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    Motrin and Advil
    Buttons24 posted:
    Your doctor is nuts! These are anti inflamatories. FMS is not a inflammatory problem. You're wasting your time as they will only give you minimual pain relief. Lyrica helpme but I couldn't tolerate it. I wet the bed 3 times before I figured out what was going on. It really changed my vision as well and my ankles.... Lyrica is Sofra ? Spelling ? but more refined. I've had FMS 29 years and have seen and tried most everything out there. I was lucky I found a Dr. who studied and worked in NYC COLUMBIA university. He finally found what caused my FMS. I was always cold, tired, in pain, bursitis migraines etc. my core temp was 35.6 degrees! Today it was checked at its up to 36.8, almost normal! I've noticed that I didn't need a sweater as much and I was still warm. I won't tell you what he put me on as everyone has different causes and treatments. What worked for may not work for you. My specialist is my hero. He said to me that if doctors would just listen closely to their patients they (the patient) will tell their doctors what is wrong and where to start to look. I've recommended him at times but he is 77 and not practicing anymore but I won't let my doctors change his Meds on me. The best thing was my muscles relaxed completely!, and I got to tell my mom this just before she died. I still have times my muscles relax and it is a very strange feeling. We have made our wills out and half will go to his hospital in NYC, Columbia for research on FMS. It is our way of paying it forward. I wish you all find a doctor like him to help you. It took many years, many so so doctors and a few "quacks" along the way to get to this point today. Keep the faith and change doctors until you get results! Good luck!
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    booch007 responded:
    Good morning,

    I just want to chime in with my experience here. Motrin is my best friend. IT is my breakthrough med when my tramadol isn't helping as much.. This class of med though it has anti inflammatory properties works in the prostaglandin hormone department.....which actually helps muscles. It is useful in menstrual issues and back pain etc....

    The problem with them is when you futz with the prostaglandins you also have to deal with fluid retention, bleeding tendencies and such. So they are not taken lightly.

    I used motrin for years before surrendering to upgrade to tramadol. But I still always have it near by for a problem. I had to upgrade because of bleeding and taking too many..

    Just wanted you to hear that it does help some of us. Others are past the level of help at this level. Good luck on your path to fight this disease, it is a challenge to say the least. Nancy B
    annette030 replied to booch007's response:
    The way I understand the whole NSAID thing is that although FMS is not an inflammatory process, one may have arthritis or something else that IS inflammatory, that causes pain, that triggers flares of FMS.

    I went off of all NSAIDs for many years, and a PM doc that I saw as a consultant when I needed surgery a couple of years ago suggested I try ibuprofen during that time. I did and it seemed to help a lot. I still take it twice a day. I also take methadone three times a day, and oxycodone as needed for BT pain. I tried stopping the ibuprofen and my pain levels went up again, so I am back on it.

    Whatever works.

    Take care, Annette
    missist replied to annette030's response:
    Also chiming in-- NSAIDs definitely help me. I also use gabapentin and an anti depressant--if I had to choose which one I could keep--it would be my Nsaid.

    As for fibro not being inflammatory-- I don't think they have proved that. I think much of the info about fms to date --is BS. Lucky guesses sometimes.

    Happily now in the past few years they are beginning to realize there is a market of 10 million consumers needing better drugs, so research is happening.

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