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    I am missing eating fruit
    cindigal posted:
    Lately I cut out alot of carbs like bread, (even wheat) pasta, because of reading articles about them: you ever read the article (The Wheat Belly) and then I switched from regular milk to almond milk.
    I go to doctors every 3 months for check up and get my refills.
    I was so dismayed the last visit to the doc that I am not losing any weight whatsoever.

    I told him everything that I am doing besides going to the gym at the apt, doing the treadmill about 30 mins and then going to arm machines. I do smoothies in the morning, either with blueberries, strawberries, or 1/2 banana with low sugar juice, or almond milk. I don't snack, don't drink sodas. I drink alot of water or herb tea. I cook mostly skinless chicken and have veggies on the side.

    I told this to the doc and what he said to me, "cut the fruit too". Oh my god, a handful of berries in a smoothie is contributing to me not losing weight?"

    I am missing eating an apple even, when I went to the store I looked at the label at bag of apples and looked at the carbs and sugar content. I thought apples are good for you. What am I to do? I cant eat fruits now. And no, I am not a diabetic. Is it my doc that I should question.

    ttgan responded:
    Hi, cindigal!
    I would so question my doc if she suggested I cut out fruit (I don't think she would). That's strange. A person with no food issues/allergies shouldn't have to cut fruit. Perhaps have your thyroid checked? I'm all for moderation. I weigh/measure my food so I can stay on track. That and prayer. Good luck!
    nutrik responded:
    remember doctor are no experts in nutrition unless the have a degree on it. No nutritionist will ever make you cut the fruits and carbs from your diet cause it will only slow your metabolism and thats no good if you are trying to lose some weight. Start eating 5 times per day and include 2 healthy snacks. Eat healthy carbs like whole gains, brown rice, veggies and fruits and drink al test 2 lt of water. can be a very helpful app for you, there you can track your daily calories, nutrients, foods, water and exercise. That way you can be sure you are giving your body exactly what it needs to stay healthy and you can also get help from certified nutritionists online.

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