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    workout music
    SLS1979 posted:
    What kinds of energizing songs does everyone have on their playlists? I'm looking to download some upbeat workout tunes.
    PMandE responded:
    I like upbeat songs by Maroon 5. Sunday Morning is one of my favorite treadmill songs.
    MJCO2 responded:
    I like Pop/Hip Hop for running too.

    I like P!nk a lot (just about anything by her) and Kanye's "Stronger", Christina Aguilera's "Fighter", Nelly's "Warrior".
    l0wgear responded:
    I've got a CD called Trance Vol2. Don't know where Vol1 is. It's almost techno, but just this side of it. It's pretty face paced and I've used it in my spinning workouts. Definitely helps pass the time.
    JosephKnight responded:
    Linkin Park. Anything from their "Hybrid Theory" album, and the upbeat half of their "Meteora" album. Limp Bizkit's "Significant Other" album is also good.

    And anything by Phil Collins.
    emilieborst responded:
    the killers, destinys child, i also work out during tv shows so i do that at commercials!
    xray86 responded:
    listen to a lot of trance, house, and progressive music. it's very energizing for me. these particular genres of electronica is very upbeat, fast paced, and easy to "push onward" with.
    whiterabbit456 responded:
    what are some good DJ's in that genre
    L_Judah responded:
    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony or any of the Marleys
    ralfiedee26 responded:
    When running, I like to listen to Kanye West. Slower beats help you maintain a steady, yet longer, pace because house music can burn you out quickly. Also, the powerful lyrics can be used as motivation. I'm not talking about songs like "I'm not saying she's a gold digga, but she aint..." I'm talking about, "Hey Mama, ahhhh, I wanna scream so loud for you, cuz I'm so proud of you..."

    But every once in a while, throw in a "Stronger" or "Flashing Lights!"
    daisydarling1920 responded:
    Hi, I have a Ipod and I go into Itunes and look for walking music and I have a few good ones. Just type in walking music and you will see some good ones. One of my favorite is fabulous fifty's I have a country one also. Betty
    IrishEyes1984 responded:
    I like Imogen Heap. She has some great up beat piano/pop music. I also have some punk music that when I am really tired keeps me going. It's all a matter of what makes you feel motivated. My BFF listens to some 50's music and dance music when she works out. Each workout calls for different music to help keep us motivated, so have several options.
    FloridaCheeseMan responded:
    Well, being "old school" lol I have not heard any good music after 1989 lol. I listen to a lot 70's and 80's rock and roll. I download big band music, because it tiends to be up tempo and keeps me going.
    sheprecondo responded:
    I listen to either techno (Darude, DJ Tiesto) when I'm doing cardio or hard rock like White/Rob Zombie or Disturbed when I do weight training. I find when I'm on the treadmill I try to keep pace with the song which makes me run faster and get a more satisfying workout. When I'm lifting weights to Zombie I get a little angry and try to take it out on my workout.
    sheprecondo responded:
    DJ Tiesto or Darude. Utah Saints is pretty good as well.

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