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    LOL to feel better
    gabuschka posted:
    Has anyone else tried laugh therapy? II know it sounds funny - LOL! but it makes me feel so much better to stand up as often as possible and just force out a laugh until it becomes natural. I think of all the funny stuff I have seen, heard, done and just laugh and laugh! Ok, you can call me crazy now but I don't care if I forget about being sick even just for a few minutes it's worth it. In my dentist's office there is a large photo of a beautiful women with a picture perfect smile - all those sparkling white perfect teeth. Below it it states that research found that laughter can boost the immune system. My new dream is to be a research object and get paid for laughing. And taking me away from FM even just for a short time. If you decide to try the laugh therapy please let me know if it helps you too. Really hope so! gabuschka
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    gerbiletta50 responded:
    I agree with that laughter therapy works. I have always been the "Pollyanna" type and have my dad's dry sense of humor. I grew up with laugh contests and "Pun" contests and I can appreciate what humor and laughter can do. My dad knew it, too, He was an M.D. and way ahead of his time! Now that I have FM and Post-Polio with the degenerative osteo-arthritis, I try to laugh as much as possible. Thank heavens for the internet since I don't have the number of people around anymore!
    maggiethedoglover responded:
    Hello gabuschka,

    Welsome to this site, a community of wonderful, caring people who happen to have fibromyalgia.

    Are you Polish? Your name reminds me of a handkerchief that women would wear to church (I think that was a babuschka) but crossed with something else.

    Absolutely, laughter or just smiling can make a person feel better and, for those of us with fibro, we need any little distraction to help us out. Thanks for the reminder! And keep laughing!

    Soft hugs,


    Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats - Voltaire
    gabuschka replied to gerbiletta50's response:
    Hi Gerbiletta, yes laughing is good! It's difficult to socialize when you are sick and as we get older we loose friends and family too. seems like the circle shrinks. I get very lonely at times living in the woods and not able to go out as much anymore, so drop me a note if you feel like it to let me know how you are doing. it's good to make new friends. take good care of yourself. gabuschka
    gabuschka replied to maggiethedoglover's response:
    Hi Maggiethedoglover, already love your name and it made me laugh! thank you! I love dogs too and always have at least a couple of them brightening up my world. they are great! do you have a dog or dogs right now? Well, to answer your question, I don't think I am polish. My parents had to leave the Carpathian Mountains during the war and I was born and raised in Germany. the Carpathian people were a mix of German/Hungarian/slovakian and some other nationalities. Maybe that's why I love mixed dog breeds so much - I can relate! anyways, the Hungarians like to add something to names to show fondness. My name is really Gabriele but my mom called me Gabuschka. enough of my, how are you? what brings you to this site? hope you are doing well. gabuschka
    gabuschka replied to maggiethedoglover's response:
    Hi Magggiethedoglover, My husband and I just laughed so hard when I read your reply to him. I hope you don't mind I shared it with him but I thought it was too awesome to keep to myself. You are so funny! we love that! what a treat to have people like you to share the world with! Ok, I'm getting carried away with the !!!! But it just seems deserved. Little kids joke for you, you might already know it but here it goes anyways: Why do gorillas have such a big nostrils?

    because they have big fingers!!!!
    maggiethedoglover replied to gabuschka's response:

    Hi gabuschka,

    Thanks for replying to my message.

    Haven't been on the site in a few days so I just read your reply. That big dog in my profile picture is Sampson, one of the sweetest animals on the planet and all mine. We love each other with a passion.

    I am Polish. All 4 of my grandparents were born and raised in Poland, although my paternal grandmother's birth certificate says Germany. She always said that it didn't matter what it said, she was Polish. At the time of her birth, Germany had invaded Poland (one of numerous times) and declared that what was Poland was then Germany and that Poland did not exist.

    My grandparents came to the United States through Ellis Island, I believe around the turn of the 20th century. My maternal grandparents raised Saint Bernards and quarterhorses, so my love of animals might be inherited. Later they opened a Polish tavern in Milwaukee. During prohibition, they made liquor behind a false wall in their tavern. They died before my birth. My paternal grandparents settled in a Polish community in Milwaukee. My grandfather was the night watchman at a local tannery a block from their home. He raised rabbits and pigeons in their backyard. My grandmother cooked rabbit for all celebrations.

    I came to this site to find out more about fibromyalgia and to get tips on how to deal with it. Right now Lyrica and Tramadol are keeping my pain to a minimum most of the time. I try to stay un-stressed and relaxed as much as possible as stress greatly affects my pain level. I also come to this site to meet people like you

    Soft hugs,


    Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats - Voltaire
    gabuschka replied to maggiethedoglover's response:
    Hi Maggie, How funny I was just telling a friend who also has pnumerous health problems including FM about the Life is a shipwreck....also went to a polish/american festival yesterday. So much funny, we watched a polish wedding performance and the groom having to negotiate for the bride's dowry. Colorful customs and tons of people. It was great! So your familiy came from an area of "changing nationalities" too. My parents were carpathian germans and it was such a mix of people there. Everyone seemed to know how to speak polish, german, slovak etc. Piroggies and Sauerkraut and all that other good stuff.
    Oh now but not rabbits..I love them as pets and get upset to hear my aunt tell me she cooked one for dinner. That's like cooking my best friend!
    Samson looks like a real love bug and very big. I like the way he leans on you. Dogs are great. We have to little mixed breed dogs now. Used to always have bigger ones but when I couldn't handle bathing and walking them anymore we had to settle for the smaller ones. We lost our white german shephard in January. Had to release her from her pain at age 14 plus. She had found her at the local pound 12 years ago and she was already a mature adult dog then. We miss her. Every once in a while I still see her white hair floating when I clean under furniture. She was tough one though. Didn't want to show how sick she was feeling. She taught me a lot.
    I'm glad Lyrica and Traadol are keeping your pain to a minimum most of the time and that you are aware of keeping your stress level down.
    Thanks so much for writing to me. Please stay in touch and tell me more about yourself.

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