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    having trouble finding motivation
    daynas1234 posted:
    I'm very overweight for my height of 5'6 and i walk daily on my treadmill for ten minutes but i feel that is not enough. After 10 minutes i feel so tired and fatigued. Anyone have any suggestions?
    atti_editor responded:
    I struggle with feeling motivated sometimes too (I think almost everyone does). What I've found really made a difference for me is choosing exercises that I really want to do -- ones that make me excited to get out there and exercise. Yoga, swimming, barre class, etc. Making sure that I mix them up also helps. No matter how much I love yoga, if I were to do it every day of the week I would burn out pretty quickly. You want to keep things fun and exciting (wake up your muscles and your mind).

    This article has some good suggestions on how to stick with an exercise routine:

    I especially like the one about taking baby steps. You may be able to walk 10 minutes today and feel fatigued and that's okay. Set small goals (maybe walking 5 minutes more the next day and 5 more the day after that until you are up to 30 minutes -- or maybe you want to add some stretching or light weight exercises after your walk). Small goals help you celebrate accomplishments more frequently and can themselves help you stay motivated.

    Hope this helps!
    brunosbud responded:
    People who talk about motivation, don't understand the power of "habit". Habit is the secret to performing anything (good or bad), everyday, mindlessly. You brush your teeth at least twice a day? Habit. You take a shower, everyday. Habit. I use to light a cigarette the first step out the door, everyday. Murderous habit. If I walked on hot coals and sucked down 3 habenero chili peppers before going to bed each night, eventually, it would become habit. No thought. No motivation required. I'd just do it without thinking.

    The reason why dogs run away from home? Fear and lack of habit. Training a dog is about repetition and repetition is about quieting fear. My dogs can do my tax returns because I repeat (habit) and my dogs, in turn, learn what to do...each and every time! This is why most dog owners have no business owning a dog. If they can't repeat, anything, how in the world can they expect to keep a dog safe (and running out the open door)? Habit both solves and creates all problems.

    Almost everything you do in a day, you do subconciously. You watch the same episode of "Friends", a dozen times. It's habit. You don't need "motivation" to do it. In fact, you watch it and you aren't paying any attention to the show! Think about it. How else can you watch the same episode a dozen times?

    The way to establish a habit is to repeat...everyday. The way to remove a habit is to repeat...everyday. You're obese not because you lack motivation. You're obese precisely because of your habits. You think you have "control"?

    Nobody has control of their habits.

    daynas1234 replied to atti_editor's response:
    Thank you for your reply i read the article in the link and it gave me some good ideas.
    atti_editor replied to daynas1234's response:
    So glad you found the article helpful! I hope you'll check back in once you find something that really helps and let us know how everything is going

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