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    April Poll - Why Do You Exercise?
    Andie_WebMD_Staff posted:
    We know that exercise will help us remove extra pounds and prevent them from coming back on once we have lost weight. But, people who exercise on a regular basis know that exercise gives them much more than a slimmer body.

    Here's a few reasons why we might exercise:

    Still not convinced you should get and stay fit? Read this to find out why you should become more active , then vote in our poll!

    Tell us why YOU exercise and try to stay active!

    Take the Poll

    Why do you exercise? Vote for your top reason for getting and staying FIT!
    • To lose excess weight, tone up & look good!
    • To combat heart disease, diabetes, or other chronic condition
    • To help relieve stress & improve positive mindset
    • To live a healthy & active life with my loved ones
    • Other ...Share what spurs you on to exercise & stay fit!
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    Tomato05 responded:
    I exercise for all the reasons you mentioned, plus more.

    I have osteoporosis, so for me weight-bearing exercise is essential to prevent further bone loss. Better balance helps prevent falls too, and stronger muscles mean they can take more impact rather than the skeleton.

    I also do strength-training to make me stronger - more strength makes every movement and action easier in your daily life and is very empowering.

    The cardio helps me to get rid of all that salt I'm eating! I think it also keeps my blood pressure normal.

    Exercise improves my skin.

    My tendons, muscles, ligaments are stronger and I'm more flexible now that I exercise.

    I injure myself less doing normal activities now that I exercise and my muscles are strong.

    Exercise adds structure to my day. It is also my "escapism".

    Exercise could possibly help fight cancer.

    The sweating during cardio helps eliminate toxins.

    My cellulite has improved!

    I am less wobbly - everything is firmer.

    Etc., etc.!
    An_198588 responded:
    I exercise for the simple reason that I love it. I love martial arts and have a passion for it and really want to get a black belt. I also been into a lot of sports all my life, skiing, biking, walking, surfing, skateboarding, etc. it's all fun to me
    Andie_WebMD_Staff replied to An_198588's response:
    I totally agree, Anon. If you can find a sport or activity that you enjoy, you really forget that you are even exercising. It's just about having fun!

    I had gained a bunch of weight a couple years back and it made me timid to join any team sports or even exercise in front of people at all. But, I got so mad at myself for not allowing myself that privelege of being active and having fun, that I said "no more!"

    Since then I've lost over 80 pounds just by adding fun sports, walking and things I loved to do BACK into my life! (Well, of course I changed my eating habits, too)

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