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    What's Good about Iced Tea (and what you need to watch out for)
    Elaine Magee, MPH, RD posted:
    Some of us (like my family and I) drink iced tea year round. We brew it and chill it at home...we order it in restaurants instead of the dreaded soda...we stock no-calorie bottles of it in our frig.?

    Switching to ice tea as one of your daytime beverages is perhaps the single best way to wean yourself off soda. It works because:?

    * There are lots of flavor varieties to choose from so your taste buds won't get bored.?
    * It's just as convenient as soda (you can order it in restaurants and buy it in most stores and gas stations).?Granted iced tea options may not be in vending machines, but give it some time, it will get there.

    But here's what you have to watch out for when switching to iced tea:

    * You need to buy and make the iced teas that have zero calories. Some sweetened iced teas can rival the sugar and calories in soda.
    * If you are sensitive to caffeine, you need to be aware of the caffeine levels in iced tea. When you are brewing it at home, just use decaf tea bags (there are so many flavors available in decaf now).?

    Keep in mind that black tea tends to have the most caffeine (25-110 mg per bag) while green and white tea tends to have lower amounts (6-25 mg per bag). Decaf tea still has small amounts (1-4 mg per bag) and herb tea tends to have zero.

    Now go out there and discover some amazing teas! After's National Iced Tea Month.

    What's your favorite ice tea? Tell us about it.
    An_198242 responded:
    Great!! Thanks for the information. I do drink ice tea as well as other pop, but I will now concentrate on just drinking iced tea ONLY!!!
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    There was a hibiscus iced tea that I loved at a restaurant once upon a time. I have tried many recipes at home and never duplicated it.

    My kids love the "house wine of the South"-Sweet tea-I usually make it with 10-12 tea bags per gallon and about 3/4 cup of sugar-so yes, about the same calories as Kool-aid.

    My mother drinks Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea all day long. I add one of the clear fiber mix-ins to give her a bit of sneaky fiber.
    ~Louise Sr Community Moderator
    feduptwice replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
    ahhhh hibiscus tea.....brings back memories. Years ago when in Egypt I bought some from people at the street market-they were just sitting there with bags full of tea, we could drink some as well to sample it but i have to tell you honestly-except beautifull colour of this tea i didnt find it very tasty.
    SUPdude responded:
    Now that I live in the South, sweet tea in my house is made with 3 bags, plus 1 green tea bag and local honey.

    Best. Ever.
    An_198243 responded:
    Iced tea = good for you??? You just made me day!
    baldingfatman responded:
    I drink iced tea almost to the exlusion of anything else. I used to hate tea, but started drinking it in an attempt to wean myself off of diet soda (I used to drink 6 - 10 20-oz. bottles a day), which I managed to do, and now really love tea.

    My usual blend is 1/2 mint tea 1/2 orange pekoe, add a splash of milk.


    rubystar2 replied to baldingfatman's response:
    I drink iced tea a lot, especially at work where it's free to employees. The iced tea I get at work isn't "real" iced tea, though. It's that commercial grade stuff that is either a powder or a liquid that gets diluted by the drink fountain that dispenses it. But since it's summer and hot out, I've been making 'sun tea'. It's wonderful. I use the regular tea bags as I want a little caffeine and I use quite a few of them as I like my iced tea strong. I usually drink it black but occasionally I'll put some Splenda or Truvia in it.
    Honor Student: School of Hard Knocks
    rubystar2 replied to rubystar2's response:
    Oddly enough, I don't like hot tea.
    Honor Student: School of Hard Knocks
    Low_Stress_Weight_Loss responded:
    I love all teas, hot, cold whatever. I cycle through them all day. I start with black (with milk usually) then green, then herbal the rest of the day. These days sometimes do more than 1 green tea because it's become a favorite.

    It's a big habit, and a little expensive as a habit because I've developed an appreciation for the different brands, types, etc, but it's also a ZERO CALORIE treat & a daily pleasure, and therefore I indulge myself completely!
    palomadelrio responded:
    I like Starbucks shaken green tea unsweetened. They don't sell it, however. So I started trying many types and found one called Jasmine Green tea which has nearly the same flavor. Yumm.
    bnrnla responded:
    I also drink a lot of iced tea. Instead of sugar, I use Equal. Is there a better sugar alternative than Equal that doesn't have aspartame in it? I understand aspartame is very bad for you.
    Boshylev responded:
    My dentist told me to stay away from black tea, because it stains my teeth. White tea is better. I love iced tea. It's so refreshing. Instead of sugar, I use stevia products. Stevia in the raw is the most healthful form.
    katj4ev responded:
    only drink tea but i didnt know that ive been drinkin all the wrong types tanks 4 the tips
    healthymysti responded:
    My favortie ice tea is Black Current from Corner Bakery. I have tried to find it in ground or a tea bag, that I might make it myself at home, but I haven't found it yet.

    It's just enough caffee in the afternoon to keep me going through dinner.

    Try it! you'll love it!

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