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    Not losing weight.
    Natwen posted:
    I am 5'6, weigh 160 pounds, and that is what I weighed on January 1st when I started my diet. I eat 1400 calories a day, and do small weights for my arms and situps either every day or every other day. I jog when I can, but can't afford a gym and it is cold outside, so maybe once a week when there is a good weather break. I haven't lost any weight and its been a month! I used to eat whatever I wanted and never move, so I figured this new life would help me lose at least something. What am I doing wrong? I think I am going to start eating only 1200 calories a day now. I know I should be doing 30 minutes of cardio a day but my lungs and throat can't bear the cold. Any suggestions? What cardio can I do in a very small apartment?
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    There can be a number of reasons that you are not losing weight. You should check with your doctor and our Diet Health Check can help you identify your needs as far as diet and exercise. Have you considered DVDs or a game like Wii Fit?
    Natwen responded:
    I did the Diet Health Check, and found out I am doing everything right, except I could use a bit more movement. I got all the questions right and I have the right habits. It would be nice if I had the luxury of talking to a doctor/nutritionist about this but I don't have health insurance. I will just try the 1200 calories/day and do my repetitive dvd. I am bummed.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    I am sorry things are rough. Have you thought about getting different dvds from the library?

    These 10 ways to move beyond the plateau might help as might the 10 ways to boost Metabolism. Have you checked out this slideshow on Reasons you might not be losing weight?

    There is Health Care Regardless of Your Ability to Pay by calling your local health department, Free Clinics, women's clinic or use this tool to Find a Health Center from the HRSA. The following resource helps you to learn ways of Managing Medical Bills.
    Tomato05 responded:
    I think you are doing the right thing to move onto 1200 cals a day - listen to your body, and if you feel OK on those cals, continue, and chances are good that you will lose at some point.

    If you feel listless, irritable, lethargic, unable to concentrate, very hungry, etc. - maybe try 1300?

    Cardio - if you have access to a staircase, climbing the stairs up and down a good few times will help. Or jumping rope, doing jumping jacks, fast squats, stepping on and off a small bench, aerobics DVD's, etc.

    Or a fast walk outside when it's not too cold?
    arizona responded:
    I understand your frustration. I have been stuck at my same weigth for almost 2 months. I even started Interval traing I am on my 3 rd week . Does it work yes and no. I did this workout tree times a week and yes, I can lose up to 4 lbs every time I do the interval training BUT, the minute I eat an apple or whatever the weight is back on in a flash I am going to stick it out see what happens. I just dont know what else to do. Perhaps it will work for you.

    Good luck Friend.
    R_Weil responded:
    To lose weight you must consume fewer calories than you burn no matter how much exercise you do. Even if you run a marathon every day you will not lose weight if you consume more calories than you burn. So if you?re not losing then you are consuming more calories than you burn, even if you think you?re not. In fact, research shows that people can under estimate their calorie intake by as much as 40% to 50%.

    As for that you ?SHOULD? do 30 minutes a day to lose weight, that?s not true. You can lose weight even if you don?t exercise at all as long as you reduce your calorie intake. People lose weight all the time without exercise. The word SHOULD isn?t helping you. It?s probably putting lots of pressure on you. I suggest keeping up with any exercise you can do but more important, watch your calorie intake more carefully. Write down every single thing you eat and the portion size and then do the math. You can go here to determine your calorie needs.
    arizona responded:
    I just don't understand that reasoning. I am eating the same amount of food if not less then I was when I lost the 30lbs.and I am doing more exercise then I was 3 months ago.. We get advice. like. you need to eat more or eat less.. very frustrating to say the least. Sometimes I feel like a this is a tug of war situation.
    Tomato05 responded:
    You probably need less food than when you were losing the 30lb - there is less of you to maintain now Thus, you will have to adjust your calorie intake downward, before you find yourself regaining.
    Want_to_be_PT responded:
    when people hit the gym really hard to lose weight they tend to lose a lot really fast and then plateau. Dropping down to 1200 calories from 1400 may kind of kick start your body again. Try adding in more exercises in the weight lifting department. Do exercises that incorporate more muscles. For example, biceps curls only work the biceps but over head presses work all arm and most shoulder muscles (biceps, triceps, deltoids and trapezius muscles). Another good one is squats or leg presses. This works your all of your upper legs (quadraceps, hamstrings and gluteus muscles).
    freedom1960 responded:
    5'6" and 160? You sound good to me. I know I'm just under 5'9" and I'm supposed to weigh a bit less than the 200 pounds I weigh(I'm a guy) but I would be OK if I just lost 10-15 pounds, even though I think I'm supposed to weigh 165. You are NOT fat by any means. I hope you're not going for something drastic like a skin and bones "Super Model" look because that's just unhealthy, and most guys like a healthy looking woman. It's more of an exercise thing than a food thing. Eat what you want and just make the portions smaller. Treadmill, jogging/running are great cardio workouts that are good for you and won't bulk you up, which very few guys like. I know I hate a woman with Schwarzzeneggar muscles, or the unhealthy look of Arnold's wife,Maria.

    Treybert88 responded:
    5'6 and 160, there's still a difference between fat and muscle weight. If she has more fat than she likes, then try and lose it like she is. But i do agree with him, please don't go annorexic?

    The "stairs, workout DVDs, etc" was a good suggestion for you though. You could also try some more full body workouts in your home. From experience, JUST working your arms won't show much noticeable weight loss, you want to tone more of your body.

    I highly suggest the workout DVD's if you can't get outside to run or to the gym more frequently. (Btw, you get more used to running in the cold when you do it more frequently, sometimes your lungs just fall asleep.)
    skinnycalifornia responded:
    started doing weight watchers and that has helped a ton! It really has taught me to eat much healthier and has changed my habits tremendously. i have also taken up running/walking. i feel a lot better. i know you mentioned that it is too cold to run but have you checked out any gyms? i know you may think they are too expensive but you can find a gym that only charges about 10-15 dollars a joke! or even a community gym could be free. im not sure the area you live in, or how rural it is but you should definitley explore your options until the weather gets better. also i have been reading this awesome book called>>> secrets of a former fat girl by lisa delaney. its awesome! i got it off amazon for about $2.oo. you should check it out. i have realized by surrounding myself with motivational books, magazines, etc. im really doing much better than past attempts. i also created a vision board on the back of my door with pictures of models whose bodies i like to give me something to aim for (along with my gym schedule) ..just some thoughts good luck!
    lovegigi responded:
    Don't give up in some cases it takes a lil to get results but ur on the right track. I definitely cant afford going to the gym either or have the time but I recently purchased this work out video. its called Barrys workout video and he focuses on working out smarter not harder. Which is a real work out. I've purchased other videos but none made me as sore as this one I highly recommend it and there is a web site called dr. gourmet that could help u with eating and ur diet dont starve yourself. Well dont give up and if u cant afford that he gives u a month to try it or u should just look him up and see some of the workouts and do that.
    Alinadime responded:
    If you cant go outside, just dance around, even if its stupid your still moving. I have a treadmill but when I dont use it, I'll do squats or crunches, or leg-rises, even the JUMPING doesnt matter how the weather is, you can do it indoors,put some music on and just move and dont stop until your sweating. Its a funner way of distracting yourself. I eat or drink grapefruit especially after a meal.

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