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    Shin muscle pain not shin splints
    paperhogan posted:
    Hello, I've had a bit of a weird injury for the past year or two that is confusing me. Whenever I play golf and walk a lot, the muscle in my lower shin on my right leg flares up with pain. This muscle is about 4-6 inches above my ankle bone between the absolute front and absolute outside of my right shin. I walked a 4 round tournament the past week and really strained it bad, I couldn't put any weight on it towards the end, had to drive home with the cruise control on the car, etc. I have full range of motion with the foot, but getting from fully extended to fully flat is quite painful. This is definitely not shin splints, but I have no idea what it is. It's been over a week now and while the pain has lessened, it's definitely still there.

    I found some articles on "anterior compartment syndrome", but I'm not quite sure that's it. Neither the right or let leg muscle swells at all, which seems to be common with ACS. I'm certainly thinking of going to the doctor, but would feel pretty silly to do that for a sore muscle. Any advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated!
    R_Weil responded:
    Hi paperhogan,

    Check here for medical questions:[email protected]@.5987f42b and here for the symptom checker

    Take care, Rich
    gspmom responded:
    Hi Paperhogan, I have recently developed what sounds like the same problem you have, only mine is on my left leg. Mine is about the same point as yours, except it's just off the shinbone toward the outside. I also play golf but don't usually walk. I walk my 2 dogs a lot, so I would be surprised if the walking is my problem, as I do it so much. I must admit, I don't wear proper shoes (crocs, mostly) and I walk on the street. I was also thinking of going to a doctor but thought maybe I could find some stretching exercises to do in order to avoid the time and cost of a doctor visit. I have recently started doing 45 minutes of cardio daily on an elliptical trainer, but it doesn't hurt when I do it. Makes me think that's not the issue, either. I started spending more time at the driving range to get ready for a tournament and am thinking that maybe it's the extra golf that's doing it. I was going to check into the ACS you mentioned but I see that you mention swelling...I don't have any swelling, either. Very puzzling, indeed!
    DeadManWalking56 responded:
    Shin splints or a similar injury can be from excess ankle flexion upwards. Heel-less shoes like Crocs can aggravate it. On an elliptical, you don't lift the front of your foot, making this a more likely cause.

    Try using heeled shoes only , and lift your knees a bit more walking and running, then you don't need to flex the foot upwards.

    It could just be with one leg, but focus on doing this with both legs.
    blipmode responded:
    Hi Paperhogan

    I have been feeling something on the same area of my left leg, and asked my doctor about it. He said it could be uric acid..though I haven't been to see him again for blood test to check and confirm his diagnosis. A colleague though who has just had consultation with doctor and having the same symptoms was found to have high level of uric acid... should be worth looking into, just in case.
    RunMamaRun26point2 responded:
    Hi there, I saw this was posted 8 years ago... Did you ever get a diagnosis and a solution plan? I am dealing with this same problem... I had trouble with it back in March of this year and it's come back. Is it a tendinitis or something else? I've been trying to find answers to this and finally stumbled upon this post. Thanks in advance for any info!
    mackSP replied to RunMamaRun26point2's response:
    I have a similar issue with my left shin. Have you found a useful treatment, diagnosis, or remedy?

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