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    Need Help Have Diabeties 2,very obese,do little excercise,and extremely picky eater!
    An_250812 posted:
    54 years old, have diabeties last 5-7 years now,disabled and don't walk as much as I used to,i have been told by a dietitian I can eat everything I have been but in moderation,i have eliminated regular sodas and drink diet at times during the week,drink a lot of coffee,without sugar,i don't ever use sugar anymore,stopped eating only sugar free chocolate at times,my problems are really lack of exercise,and my regular diet is horrible [I guess> will not ever eat any fish of any kind,wont eat eggs in any form,will not eat liver,for any reason,wont eat anything that has mayonnaise,no sour cream,no cottage cheese,no yogurt,chicken and turkey very so often not breaded,must be dry oven roasted,i love beef,pork,pizza,spaghetti[only tomato sauce,no other way[>,love American ,cheddar,and mozzarella cheeses,love garden salads but only with oil & vinegar,or Italian dressings,love my fruits and vegetables,eat a lot of them both but not all.i am of course obese,at 280 lbs,and Hate the shape im in,also have depression [major> I am always fighting,any ideas on a diet I would be ok with,excercise ideas to get myself in great shape again would be greatly appreciated.a dos and donts food list also would help with my diabeties 2.Thanks in advance.
    rohvannyn responded:
    Come on over to the 50 to 100 lb weight loss group! You'll be welcome there.

    Many people with Type 2 Diabetes benefit from limiting their starches and sugars and making sure to have protein at every meal. I've personally benefited a LOT from removing all processed foods from my diet. If I am going to eat cheese, I make sure it is a nice hard cheese like sharp cheddar with a minimum of preservatives. If I am going to eat meat, I cook it myself and don't the kind that's injected with saline or other additives. If I snack, I try to have things like nuts or fruit instead of chips, that sort of thing. When I did that I lost a lot of weight. Dental issues caused me to need soft processed foods and my weight has BALOONED because of it so I know that my strategy works.

    Exercise is whatever you can find to do. walking, stationary bike, exercise bands, hefting canned food instead of weights, seated exercises on YouTube. There are so many possibilities. Bottom line, move more, stop when it hurts, go slow and build up to more.

    Good luck to you!

    'Your focus determines your reality.' --QGJ
    jkeg4 responded:
    I can relate with you. Have been diabetic for about 10 yrs and at 5' short I weigh in at 175 or so. Not a healthy body at all. However, my dietician said I HAVE to start exercising. I started with 10 min after dinner. I am up to 20 min. Don't weigh myself but have noticed my clothes a little looser. In a few weeks I will weigh myself. I have started gardening which helps me not sit all day lamenting my situation. I notice if I don't snack late,(I go to sleep in the wee hrs of the morning) my blood sugars are MUCH better. I wish you and me the best. Great luck on your situation!
    lisamariac responded:
    I discovered I had diabetes this October, with an AC1 of 13. My diabetes educator taught me the plate method. Half the plate for nonstarchy veggies, a quarter for carbs/starches, a quarter for protein for a meal. Three meals and a snack of a carb balanced with a protein/fat spaced 4 hours apart and stop eating 4 hours before bed. That's how I started, and wo exercise, although I since learned more about nutrition and added exercise. I've lost 63 pounds with 9 more to go to reach the "ideal" weight on my chart. As I lost weight, my insulin dose went down from a high of 22 units to nothing. My latest AC1 was 4.9 and 2 weeks ago my endocrinologist took me off diabetes meds altogether.

    I realize I'm lucky to get such results and that it helped I changed things early in my diagnosis but from my experience I'd suggest a couple of things. Above all start simple and slow, or it can be overwhelming. Like work on the food first, maybe just on getting the portions under control. Then you can work on dos and don'ts and things like counting carbs, and glycemic index and load. And start in easy with the exercise. Like gentle yoga, walking, a recumbant bike.
    elizabeth889 responded:
    If you want to reduce blood sugar levels and body fat you might try eating small meals throughout the day. I was able to donate 62 lbs of body fat to the universe by drinking one half my body weight daily in cold water (I find that cold water speeds up my metabolism and adds to my sense of well being. I ate and continue to eat the following food items daily: l bowl high fiber cereal, two slices of high fiber bread, two packets of Splenda in my morning mug of coffee, blueberry yogurt, 1 oz cheddar cheese, four ounces of low fat milk, green tea, fruit and vegetables (mostly broccoli and spinach), pop corn (microwaved), two tablespoons olive oil, 1/3 cup flax seed; 1/3 cup Chia seed, almonds and peanuts. (I usually have about ? cup of nuts spread out through the day). Except for the two packets of Splenda in my cinnamon, ginger and pepper laced coffee in the morning, I do not consume artificial sweeteners as are found in many diet foods and drinks such as diet soda and diet cookies. I consume no white sugar, No alcohol, and only a smidgeon of salt. Eating this way, in addition to dropping 62 pounds, I lowered my blood sugar so that my A1C is now below 6.5, all my body aches and pains disappeared, and my morning walks are now a pleasure. I have made this method of eating my permanent meal plan and in three years I have maintained my weight drop. By the way, never say weight loss because what we lose will surely find its way back to us. Better to say you donated it back to the universe.

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