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    Jane1924 posted:
    After reading through a lot of messages on the Fibro Exchange I feel the need to tell my story. I believe I have had FMS for at least 30 years, and am 64 years old. I was diagnosed in the early 1990's. Started taking Elavil (generically known as amitriptylin) 10mg. for the pain of FMS after 20mg. had me hungover and I nearly drove off the road coming home one day. I also, have chronic insomnia brought on by stress and injury. So, have been taking Ambien in 10mg. tablets the same amount of years.
    Now after all these years the Ambien no longer works anywhere as well as it did for 6 years. My Dr. put me on15mg. to see if it would help. And I'm well aware I'm addicted to it as are many others out there. Now I'm reading that Ambien can also cause headaches. Does anyone out there get pressure headaches a couple of hours prior to the time to take a nights dosage? I certainly do. I had a sinus CT, and a head CT on Friday. No word from my Dr. at all. Did get the requested reports. Could be a mi rad of different things.
    I was given Lyrica in 25 mg. dosage March 17, and got a niggling headache all day long, but it actually helped for 2-3 days tops. I had told my Dr. I wanted to be in control of the dosage as I'm very sensitive to drugs. Went up to 50mg. and for some reason messed up and took 100mg two times a day for 10 days! Did I get side effects!! Busting headaches all day long ever since, with poor coordination as far as walking, mental confusion, couldn't focus my eyes, and the weirdest was all of the tips of my fingers drying and burning starting to go away. Very painful. I had asked for the 50mg. and yes I messed up. But, how in heavens name to people take Lyrica at 100mg. or more? I read that another person had the cracked/burning fingers.
    Went to my Dr. and he of course looked at his watch as "he" was running 1/2 hr. late. I was in tears from the headaches. People get copies of your Dr's. reports! You'd be surprised at what they put in the report. Or take a friend with you to appointments. Mine wrote that I was adamant about having "further blood tests" I hadn't had my yearly blood tests done in 2 years and simply requested them. He also wrote that I wanted liver and kidney tests done as well. If drugs can do damage to your organs why not! Wish I could find a Dr. that actually cares, and takes their time. I'm also on the natural vitamins, and have been for 40 years. Wonder what my Dr. would say if I wanted my vitamin D tested.
    He wants me to go to a "Pain Clinic" where a neurologist suggested I go. She said they would probably prescribe Lyrica, Cymbalta, or Elavil. Cymbalta has the same side effects of Lyrica. No thanks! Anybody have any suggestions?
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    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Jane and welcome,

    You posted this as a tip and it may be missed by others because of that.

    I encourage you to repost it as a discussion (let us know if you need help doing that). :-)

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