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    Includes Expert Content
    Good Workout Routine for Losing Weight and Staying in Shape
    stefanoerb posted:
    Hey! I've been trying to lose some weight while remaining healthy and I've found that my routine is starting to produce some noticeable results. I find my workout schedule is pretty laid back and hopefully you guys can find some of my tips/routine to be useful:
    -First off, you have to have a healthy diet. I realized that and because of some small tweaks to my diet, I'm feeling much healthier. Unlike what some dietitians say, I believe having a healthy dose of carbohydrates in your system to be complimentary to your workouts and helps stay active during the day. I feel that to exercise or workout to my fullest, I have to have a portioned plate of pasta or rice. Also, make sure you eat LEAN meat. Proteins are necessary in building muscles and keeping your muscles cramp/tension free. HOWEVER, protein from hamburger with fillers/cheese/toppings/you-name-it isn't the same as a tender steak or a piece of chicken! Do not confuse both of these or caution: your mirror will not forgive
    -Second, you have to exercise! I'm sorry, but the only way I've lost weight was by running and working out. Alternating between the two is key to achieving results. I know some people might not enjoy jogging so make running fun! Join an adult soccer/basketball/frisbee league and go out and play. Make exercising enjoyable and carefree. However, if you prefer jogging, a tip to increase your chance of weight loss while running is to have a steady pace while accelerating only temporarily. This increases your heart rate by a small amount, making you burn off more calories and fat. I would say increase pace for 25 to 30 secs every 3 minutes so as to see results. However, do not accelerate too much because you'll lose pace and run for less time/distance. This actually works.
    Also, when I lift, I do low weights and high amount of reps. This tones your muscles, makes you sweat out toxins all while eliminating fat. In addition, don't use every machine the gym has to offer like i see others doing. Do maximum 4 exercises/machines at the gym so as to concentrate more of your efforts on specific parts of your body. This increases your chances of losing weight and toning up the areas of your body that YOU want.
    I would try to run 3 times a week and lift 2 times a week if you prefer cardio or vice versa if you prefer lifting.
    -Third, I've found that NATURAL supplements are necessary to compliment your workouts. Make sure you have one that has a medium amount of protein and that can help you recover from your exercise. My friend told me of a supplement that works really well and its called Cartigel. Unfortunately, they don't sell in stores but they have a great website( I ordered and it arrived two days later and its working well with my routine. I usually take it daily in the morning with my orange juice, coffee, etc...and it helps your muscles recover while nurturing the cartilage in your joints so as to reduce pain. So far, it has worked great for me. Definitely recommend you try it.

    After reading all of this you might think: "This is way too much for me." But, in reality, this is the easiest and fastest way to see results! I've been doing this for 2 months and I've lost 28 pds! My friends are definitely noticing the results and are in awe of my progress. I promise you this: you follow this, and you won't regret doing this one bit.

    Let me know if this has been helpful or you have other questions,
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    letslose16 responded:
    How about advice for someone 76 years old and trying to lose about 35 pounds, caregiver, have to do most at home, but do get to water aerobics two or three times a week. I am really "out of shape" since I have been mostly sedentary the last two years. Have had doctor's check-up including stress test, etc., and have mostly age related problems, need to start slowly and build up, but motivation is really hard to come by.

    Rich Weil, MEd, CDE replied to letslose16's response:
    It sounds to me like you are very motivated! Going to water aerobics 2 or 3 times a week is pretty darn good. It's great exercise, plus you have to get there, change, shower etc. It's not as simple or convenient as exercising indoors at home or taking a walk around your block. So good for you.

    If you want to do more at home, check out exercise tubing for resistance exercise. Resistance exercise will build your muscular strength and endurance, and strengthen your bones as well. Tubing is inexpensive and versatile (you can do lots of exercises with them even in a chair) and a great way to get started with resistance exercise. You can start with a set of three for about $20. They come in colors to denote the tension. If you order them make sure to order the strap that allows you to attach the tube to a door, and if you want to work your legs, ask for leg straps. Here are some vendors that sell them.

    Here's a site with great videos

    Good luck! Rich

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