Yorkie.
    Later when it was time for me to take a break I told her I was up for a break, then noticed I was close to taking a lunch,: see said really mean like "Well which one are you going to take?" I said either way I didn't take my break so I will be outside with my dog taking a walk.
    I later pulled her aside and told her that as a manager if she had any questions she needed to pull me away from the front counter and ask me alone, not with other employees and members around. she said I was taking it way to personal, I said it was personal, and she should know that asking me so many questions could be a legal matter, that all she needed to know was he is my service dog.
    She called the director at home and said I was attacking her and the next day my director said to me in a round about way it was me over reacting and I needed to address my anxiety before a matter like this happens again.
    I felt attacked being asked question after question, and the manager was rude about it even telling me how her husband has to work with a lady who has a big lab in her office and how she plays with a tennis ball. and how it annoyed her husband. I told her may be that is the task the dog performs for her to help her and her needs, she then said ya she suffers from anxiety. I said well then....
    My director also said over and over in front of the other employees "Sue has to take her lunch because she wont sign a waver, then later saying Sue you have to take a lunch because you wont sign a waver. later another employee said to another employee, every one sign s the waver. When I told her I was going to my Lunch she said I guess if you have to.
    Well so much for finding a job I can enjoy being out of the house for working in a fun environment, the members are great and the Y is a great place to go to and have a lot of things for your child, but boy this one in san diego really is not a great to work for, I talked to 7 people asking how they felt 5 out of the 7 said that they didn't feel respected and were not happy with the scheduling but most of the people walk out in the middle of the " training", The person in charge of scheduling/ front desk is very passive aggressive and only hears herself talking.
    Sorry but with suffering from Fibromyalgia no one can see our ailment its so hard felling you have to explain yourself all the time.
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    thenikki64 responded:
    Yuck, what a sorry day! Wish I had words of wisdom, but I know from personal experience life is too short to drink bad wine and WAY too short to suffer daily in a job.

    Kudos to you for trying, but if I were in your shoes, I would be outta there. Economy stinks, it is hard finding work, but if you can do it financially, leave. Consider it part of caring for yourself, which it most certainly is.

    Take care!
    booch007 responded:
    Oh man.................

    I often wonder how leardership is found in places. Management styles vary but you hit the trifector !! There are some issues I had too.

    What is this waiver for..."not taking lunch??" "Not taking a break??" This is illegal.

    I am sorry it doesn't seem like a fit. I often have said...praise in public, chide in private. Are these people young? Sad so sad,

    I know for me, I am much more sensitive to a comment or raised eyebrow if I am pushing myself or have an increase of pain going on. So be introspective as well, maybe you came out with boxing gloves on...when you didn't really need em yet. Then it turned into reaction against reaction.

    Human dynamics are a pip to understand. Just be as upbeat as you can. Try and get through the training if you can do this. Maybe it is not a fit. I hope you are able to do it. I think being out is so great for us. It also sounds like the public is good medicine there. I applaud you for this attempt. No one knows how hard this is to live with.

    I also have not heard of or thought of a yokie as a working dog? It has been larger breeds and I guess my eyebrow would be up too. I would have asked in private....I also would have been concerned you were hired and I didn't know of YOUR NEEDS. That is from above....your profile and need should have been shared with your direct supervisor to be sure you are OK to be trained....and be successful.

    What is wrong with this world? We so often see a negative put out instead of a positive., People rise up to the bar you set for them, and the praise you offer them to get there..............POO....Hope it gets better.

    Hugs, Nancy B
    Anon_2912 responded:
    Look for something else....

    You do not have tolerate being treated like that....

    Maybe part time at a library? something low key physically.
    katmandulou responded:
    Welcome to the FMily!

    What an awful experience! I agree with others that you should find another job, but I also know that times are tight. You don't say what state you live in, but there are national laws regarding the treatment of people with disabilities.

    The US EEOC has "A Guide to Disability Rights Laws" on their website [ >; you should take a look through it, if you haven't already. Title I states: "(The ADA) requires that employers make reasonable accommodation to the known physical or mental limitations of otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities, unless it results in undue hardship." It also says that you can file a complaint with the US EEOC within 180 of the incident, but I'd start with your state agency.

    Have the best day you can,
    pinkplatypus responded:
    Very cool you have a service dog that is pint sized I know they have them that work with people with siezure disorders but I did not realize they also have them for pain.

    RUN very quickly away from this toxic place. Stress is a bad thing for us. If you have any ability to not work for a bit while you find a more suitable place RUN.

    Good luck

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