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    Giving my body a break from food at 8PM till 8AM
    Inspiredbylife posted:
    I have been running my sign business out of my home for the last 33 years which as you know the fridge is right there and the computer is always on designing and use to work late all the time. But no more.... I drink 1 cup of water 20 min before I eat, Stopped eating by 8pm and making sure I get 6-8 hours. Being 64 years of age I am slowly starting the workout and 30 min of walking. My morning is one of being thankful for another day. Only I can change my life and when I changed my attitude the rest started to happen. Loving Life

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    What baby step are you going to start today?
    • Step away from computer and take 3-5 minutes for just you.
    • drink 1 cup of water before a meal.
    • chose 6 - 8 hours of sleep.
    • turn off the electronics and just focus on now.
    • Eliminate eating after 8pm
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    rohvannyn responded:
    Those life changes sound awesome! You are right, your attitude is really the key to things. If you have a bad attitude, nothing can be done, but if you have a good attitude, so much is possible.
    brunosbud responded:
    Tip: Study photos of busy city streets in, say, France, Germany, Sweden or Japan. Study the people's postures. Then, compare the posture you see in the pictures with people in your area. Americans waddle like ducks; posture is atrocious. Ask any world traveler. It is shockingly noticeable.

    Walking tones the muscles and balances the spine. The spine is the foundation. The spine is the control center for your health. When you walk with a straight spine in complete alignment & your chin level with ground, you can feel your body rotate around it's core. It's effortless, painless, and cardio efficient. You'll soon find you'll be able to walk for 30-60 minutes, with speed & with ease. Walking is fantastic exercise because it balances, strengthens and re-aligns the spine that's been thrown completely off-kilter due to big bellies.

    Once you reestablish a solid spinal column, your health will return. Symptoms like poor night vision, hair loss, body odor, oral hygiene and, especially, any kind of pain, fatigue, loss of concentration will slowly dissipate. That's when you will realize, weight loss is symptomatic of poor posture and a society that holds little value in walking. In other words, a society in regression.

    btw, one of the best ways to restore insulin sensitivity, especially, for those of "us" over 60, is to fast (It is insulin resistance, aka diabetes, that causes abnormal appetite, hence, obesity). 12 hour fasting is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. Walking and fasting; Brilliant!!!!

    rohvannyn replied to brunosbud's response:
    You're certainly right about posture. I am still working to retrain my feet to point forward instead of out to the side. I also have a bad shoulder slump because of the job I do.

    Did you know that if you maintain good posture, it actually reduces your stress? There have been studies done that show how office workers who sit with their backs straight have an easier time completing difficult tasks.

    Not only that, but good posture can improve mood and send signals to the brain that calm you down and make you feel more in control. Every time my spouse and I have a fight, if I improve my posture and breathe deeply I calm right down.

    Helpful Tips

    I recommend you get your thyroid checked. I was having trouble maintaining my 75 lb. weight loss until I found out I was hypothyroid. Now ... More
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