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    I love spicy food, but my stomach can't handle!!!
    cutecat42 posted:
    I don't mean that I like it, no...I LOVE it. I love the burn, the burn adds flavor. Yeah, it's hot, and I have to drink water/soda and sometimes even milk to help me get through the burn, but it's like an addiction. I used to eat Hot Cheetos all the time, but now after I eat them, I get a horrible stomachache until I sit on the toilet and let (warning:disgusting) a stream of poo out my butt.

    And it's not just Hot Cheetos, I don't think. I've made myself stop eating them, but I've been craving Hot Wings for like the past week, and have had them at least once a day (one day I had them twice). I went to Wings N Things and got Extra Hot, the one below Atomic Hot. It was amazing. (I did try the Atomic Hot one day in a cup to taste it, and my mom dared me to drink it all, so I did...I also had the Extra Hot wings like fifteen minutes later because the Atomic Hot sauce made me feel like I was going to throw up.) Anyways, after these hot wings, I get the same reaction as the Hot Cheetos. I haven't had any hot wings today, because my stomach still hurts from eating them yesterday.

    My mom suggested I drink buttermilk before eating the spicy food, or just go less spicy and more flavor. I bought buttermilk and it's HORRIBLE. And I don't want to go less spicy. I'm seriously craving hot wings right now. Can someone please tell me how to be able to eat my spicy foods without a stomachache? I used to be fine with them. I mean, my mom loves to tell people the story of my being three years old and eating spicy horseradish by the spoonful!
    diytestkitsdotcom responded:
    Hi Cutecat42,

    Have you gone to the doctor for a check up? It could well be a simple indigestion but it might be something else too, especially since it happens every time you eat anything spicy.

    Try reading this article for a better understanding:
    rohvannyn responded:
    The things you are eating are not only spicy but also fatty. Have you tried something like chicken breast strips (non breaded) with super extra spicy hot sauce? You might also be getting a reaction from the breading. That messes me up pretty bad. Good luck with your spice eating. I love it too!

    'Your focus determines your reality.' --QGJ
    atti_editor responded:
    Hi cutecat42,

    Roh is right that fatty and fried foods often result in diarrhea, while spicy foods are more apt to cause heartburn and indigestion. You might try the ideas that Roh suggested to see if it really is the extreme spiciness that is causing your discomfort. The first poster also made a a good point, that a check up with a doctor to rule out any other more serious issues or ones that can easily be resolved with proper treatment might also be a good idea.

    Best wishes,
    stellagonzalez responded:
    Do you have any sort of liver problem???
    kattys responded:
    Eating dairy such as ice cream or cold milk can help neutralize the effect of spicy food. Also, drinking lots of water can help decrease the pain.

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