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    Includes Expert Content
    Duration of weight training session
    Tomato05 posted:
    Hi Rich - in your opinion, how many different exercises (3 sets, 8 - 10 reps) should a good weight training session consist of?

    I don't want to measure it in time, because that would be totally objective and variable, with too many factors involved (time between sets, time for drinking water, wandering between machines, in-between stretches, etc.).

    Does eight exercises per session sound about adequate?
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on responded:

    I know this was intended for Rich, but if i may chime in A couple questions if i may. What is your workout goal, do you want to build size? tone up? lose weight? What is your training split? do you work one body part a day? multiple?

    To me 8 exercises a day can seem a bit excessive, if your working one body part at a time. I would imagine that at the end of the work out your muscles would be pretty worn out. For instance on days when i do shoulders/back ill do between 6 and 8 exercises total. But for a chest day ill do 3 or 4 exercises. That way i can maximize the workload on the muscle with out overexhausting it.

    But im very interested to read Rich's take.

    Good luck!

    Tomato05 replied to 1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on's response:
    Hi IC - I used to do a split routine, but nowadays I've stagnated in doing full-body sessions only, which is why 8 exercises are possible (time allowing).

    I usually do an exercise per main muscle group (chest, back, legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps) and that allows for 2 additional functional exercises or 1 abs exercise (I do abs on the days I run, so I don't do a lot of that on my weight training days) or an added leg exercise, seeing that there are a number of different muscles in the leg.

    When I did the split routine, it didn't feel as if once a week was frequent enough for a muscle to be exercised. I tend to weight train 3 days a week, and run (plus abs) on the alternating 3 days.

    Your routine sounds good though.
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on replied to Tomato05's response:

    Considering your doing full body exercises, 8 seems like a decent number. You may also want to incorporate complex movement that involve more than one major muscle group. Like a dumbell curl and press type movement or a deadlift to get the back and legs involved. May help cut down on time or allow you to get an extra set in.

    Good luck!

    Rich Weil, MEd, CDE responded:
    Yes, 8 different exercises for different muscles is a good number. The American Colllege of Sports Medicine recommends 8-12 so you're there. Of course, listening to your body is good too. On some days you may be feeling very strong, and you may want to do more. But most important is to enjoy your workouts! Take care Tomato. Rich
    Tomato05 replied to Rich Weil, MEd, CDE's response:
    Thanks for that. As always I am ambitious, and having heard that 8 - 12 exercises is the recommendation, I'll aim for 10 twice a week! The third session I may keep to 8 and just make it 8 heavy or complex (e.g. multi-joint) ones.

    I don't like to be "bottom of the range" unless it applies to weight...
    Rich Weil, MEd, CDE replied to Tomato05's response:
    That's the spirit! Glad I could help.

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