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    Would you eat seafood from the Gulf?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Even though the FDA says that we shouldn't be concerned about the safety of any seafood that comes from the Gulf of Mexico at this time, many are still worried.

    Now that the oil spill has been successfully capped off, seafood is starting to pour in from the region again.

    Take the poll and then tell us in your own words how you feel about the safety of seafood right now.

    Take the Poll

    Do you think seafood coming from the Gulf of Mexico is safe now?
    • Yes, I think it is all safe.
    • I think the fish is safe to eat.
    • I still worry about shellfish.
    • I won't be eating oysters for a LONG time.
    • None of it is safe.
    View Poll Results
    An_198258 responded:
    I don't care for seafood anyway, but I really wouldn't be eating seafood from down there. All that oil can't be good.
    An_198259 responded:
    I think the fish is safe, but I do worry about shellfish (mainly crabs) and oysters and mussels. I heard a news report that says crab larvae are being found contaminated with what they think is oil.

    I love oysters, but I don't think I'd eat any from the Gulf of Mexico in the near future.
    An_198260 replied to An_198258's response:
    As a pescatarian, I am very upset about the oil spill. Not only is it effecting wildlife and the ecosystem in such awful ways, but now I will have to find new sources of protein. I do eat soy, nuts, beans, etc., but seafood is a big part of my diet. Anyone else going through this?
    An_198261 responded:
    I'm not a seafood eater anyway but I would definitely be leery for quite some time.

    I so feel for those who make a living off fish and seafood in the area.
    Jonathanb565 responded:
    FDA? Ha,,,they have put out lies in the past in favor of drug companies. Why should we trust the FDA telling us the food is safe. With all that oil out there and its still gushing into the Gulf. I doubt the seafood will be safe. Actually, much of what we had been eating before the spill wasn't safe either. Lots of mercury, and other toxins have been found in fish, and other animals out there. time to stop eating seafood for good probably.
    An_198262 responded:
    The levels of benzene in shell fish and fish have yet to be revealed to the public. This highly toxic petrochemical is soluble in fat and responsible for serious health problems if ingested. Until these measurements are done, I will not recommend eating seafood from the gulf.
    CQCutshaw responded:
    I had fresh oysters from Coden Bay on the Alabama Gulf Coast last weekend and they were just fine. Ate some fried and some raw. I grew up on the Gulf Coast and the oysters I had last weekend were just as good as those from my youth some 45 years ago. I think there is probably some contaminated seafood, but to assume that all of it is tainted is tantamount to "The sky is falling" fairy tale.
    frandem responded:
    I think that they're all a bunch of liars!!! Either this administration wants to believe this bull OR they're part of the lying itself.
    frandem replied to An_198262's response:
    yup, I agree with you completely
    Trmn8r replied to Jonathanb565's response:
    maternatura responded:
    I'm not only concerned about the oil. There's too much unknown about the effects that the chemical dispersant has had on the environment and sealife.

    As much as I may admire the current president, our regulatory agencies in charge of our health and welfare have too long been in bed with those they regulate. There is a culture that ignores health and safety risks for the sake of business. I don't trust them and neither should anyone else until they are all completely honest about what we are dealing with. It's only been a few days that the oil stopped and it feels like they're all ready to declare "Mission Accomplished."
    youngcoconut replied to maternatura's response:
    Intuitively it just doesn't make sense to consume seafood fromt the Gulf right now. If I have a choice to buy seafood from the Pacific or Atlantic even if it's a little bit more expensive, it's an easy decision for me.
    An_198263 responded:
    How do we know what is safe with ALL the fish from the Gulf?!
    SmokieKat replied to Jonathanb565's response:
    Why would we listen to anything the FDA tells us...they are much too quick to sell out the American people. We do not know what the long-term effects of the dispersents will be as well as the oil. I have acquired local farm sources for my meat suppy (beef, chicken & pork) but I don't see how I'm gonna locate someone to grow seafood! Guess I'll cut back unless I can afford the "organic", farm-raised versions!

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