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    what to do
    KatieS83 posted:
    Ok so i'm due with #2 in about 2 weeks (maybe sooner), DH and I are very worried about formula (as i wont be able to BF), DS was on Nutramigen (the hypoallergenic stuff, same as Alimentum) he started out fine on regular formula until he was 2 months old then we started having issues with him vomiting and reflux, I'm not sure if we should start with a milk based formula (maybe a gentle formula like Gentleese), or should we just start with the hypoallergenic stuff, we've been told that the new baby stands anywhere from a 20% up to 100% chance of having the same allergies as DS. I'd like to get some formula into the house before i have her. What would you all do?
    MrsWhiteCastle responded:
    If it were me, I wouldn't buy any formula yet. When we came home from the hospital, the hospital had given us enough formula for a week. We did eventually have to buy Nutramigen for both girls. I wouldn't want to spend the money on it (that stuffs expensive!) until I knew I would have to.

    Maybe you could check out some formula websites and see if there are any coupons for free formula, or if they will send you free samples. You could try and stock up that way.

    Congrats on baby #2!
    Emily (5 - allergic to tree nuts) Elizabeth (3)
    seeit2 responded:
    We faced this when I had DS 8 months ago. I just BF. We've tried a number of formulas and none has gone over very well for different reasons. In the end we got Neocate, which is allergen-free, and used that when we needed formula. THe problem is the cost is really high for that stuff. (And DS hates the taste - even the smell is nasty!)

    Personally, I would just start with the regular formula and go from there. Really there is just no way for you to know what will happen and the whole experience is going to make you crazy. Really crazy. If the new baby is going to have an allergy then it will have the allergy whether you expose it at 2 weeks or 2 what's the difference? I say start out feeling positive, like nothing will make him react, and go from there. JMHO.

    Oh, and congratulations!!! :)

    LittleTandMe replied to seeit2's response:
    No experience with this part, just wanted to add go to Enfamil and the other formula websites, they will send at least one can plus coupons. Unfortunately my samples went bad b/c I BF.

    And congratulations and good luck!
    two year old son with peanut allergy
    Mainemommy replied to LittleTandMe's response:
    yes formula companies are thrilled to send you samples and coupons
    I nursed 2 milk allergy babies for 15 and 14m why is it you feel you can't nurse. Even experience with every baby is different. say you had trouble with DS that DOES NOT mean you can't nurse #2
    KatieS83 replied to Mainemommy's response:
    I suffer from a form of Bipolar depression which i've had to stop all my medications while being pregnant, and i have to start them again as soon as i have this baby, all of which are excreted in breast milk. With my history of of postpartum depression (which was awful with my son) i dont want to take any chances where i'm not going to have hardly any help as DH needs to return to work almost immediately after. It wasnt a decision i came to easily, but i know its for the better all around, if i'm no good mentally, i cant be any good for my kids in that state.
    seeit2 replied to KatieS83's response:
    Very true, Kate. I commend you for making it through the pg without your meds - my big sis is bipolar and schizoaffective, she does not have any kids because she just can't do without them on a daily basis. BFing is not worth it IMO.

    The free formula is a great idea, I wish I'd thought of that LOL! I'm going to try DS again on a milk-based formula to supplement the BM since I can't seem to keep up with the guy these days. He just wants to eat, eat,eat. He seemed to be extra gassy on it before but since he's a bit older now I think I'll give it another try.

    Does your allergist or pedi have any advice about the formula?
    LittleTandMe replied to KatieS83's response:
    I agree, you have to be at your best yourself, before you can be any good to your kids.

    I hope you get lucky, and this baby doesn't have allergies, then you won't have to worry about it!
    two year old son with peanut allergy
    KatieS83 replied to LittleTandMe's response:
    The pedi suggested to go with it meaning trying the regular formula and seeing what happens. It just kind of struck me odd, that may be what we will do, i know for the most part what to look for, so i may just go with that.
    KityKatK8 responded:
    I go with requesting samples from the formula companies. Particularly the pre-mixed type. When I get samples I don't want, I donate them to a food bank. If you end up with some you don't need, see if you can't donate it. If you get the pre-mixed kind, it won't be so hard to donate, because if there is any left over, you won't have opened it.

    GL! & LV!
    DH: peanut, tree nuts, coconuts, fish
    Mainemommy replied to KityKatK8's response:
    Sorry Katie I didn't know I suffer from Depression as well and of course didn't take meds while I was PG when I asked my son's pedi about taking meds while nursing she said it was fine (may depend on what your on) and many of her mothers are nursing a whole year on meds. But you know youself best of all. And yes an unhappy mommy makes for unhappy kids for sure :0)
    sbgldngrl replied to Mainemommy's response:
    i also dont know what meds you are on but i take Zoloft and nurse my DD and she is fine. as for son was on nutriamegen and i worried about this same issue with my DD cuz i didnt think i would nurse as long as i am but luckily we never had to deal with the issue since she is now 1 and i am still nursing. i will tell you that she appears not to be allergic to milk though.
    KatieS83 replied to sbgldngrl's response:
    one of the meds they have me on i could BF with, however they will be adding another medication or 2 after the baby is born that i cannot BF with. If i were going to be on just the one medication i would give it a go, but the other 2 can be potentially harmful to the LO.
    Mainemommy replied to KatieS83's response:
    hugs remember we are always here for support
    WhenYouSmellRosesSayHailMary responded:
    Dear KatieS83,
    My firstborn son had reflux which was only diagnosed at age of 6 weeks when I put my foot down in the pediatricians office and demanded that they test him for it (you know, the barium swallow, an easy non-invasive radiology test). They rolled their eyes and thought "New Mom" was crazy but I was right. Various formulas were tried, Alimentum and Isomil eventually worked off and on (didn't seem to matter) but we also added a reflux medication (a prescription, and he outgrew the dose by age 6 months, so we stopped the medicine) PLUS I used 1-2 simethicone drops in every bottle to break-up bubbles, this worked like a dream, I highly recommend that you ask about this trick. We had to hold the baby upright for about 30 minutes after every bottle (which conditioned him to fall asleep being held, not so fun in the long run, but as you know, you will eventualy miss those days!). Adding just a spoonful of rice cereal to the bottles helps too (when doctor agrees, you have to open a slightly larger hole in the nipple to let the ceral through, but it keeps the formula down and therefore they feel full a little longer, because they're not spitting-up). God bless your family!

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