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    Exercise Pain - Do I just keep going?
    Peachie_Veachie posted:
    I recently decided to start exercising again after years of not exercising at all. I'm 22, 5'2, and 210lbs. My goal is to loose 30lbs, mostly from my stomach, legs, and upper everywhere, hahaha.

    In an attempt to get back into at least going for a walk every morning, I started doing just that. Around 7ish in the morning, before I have to do anything like work or classes, I go for a 30 minute walk/light jog, and then will walk a local fitness trail near my house, which involves steps and inclines and various other obstacles. I currently don't have the funds for a gym membership so this was the best I could do for at least the time being.

    The first day I did this, the pain was bearable, I expected my body to freak out when I randomly just started exercising again. But during day 2 & 3, It was/is terrible. Both of my legs feel like they are constantly cramping and its painful to walk around or be on my feet - which is part of my profession as a hair stylist. My upper body doesn't feel too bad, and my feet are a little sore, but i attribute that to not having better sneakers - but my legs are in agony.

    Do I just keep going? Will I get past all the pain eventually? Or do I need to take it a bit slower, and only exercise maybe once or twice a week as opposed to every morning? What can I do? >__<

    Thank You in Advance for any advice!
    ~Jessica "Peachie_Veachie"
    celavi responded:
    Hi Jessica, I like you, had not worked out for a while (a long while!!). I joined weight watchers and started to lose weight. So I decided to start working out again to tone and maintain my weight loss. From experience I have been in your situation where your legs get to tight and painful that you can't hardly walk without being in agony. So I started my workouts lightly to get my muscles used to the stretching, pulling, contracting, etc again. But before my workouts I stretch (a lot). So, as a rule of thumb, before any workout I suggest you stretch your legs (no bouncing), thighs, inner thighs, etc for at least 5-10 minutes. Hidrate while your work out. Do your exercises, and afterwards stretch for another 5-10 minutes. You will notice and feel the difference. Good luck!
    brunosbud responded:

    "...Do I just keep going?..."

    Depends. Where do you want to go?
    Peachie_Veachie replied to celavi's response:
    Thanks! I wasnt doing that at all - maybe lightly, but not to the extent that I was stretching to stretch, if that makes sense.
    Peachie_Veachie replied to brunosbud's response:
    Thank you for the article - I would love to be able to say those things one day.
    AlexiaSmith responded:
    I think you are going too quickly with your physical activities. If you are restarting workouts, you need to perform from the initial level in a well-organized manner. Start by jogging with less distance stay fixed on it for the next three days, then on the fourth work to increase the distance a bit. Changing the workout level will help with keeping the body pain at a lower level. Starting with Cardio exercise like walking, jogging, bicycle riding are all effective ways of bringing your body's compatibility to the further levels of your workouts.

    After wrapping-up, try to stretch your body a bit, never going past the saturation point—making it painful. Stretch your body until it feels tight. Whenever you are going to start any new physical activity try to start it light in order to help your body adjust.

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