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    Includes Expert Content
    I can't seem to lose anymore weight...
    Anon_237479 posted:
    Hi guys. I'm reading all the posts and responses and again I feel like I'm doing everything right. I'm doing weight watchers as well so I feel I have gotten the eating part down. I exercise 5 days a week doing different things every time. Monday-Water Aerobics (1hr), Tues - Tabata, Wed- I walk 3 miles at the local track; Thursday - zumba (1 hr) Sat - walk (1 hr). I've lost 45 lbs but it has taken me 18 mos to lose that. I started at 360 lbs. Now I do realize I have another 100 lbs+ to lose but for me it just doesn't seem to be coming off AT ALL. I've plateaued for about 3 months. I DO NOT CHEAT at all. I'm totally committed to my eating and exercise. I have my food journals for the entire 18 mos. Even my ww leader can't see to figure out what's going on. I keep hearing "people lose at different rates" or "it must be water retention or you are building muscle" but with so much more to lose; that can't possible be the case EVERY WEEK at weigh in. I've made a doctors appoint to have some blood done to see if there isn't something else going on. Last I checked, BP, cholesterol (good and bad), glucose, etc. numbers were all execellent. Does anyone have any idea as to what may be going on with my body? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:
    Hi Anon,

    It's frustrating when you think you're doing everything on plan and you don't lose, and I'm sure plenty of people can relate. What could be happening is that you are eating on plan as you report, it's just that the plan contains more calories than you need to lose weight. To lose weight you must consume fewer calories than you burn no matter how much exercise you do. Even if you run a marathon every day you will not lose weight if you consume more calories than you burn. So if you're not losing then you are consuming more calories than you burn.

    Now, it's possible your thyroid could be causing some of the problem (which is easily corrected), or perhaps a medication you take that causes resistance to weight loss, or some other endocrine disorder. Your doctor can look into all of that.

    In the meantime, I suggest that you keep up with your exercise and focus on your calorie intake. Go to one of the following sites to figure out how many calories you are consuming. Look back on your journals to get a good estimate.

    And then you can go here to determine your calorie needs. I suggest you select the low activity or inactive choice, even though you do so much exercise, so it gives you some wiggle room in terms of errors in your calorie intake estimate.

    Then check the following site to estimate your calorie expenditure during the day.

    Once you do all this you can figure out how many calories you are expending and how many you are consuming. Once you know that you can adjust your calorie intake accordingly.

    Then check out this WebMD diet club for information and support. Weight loss is hard on your own. The diet club offers support and information that will help you.

    Feel free to post back if you have questions.

    Take care,
    Sturggling replied to Rich Weil, MEd, CDE's response:
    Thanks for responding. I understand everything you've said. I've done all the calculations and it still didn't work. I found that I need 2271 calories to maintain my current weight. On my ww program I'm on about 1800. It worked for a while. So I decided to drop calories down between 1200 - 1500 and I gained a pound (even with excercising 5 days a week). I was floored. Especially since I still have over 100 lbs to lose. I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with me. After that during the next two weeks weigh in. I stayed exactly the same. I guess I just thought weight loss would be a bit faster than this considering the amount I have to lost. I am truly grateful for the 45 lbs I have lost but I know it should be more than this by now. I do have an appointment with a physician to discuss possible issues like insulin resistance, etc. Although all my numbers are perfect (glucose, BP, HDL, LDL, etc.) I've got to lose this 100 lbs. I'm totally determined.
    Tomato05 replied to Sturggling's response:
    Maybe as another experiment try to limit carbohydrate intake for two weeks or so (say 60g -70g daily) and see what happens?
    nursingbug replied to Sturggling's response:
    I have been in the same position, and it sucks.
    I love weight watchers but sometimes think it isn't strict enough for all people- especially since fruit is free now. I went on a platau myself after losing 80 lbs.
    Do you measure out all your food? weigh it to make sure your portions are spot on? That can easily add up to additional calories. Sometimes changing the foods you eat can help too.
    Hopefully the doctor will check your thryoid, make sure everything else is going well there.
    I would encourage you to see a dietican, and bring your journals with you, they may see something that would make a difference.
    Report back! I want to hear how you are doing!
    Rich Weil, MEd, CDE replied to Sturggling's response:
    You're welcome. I don't know why you're not losing if you are consuming only 1200-1500 calories and you're exercising a lot and you have more than 100 pounds to lose. It defies the physics and math of burning more calories than you consume to lose weight. It's kind of like if your car gets 20 miles per gallon, you have one gallon in the tank, and you drive 40 miles but don't run out of gas. It's just hard to explain. It's possible that you are consuming so few calories that your body has slowed down metabolism to protect against more weight loss (sometimes the body senses it's starving), but I don't believe from what you describe that that's the problem. You should still go to the diet club for information and support, but I think at this point you ought to see a registered dietitian in person (make sure they are registered, and not just someone who calls themselves a nutritionist). If you were trying to do your taxes on your own and it never worked out correctly, eventually you would go to an accountant. A registered dietitian is a professional and can help. Your doctor may know a dietitian, or go to

    Good luck
    kateinia replied to Sturggling's response:
    Have you had a sleep study to check for sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome (Willis-Ekbom disease) and/or periodic limb movements? Do you have fibromyalgia or chronic pain? Lack of enough REM sleep can cause weight gain, or in your case, cessation of weight loss. I don't remember where I read that information, but it was from a reliable web site such as NIH or one of the trusted medical school web sites such as Harvard, Stanford and Johns Hopkins.
    Sturggling replied to Rich Weil, MEd, CDE's response:
    Thanks to everyone who posted comments and suggestions for helping me figure this out. I had a doctors appointment and he ran some extensive test (and blood work). He discovered I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) as well as some insulin resistance going on. I will be having an Endometrium Ablation as well as a Laparoscopy. He will treat me with Glucophage. I am so relieved to know that I'm not crazy. I knew something was wrong. I will continue my good eating and exercise habits and hopefully I will finally get the weight off now. Thanks.
    Rich Weil, MEd, CDE replied to Sturggling's response:
    You're very welcome. The Glucophage is going to help a lot.

    Take care,

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